Mixer Grinder Overload Switch for overload protection the magical solution for suddenly stopped mixer grinder.

Has your Mixer Grinder suddenly stopped? Then look at the undersurface of the machine. There is a stick-like switch. Press it, wait for 10 minutes and restart. This will magically restart the appliance. This switch is overload switch or Protection Switch or Reset Button.

A mixer grinder is a wonderful machine. It makes our work so easy. That is the reason why it has replaced the old machines in our kitchen to grind the food particles. Let us see some quick facts about Grinders.

Here is a quick comparison among the best mixer grinders in India.

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Do you remember the old grinders? In Hindi, it is called as Batan. In Bengali, it is called Shil Nora. The good thing about them is that they do not need electricity to function. There are many variants of them. Some of them do look good. But some of them are heavy.

I like some of them. I actually have 3 variants of them in my kitchen.

But I must admit sometimes the mixer grinder is better. It takes less time and physical energy. Also, It mixes the small particles like poppy seeds (posto) or spices into a paste very easily.

Mixer Grinder suddenly stopped working.

Has your Mixer Grinder suddenly stooped? Ever? Well, I had this incident a couple of times. Both times I was mixing and grinding poppy seeds to make a paste out of it.

I had no clue. The mixer grinders were new. So there was no question of any problems with the blades.

They were branded. So were supposed to be of good quality.

I hand no clue.

I also admit that those were the first time I was using a mixer Grinder.

Like anyone from today’s generation. I googled it. Of course, there were no suitable reason or easy workable solution. So I was sad. I thought I had to change the new mixer Grinder.

So, I picked them up and started examining the machine.

Magical Solution

While I was examining, I found an interesting switch on the undersurface of the machine. This switch looked like a stick.

I pressed it. I did not hear any sounds. So, I thought nothing happened. So, I kept on examining the machine.

 After I had spent a good 5 to 10 minutes examination, I gave up. I came to the conclusion that I have no option left. The only way will be to change the appliance.

Then I thought, that let us try for the last time. I switched on the machine.

Guess what? To my surprise, the machine started working. I did not know what worked. But who cares it was working.

Only again while I was grinding another batch of poppy seeds on a different day. The same incident happened.

I let the machine cool down for some time. Because it became hot.

Then I pressed the stick like a switch.

Like magic, the machine started working.  Now I was curious. What is it and how is it fixing my problem?

The overload switch

The stick-like switch usually red in color. It is present on the undersurface or bottom of the Mixer Grinder.

It is also known as Protection Switch, Reset Button, Overload Protector or Circuit Breaker.

The four names explain the functions quite easily. 

Overload Protection.

All mixers are fitted with an automatic power shut off mechanism. Also known as a Circuit breaker. If the circuit suspect overloading it will automatically shut down the machine. Resulting in a sudden stoppage of Mixer Grinder. This will protect the motor from burning due to overload.

What will you do if the overload protection circuit suddenly stops your mixer grinder?

Here are 9 simple steps to reset your machine.

Steps to reset the appliance:

  1. Unplug the appliance from the switchboard.
  2. Detach and remove the jar.
  3. Look at the undersurface of the machine meaning look under the machine.
  4. You will see a red stick like a switch.
  5. Press the switch to reset the machine.
  6. Let the Mixer grinder cool for 2-3 minutes.
  7. Attach the Jar.
  8. Plug the machine back in.
  9. Switch it on.

Why this overload?

There can be multiple reasons for overloading. It is very common with mixer grinders.

This problem is quite common in mixer grinders with low capacity motors.


  If your mixer grinder is running continuously, then the motor gets heated. You can touch and feel the machine. It will be hot to touch. This will result in an automatic shutdown.


 Give some break between the cycles of grinding. This will help the motor to cool down. This will help you to avoid a sudden shutdown.

Food Materials

Putting too many food materials inside the jar can also cause this overload. Also, you should keep a notice about the consistency of the material that you put in. How hard it is. And what you are expecting of it.


  1. If you have a lot of materials, then divide them into multiple batches.
  2. Add an adequate amount of water.
  3. Also, give some break between the cycles of mixing and grinding.


In some cases, it is the motor itself. Some brands use low capacity motors. As the name suggests. These motors will stop sooner than other motors.


Check what you are buying.

Air Circulation

This is an important part. Good air circulation will keep your motor cool. As the mixer grinders are not big machines. If you have enough space in your kitchen you might have a designated area for mixer grinders. Otherwise, it can be unpacked when it is required.


Whatever may be the case. Make sure that the under the surface and the sides of the machine are not crowded when you are using the machine. This will allow the free flow of air. Which will keep the motor cool?

However, if you feel that the mixer grinder is shutting off without an actual overload, your mixer grinder needs some servicing.


Cleaning is necessary. If there is any dirt or leftover material. This will block the free movement of different parts. It can put an extra burden on the blades and on the motors. So clean the machine minutely.


If even after switching on the reset switch. Your machine fails to start. It is advisable to take the machine for servicing.

There might be a need to change the overload switch.

Quality of Overload switch.

This is an interesting part. While I was looking in the net, regarding this topic. I found a company, which makes overload switches compatible with all types of motor used in a mixer grinder in India. Ohh, for almost all the known companies. 

I am not saying that it is the only company. Which makes that. There are other companies which make the same thing.

It means that, when you are buying your Mixer Grinder, definitely check the specification of the Motor used in that machine.


The overload switch helps in restarting your appliance. The mixer grinder will suddenly stop if the circuit suspects overload. Read this article and found out how the overload works. And also how to avoid overloading of your mixer grinder.