16 Amazing advantages and easily solvable disadvantages of a pressure cooker.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using a Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker is used in each and every household in India. It is the most commonly used kitchen appliances. A pressure cooker uses pressure for cooking the food. With this, there are some advantages and disadvantages of using it.

The advantages of a pressure cooker are that the food cooks fast, preserves nutrients. It is easy to use, clean and maintains. My favorite is the last one. (no 10). I have backed it with medical research.

I have also mentioned 6 disadvantages and their solutions.

In this article, you will find 10 amazing advantages of cooking in a pressure cooker. Like everything there also some Cons to it. You will find a list of 6 disadvantages that are solvable.

But before we go to them let’s see the advantages first.

Advantages of Electric Kettle

1. Easy to use

Have you used the pressure cooker? It might look difficult to use it at the start. But once you start using it I promise you it is one of the easiest things to do.

It is quick and easy. To learn you only have to put the ingredients that you want to cook. Then pour water in an appropriate quantity. Then close the lid properly. Now you are ready to cook your food.

2. Easy to maintain.

 I was asked once my mother how long she had used the pressure cooker. Her answer was like always. I have used a single pressure cooker a nice old pressure cooker for a long time. Which can be very well called as an antique piece. This is how long you can maintain a single pressure cooker.

 Oh, I have changed it now. I have now 4 big size pressure cookers from different brands and colors.

A pressure cooker has four parts. You should clean them after cooking your food each time. This will increase longevity.

Even if for some unfortunate reason, some part is damaged. It is easily replaceable.

Also, you will get different pressure cookers of different capacities. So you can buy according to your needs. To check out our recommendations you can click the button on the required capacity.

3. Easy to clean

I mentioned cleaning the pressure cooker will increase its longevity. Cleaning the pressure cooker is also easy.

Detach the whistle. Take out the rubber. Then clean the cooker, lid, steam vent, rubber and whistle. That’s it. You are done cleaning. Is it not easy.

Cleaning properly will not only increase longevity. It will also ensure safety during cooking.

4. Faster Cooking

Once the lid is closed, the rubber pipe will completely seal the pressure cooker. The boiling water inside will produce steam. The steam has nowhere to go, so it will build up. This results in a sharp rise of temperature, inside the cooker.

The retained heat and the pressure lead to faster cooking of your food.

Thus pressure and increased heat will cook your food faster than even a microwave oven.

5. Versatility

Do you think that a pressure cooker is only used for cooking rice and daal? The answer is, No. I use pressure cooker for cooking everything. From vegetables to chicken.

Now that I think, I will be very honest. I have never cooked fish in a pressure cooker.

But I have definitely cooked many of vegetable curries in a pressure cooker. My friends used to tell me that chicken s better cooked in frying pan or kadhai. I do agree. But pressure cooker cooked chicken can also be delicious. By the way, now they do agree with me.

The point is pressure cooker can be used to cook multiple food items.

 So, try it and let me know.

6. Saves energy.

We all know about our electricity bills. Using a microwave oven and induction cooktop can skyrocket your bills. Yes, there is smart equipment available. But they will cost a good sum of money.

I always wondered which is more expensive. The electricity or the cooking gas. I am not saying either of them is cheap or super expensive. But I was amazed to see how long a 14 kg LPG gas can last. Really.

Also, sit back and think almost all of our household stuff run on electricity. Including that water pump. So, if you already have a gas cylinder and a stove. You should put it to good use.

A pressure cooker will cook your faster and will also not consume electricity. So it will save energy.

7. Preserves flavors.

The pressure cooker is a concealed appliance. Whatever you will be cooking all the food materials will cook in a concealed chamber. Naturally, it will retain its flavors.

Have you ever tried to open the lid after it is depressurized? Let me know how have you felt.

8. All-weather Friend.

Are you a college student living in a hostel room? Are you a newly married couple starting your life? Or maybe you are a parent. You will agree with me time is very crucial. If only we have some extra time to do whatever we like. Will it not be great.

Cooking food is time consuming. No wonder apps like Swiggy and Uber eats are profitable.

