Best Single Burner Portable Gas Stoves for Campaign Picnic and Home use in India 2022

Portable gas stoves are an excellent appliance developed to make daily life chores easier.

Best Portable Gas Stove
Best Portable Gas Stove

The following are our Top Picks:

The Best Portable Gas Stove: Hans Portable Gas Stove- Model 2500LPG

Hans Protable Gas comes in different attractive colours. This particlur one is Yellow. You can use both Butane and LPG. It is very easy to use. Also you can use it safely at home and while picnic. WIth a 37% Discount the price is really attractive.

The Best Budget Potabe Gas Stove: Store portable picnic gas stove.

Store Protable Gas comes looks smart. It is foldble so it is easy to carry and use. With 75% Discount its is the Best Budget Portable gas stove.

The Best Smart Designed Potabe Gas Stove: Divinext Ultra-Light

The Dvinext Ultra Light is also a foldable gas stove. The Design is great and attractive. With 87% Discount the price is also attractve.

Now let us look at the design and their current price.

Best Portable Gas Stove 

If you want to knw more bout te protable gas stoves then here is a quick comparson among the top potabe gas stoves.

Model NameWarrantyDimensionsBurnersCheck Price
Hans Portable Gas Stove- Model 2500LPG1 year55.4×37.1×5.5 cm1 Check Price
Cluemart Gas Stove Camping Stove Folding Furnace 2800W1 year430kg1 Check Price
Divinext Ultra-Light 1 year14.5×14.5×12 cm1 Check Price
Hans Gas Stove1 year60x32x5cm1 Check Price
Coleman Bistro Camping Stove1 year36x12x31cm1 Check Price
Geniyo portable gas stove 1 year11x11x9.5cm1 Check Price
Store portable picnic gas stove.1 year11x11x9.5cm Check Price
Star sunlite portable LPG Single Burner Stove1 year40cm×15cm×20cm1 Check Price
Generic alloy steel Auto ignition Portable Butane Gas1 year36x36x10cm1 Check Price
H Haddu Portable LPG 1 year40x20x20cm1 Check Price
Deoxys Ultra-light 1 year32x8x8cm1 Check Price

With this cooking can be done by just pressing a button turning a knob and conveniently you can prepare your food today.

Primarily made for outings as hiking tracks, camping, and hunting, etc. Portable gas stoves are often found in minimalistic households as well.

Well-equipped to present single or two living, portable gas stoves are probably the most useful appliance you can find.

Generally lightweight and embedded with an automatic ignition system, you may not have to hunt around for wood and flint in the wild anymore. So you don’t need to waste your precious time on it.

However, with every advantage there comes a disadvantage as well.

As no one likes to put more effort after ready investing their money on a product, but everyone has their priorities in demands and needs.

This is why we have put together a list of all the pros and cons of portable gas stoves, that will help you decide if the model suits your needs or not.

Advantges and Disadvantages of portable gas stoves available in the market

Contrary to olden days, we no longer have to wait and scrap stones and sticks together to get a full cooked meal when outdoors.

There are multiple gas stoves available online that will make the job so much easier for you. Operated manually or automatic, these stoves are fully functional.

These gas stoves are meant to save you time and storage space.

With their compact design, they can fit anywhere and they will give complete efficiency to your requirements.

Now let us look into certain pros and cons of buying a portable gas stove, in this era:

Advantges of Portable Gas Stove

  1. You can conveniently use a portable stove anywhere 
  2. Time-efficient 
  3. Saves you the cost of buying a new burner every time you go out.
  4. User friendly
  5. Generally equipped with wind resistance 

Disadvantages of Portable Gas Stove

  1. The headache of buying canisters separately
  2. Cost of maintenance 
  3. Risk of the gas leak while travelling with canisters or cylinders filled with gas
  4. Sometimes the quality of the product may not be as satisfactory
  5. Require LPG adapter at times

Perhaps after this discussion, you are skeptical of which brand and model is the best for you.

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore, since we have created a comparison of 11 top models of portable gas stoves, that you can choose from.

That will help your cooking look smarter and get a good experience.

Now we will go for their description and their pros and cons so that you can choose the best brand for your convenience.

Hans Portable Gas Stove Model 2500 LPG

Hans is probably the most brand for kitchen appliances. Unlike other manufacturers, Hans products are CSA approved for safety and security.

Hans is known for using quality materials to meet your high expectations. Hans MS-2500 portable stove is user friendly and safe appliance that you can use anywhere.

Equipped with an automatic shut-off safety lock, and the Piezo ignitor. This model has it all. Heat conduction system of 9560BTU.

The brand new model will come in a highly durable case that you can use to carry the stove anywhere. Hence, making it extremely travel-friendly as well.

The stove generally comes with an 8 ounces Hans butane canister and if not, you can easily purchase it separately from Amazon.

To embrace your cooking experience to the next level this stove has got everything you will need to enjoy your time put in the wild perfectly.


