Washing machine trolley/stand: Do you really need it?

Have you have decided to buy a washing machine? or, Have have just bought one? Now, you have to deal with other things. One of them is a washing machine stand. The washing machine stand or trolley, are accessories of a washing machine.

Trolley or stand is not a must buy. Not everyone needs it. It depends on what type of washing machine you have and also your requirements.

New semi-automatic washing machines come with attached wheels. A top loader washing machine is heavy and might require a stand. A front loader is heavier it will require a stand or trolley. Stand and trolleys also have huge advantages, which will make your life easier.

Here are the three best Washing machine trolley that you can find in the market.

Best Washing Machine Stand / Trolley

Let us now see, the important aspects to answer this question.

What is a Stand or Trolley?

A trolley is often referred to as a stand and vice versa in some shops. But the differences are very prominent. It might be confusing at times. So I will clear the confusion.


Anything on which the washing machine can be placed, in such a manner that it does not touch the floor directly, is a stand. The stands can be made out of plastic, rubber. They will do their job of providing a place for the washing machine to sit. If you want to move the machine, it will not be helpful.


If there are wheels attached to the stand, then it is a trolley. A trolley will help you to move the washing machine. It is stronger than it looks. So, it does the function of the stand and in addition, it also helps to move the washing machine.

“All trolleys are stands but all stands are not trolleys”

Why will washing machines need Stand or Trolley?

Washing machines are heavy machines. It will help you with cutting your work time while doing your laundry. But like every other thing it also has some negatives. The answer to them is a trolley or stand.

The important reasons for which you will need a stand are:

  1. Weight of the Washing Machine.
  2. Less movability of the washing machine.
  3. Noise from the washing machine.
  4. Vibrations of the washing machines.
  5. Cleaning of the adjacent areas of the washing machine.
  6. Location of the washing machine.

Let us go into details of each of these 6 points.


There are three major types of washing machines. They are Semi-automatic, Top loading automatic and front-loading washing machines. The front-loading washing machine is heavier than top-loading. And the Top loading automatic washing machine is heavier than a semi-automatic washing machine.

The weight will hinder your day to day life if you do not plan it ahead.

Less Movability

Heavy object means that it cannot be moved easily. So, before buying a washing machine you need to decide where you want to put it. Choose 2 to 3 options for putting down the washing machine. Compare the locations and choose one place. Once you put it, do not move it to other locations.

But in case you want to move then you will need the help of wheels. Which you will get in a trolley.


The washing machine wash clothes with the help of the motor attached it. The powerful smart motor rotates fast, which is known as revolution per minute (RPM). These RPM creates lots of noise and vibrations.

The brand new machines will not create that much noise. But slowly when it ages, it will make noise. It is not a very big problem. You can simply close the doors of the room where you have placed the machine, this will take care of the noise part.


The RPM creates vibrations also. These vibrations are troublesome. This will definitely disturb you if you are near the machine. All the machines do it. The trolley or stand helps to reduce the vibrations.

The stand or trolley absorbs most of the vibrations. Most of the trolleys or stands have some mechanism to absorb the vibrations.

Furthermore, they will also form a barrier between the washing machine’s bottom and the floor. Because of the trolley, the washing machine will not touch the floor directly. The surface area of the washing machine in contact with the floor decreases considerably. Thus decreasing the traveling of the vibrations considerably.

“You need a trolley or a stand if the vibrations from your washing machine are troubling you.”


If the washing machine is placed on the floor, it becomes difficult to clean the adjoining areas. The floor on which your washing machine is placed also needs some cleaning.

If you do not clean the adjoining areas, then the dirt will accumulate. And if someday the drainage pipe has some problems and the dirty water regurgitates, then this will create loads of problems. This overtime might even damage the lower surface of the expensive washing machine. These can be prevented by using the trolley.

Most of the adjustable trolleys will give you a height of 3 inches to 5 inches. These will give you some space, to clean the floor beneath the machine. Also, you can now move the machine a bit to clean the adjoining areas. 

“A trolley helps in keeping the floor beneath the washing machine and the adjacent areas clean.”


The location of the washing machine placement is also very important. With every location, there will be benefits and some negatives. But no matter which location you choose, there will some common problems with cleaning. So let us see what kind of problems you can face with the locations.

If you keep it in the bathroom, you will definitely not want the water to touch the machine surface, every time. So you would need a trolley or stand to keep it safe.

If you a keeping it on the roof, Water during the rainy season, dirt and dust during other seasons, can damage the lower surface of the washing machine. To keep it clean you will need to move it. A trolley will serve this purpose.