Pressure cooker can solve a lot of problems. Easy to use, versatile, and it cooks food fast.

9. Saves water.

Pressure cooker saves water usage. Once you know exactly the amount of water you need to give. You will realize that you end up using less amount of water.

10.Kills Bacteria.

Being healthy is one of the most important things in life. As per WHO 2015, boiling is one of the most efficient ways of killing germs. You can read this article from U.S Environment Protection Agency (EPA).

Inside the pressure cooker, the temperature raises up to 121 degrees Celsius. You need 100 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes to kill the germs. This is easily achieved inside the pressure cooker.

Do you know how a hospital sterilizes (disinfection) their Operation equipment? They use a machine called an autoclave. It is also used is some industrial places for sterilization a part of dis-infection. Which means killing bacteria.

Autoclave uses the same mechanism. High pressure, raising the temperature to 121 degrees Celsius for 15- 20 minutes. You can read this article Wikipedia.

I am sure you will now agree with me that a pressure cooker will kill bacteria. So, it will cook healthy food.

Now let us take a look at some of the disadvantages of using a pressure cooker.

Disadvantages of an Electric Kettle

You will now read 6 disadvantages. I have provided easy solutions for them. Let me know if you have come across them. Share with us how you solved them.

1. Explosion.

Does pressure cooker explode? It is a very important question to ask. Some people do think that it can explode. I know that it might be frightening. The answer is if you clean it well, maintain it well then it will never explode.

I have used the pressure cooker for over 10 years now. I have used multiple pressure cookers. It has never exploded.

 But. There was an incident. While I was in a hostel there was an incident. One of my friends was the unfortunate one and the only one, who had a badge to explode the pressure cooker. He was safe.

The issue was, he did not clean the cooker well. There were somethings stuck in the steam vent. This did not allow for the excessive steam to release. Which increased the pressure above the threshold and the cooker exploded.


So, clean the cooker well especially the steam vent.

2. Heavy to use

 It is not always that the pressure cooker will be heavy. But yes if your using 3 tons 5-ton pressure cooker for cooking rice or other foods. It might be heavy to carry.


You are smart enough to quickly solve this problem. Call for help. Or, use a less capacity cooker.

3. Can overcook

Yeah, this is a common problem that is faced by pressure cooker users. Mainly while using it for the first time. Or for trying out a new dish. The reason being, you will not be able to understand how much the food is cooked inside the pressure cooker.

Time is an issue.

If the water inside the cooker has completely evaporated. The next thing will be burning of the food.

On the other hand, if you stop the cooking process early. The ingredients will not cook properly.


  1. Follow an exact recipe.
  2. Things will be better with time. So, repeat the recipe for 2-3 times and get an understanding of the amount of water and time. Your food will be fine.

4.  Need practice.

This is true. Like every other thing, practice makes a man perfect. It is applicable for cooking food in a pressure cooker also.  

I will tell you my story the first two times I cook rice in a pressure cooker. I had to eat burnt rice.

This is a true story. My then roommates can confirm. And there were no other alternatives.

I am not at all embarrassed. But I kept on trying. From the 3rd time, I was successful.

Now I only dip my finger to tell the right amount of water. And I sprinkle some water to see if it is cooked. Sometimes whistle might cheat you.

5.  Burns

Burns are collateral damage for those who cook their own food. These burns are mostly of first degree. That is reddening. This happens when you accidentally touch the metal part of the pressure cooker while it is cooking.

To read more about burns you can check this article on Medline Plus website.


Be careful. And keep Burnol or Silverx ointment. Apply it.

6. Cannot interrupt the cooking

You cannot use seasoning in the Midway while cooking food. This is the only major disadvantage of cooking in a pressure cooker.


  1. Plan your cooking.
  2. Whatever you need, do it before putting the lid on.

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Cooking food in a pressure cooker is very easy and efficient. It is a versatile easy kitchen appliance. It has multiple, important advantages with some disadvantages. But I have also provided easy solutions for those problems.

I am sure you are using a pressure cooker. If not get one quickly.