How to sharpen the blades of a Mixer Grinder? Easy Home Tips and Ideas

While choosing a mixer, it is significant to consider the parts associated with the blending and grinding techniques. The impeller blades you use with your mixers will, at last, decide the efficiency of your machine. An impeller blade edge is typically made of stainless steel, aluminum, metal, bronze or plastic, and is intended to quicken … Read more

Top 10 Best Mixer Grinder Juicer under Rs 5000.00 in India 2021.

A mixer grinder is the most common household appliances you will find in almost every Indian kitchen. It’s time-saving technology replaces the traditional manual labour with a more simplified and relaxed process. In the last few years, more features and technology have been introduced to the basic model of the mixer grinder and Juicer. This … Read more

Mixer Grinder Overload Switch for overload protection the magical solution for suddenly stopped mixer grinder.

Has your Mixer Grinder suddenly stopped? Then look at the undersurface of the machine. There is a stick-like switch. Press it, wait for 10 minutes and restart. This will magically restart the appliance. This switch is overload switch or Protection Switch or Reset Button. A mixer grinder is a wonderful machine. It makes our work … Read more