If you keep it in balcony, you will face the same problem, of dirt accumulation. A trolley will make your life easy.

Now that you have seen 6 reasons to get a washing machine stand. You might be thinking; Do I really need it. So, let me help you a bit further.

Who will need a washing machine trolley or stand?

Here are five scenarios, where I think a trolley or a stand will help. Read and see, do you want to do these things or are you in such a situation. Let me know.

  • Living in a small apartment.

I feel that with the passing of time, the apartments are getting smaller. The builders will first tell you the built-up area. Then they will tell you the actual area of your house if you inquired. Also, there will be odd corners. You will need to be really creative to make real utilization of that space.

Well, let this discussion on homes be for some other day. But the bottom line is that home now a day can be small in space. So if you want to be away from the noise and vibrations from the washing machine you will need a stand or trolley.

  • Have kids at home.

It is very important for your kids to get quality rest. Kids should be playing and enjoying their life. If not now, then when. After a long hard day of playing kids get tired. The vibrations and noise can really hamper your kid’s sleep quality. Especially if they are trying to rest in an adjacent room.

Get a trolley for your washing machine and let your kids have a good comfortable sleep.

  • I like to clean every inch of my house daily.

Do you like to clean every corner of your house daily? If yes, then the heavy washing machine will be an obstruction. Get a trolley for it.

This will help you clean the floor below the washing machine. Also now you can move your washing machine to clean the adjacent areas.

  • Want to change the location.

Once you have selected your location for the washing machine, you will hardly change its place. But sometimes we like to remodel our homes. This gives a new look to it. If you have any intention to do it, you should make a list of all the heavy items like furniture and others which you will need to move.

Your washing machine will be one of them. So the wheels in the trolley will make your job really easy. This is also applicable if you are changing your house.

  • Keep the Washing Machine surface clean.

You just have bought a very expensive machine. Now you would want to preserve its quality and maintain it.  Dirt and dust which get accumulated on the edges of the lower surface of the washing machine can be really hard to clean. If overlooked this can potentially damage your surface of the washing machine. Destroying the looks of that smart machine.

Get a trolley, it will make your life easier.

What washing machine you have?

There are three basic kinds of machines. You will be having one of them. So let us see which machine will require a stand or trolley.

Semi-automatic washing machine.

Newer semi-automatic machines come with a pair of wheels attach to one end. This acts as a trolley. It does all those things that a trolley will do.  Some of the older machines lack those wheels.

So, if you are looking to buy a semi-automatic washing machine, go for the one with the trolley. Or get a trolley. Tough less heavy, the machines tend to take more space.

Top loader automatic washing machine.

A top-loader automatic is heavier than a semi-automatic washing machine. Now I have one, I have placed it in my balcony. I don’t feel disturbed by the vibrations or the noise.  Maybe because we do laundry in evening when there are other noises outside. Moreover, I don’t really use the adjacent room.

It is already being one year. I do have a trolley. But have not used it yet. But I must tell that cleaning the floor adjacent to it, is a real problem. Since it is in balcony loads of dust have settled in. So, I think, the time has come to use the trolley.

The only reason I have not used it because the machine is heavy. I would need 2-3 persons to lift it and place it.

Also, an important point to keep in mind. Get help when you want to position your stand or trolley. You will need it.

Front loading washing machine.

This is the heaviest. You might also have a combination of Top loader and Front-loader version. In both these cases, you will need a trolley. These machines are heavy and the motors spin real fast. Producing vibrations and noise.

Get a trolley and have a great day while you do your laundry along with other works.

Which one to buy Stand or Trolley?

 If you have read the entire post, you will already know the answer. You should get a trolley instead of a stand.

The stand will only provide the podium. The trolley will provide the podium and wheels, to help you move it.

Benefits of washing machine trolley.

Let us now quickly make a list of benefits of the trolley. A quick recap.

  1. Prevents Washing Machine Noise.
  2. Prevents Washing Machine Vibrations.
  3. It helps to move the heavy expensive machine.
  4. Cleaning floor and the adjacent area becomes easy.
  5. It helps prevent decay of the washing machine surface.

Quick Buying Tips.

  • Try to get the trolley from the same brand.  or
  • Get the dimensions of your washing machine then buy it accordingly. Or
  • Buy an adjustable Trolley. This is by far the best option. It will help adjust the height of the trolley stand, to give access to the flood below. Also, the dimensions can be easily adjusted according to your machine.


A washing machine trolley is not a necessity for all kinds of washing machines. You might not need it. But there are huge benefits. If you want to get those benefits, you should get a trolley. Buy an adjustable washing machine trolley and have a great day doing laundry and other activities.