  • 9560btu Heat conduction system is supremely useful 
  • Automatic safety lock that shuts the burner off to prevent leakage 
  • Piezo ignitor is helpful for lighting the burner automatically 
  • Comes in Red 
  • Adjustable flame 
  • Material is Stainless Steel 


  • Making cooking very convenient for single living.
  • It’s lightweight making it easy to transport
  • User-friendly operation 


  • If the butane canister overheats or doesn’t shut off properly gas leak can occur.  Dangerous and waste of resources.
  • Small structure hence, heavy utensils can not be placed without tilting over.

Best Gas Stoves with Different Number of Burners

Cluemart Gas Stove

Another popular brand of kitchen appliances. Cluemart is a widely known brand, hence making its products accessible to anyone easily.

This cluemart gas stove comes with a foldable design giving it a compact and storage-saving feature. Usually available in red color.

The stove runs on Liquid Petroleum Gas. Material is aluminum and weighs around 498g. This stove is perfect for activities like hiking trekking and camping in the wilderness. 


  • The powered source is Gas 
  • Comes in Red
  • Lightweight portable design
  • Powerful firepower
  • High combustion efficiency 


  • User-friendly product.
  • Travel friendly as it doesn’t require additional carry on besides the stove and the canister
  • Highly accessible due to brand name
  • Storage saving products and thoroughly do the job.
  • Value for money


-stands are stable, but when attached with the canister the burner might not align properly and tilt upwards. Putting the utensil on it will do the job.

Divinext Ultra-Light Stove Burner 

A stove from a top brand like Divinext is something you might really want to accompany you on your next hiking trip.

Perfect for outdoor picnics, this ultra-light small volume gas stove is made keeping everything in mind. Its material is iron while it operates on Liquid Petroleum Gas.

Baffles Technology comes equipped in the burner.

Furthermore, you will find this tiny stove windproof and waterproof. Its adjustable folding blades and metal stand come into use when you need to travel with it.

Making this product is extremely travel friendly for its compact design.

Whenever you require to use it just reopen the stands that are very stable. Burner control is easy due to its built-in flame adjuster, which helps heavily in distributing the heat properly.


  • Foldable supports
  • Comes with a storage container 
  • Gas consumption is 100gm per hour
  • Power needed 2800W 
  • Material is copper and stainless steel
  • Weighs 470g
  • Runs on Butane Gas only
  • The boiling time is approx. 3.5-4 min for 1 litre of water


  • This stove is also user-friendly 
  • Built quality is great
  • Assisted wind protection
  • Strong firepower thoroughly warms the food.
  • You can easily prevent Gas wastage by accurately adjusting the flame.
  • Cooks enough for 2-3 individuals to a small group of people
  • Not that costly


  • You can’t place every day Large vessels without the risk of falling over.

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Hans 7500Dfs Rolled Steel Portable Gas Stove 

This Hans 700Dfs rolled steel portable gas stove can be one of the top picks on our list as it comes from a reputable company and this is cost-efficient.

It comes with a single burner gas stove with an inbuilt flint technology. This has powered stove weighs around 2.75kg.

You don’t need any additional matchbox or lighter to use this stove outside and its lightweight makes it the ideal choice for traveling outdoors.

This stove will cook sufficiently for 4-5 people. It has an automatic shut-off safety lock for security and child safety.


  • fuel operated with is LPG.
  • heat conduction system 9560BTU
  • adjustable flame 
  • piezo ignitor technology
  • durable carry case
  • long texture grates
  • Material of upper body is made with stainless steel and lower body of cooled rolled steel


  • This stove is value for money
  • It is highly portable 
  • It will work great both inside and outside
  • Flame adjustable system is helpful, as you will only use the amount of gas needed.
  • Hans is a trusted company 


•The only con is this stove is compatible with only hans canister, which is not even provided, you will need to buy it separately. 

Coleman Bistro Camping Stove.

Coleman is one of the most trusted brands in all kitchen appliances products.

This flame portable gas stove can be considered the more premium design in the list. It is compact and powerful, very easy to use table cookware.

Power consumption is 2200w. This has powered stove comes with a sturdy plastic case helpful in transportation.

The Piezo ignition system is integrated, requires no matchstick or lighter to operate. It is stainless steel and runs on Lpg.

This Coleman bistro camping stove comes with a cartridge safety locking system for secure and correct cartridge insertion.

The stove mainly comes in blue color, giving it a decent look.


  • Enamelled pan support 
  • Cartridge safety locking system
  • Piezo ignition


  • Practical design
  • Individual adjustable system for flames helps in saving gas in the canister and gives ideal heat distribution to the utensil.
  • Enamelled pan support gives it stability while cleaning.
  • Its aluminium sheet tray is easier to clean
  • you can use any brand of butane or propane canister with it.
  • it is value for money
  • worldwide availability of Coleman products


  • Built quality is subpar
  • Canister is not provided, you will need to buy it separately.

GENIYO Portable Gas Stove

This portable gas stove is made with high-quality stainless steel, iron plastic copper material for long life. It has a smooth shine and durable finishing.

It is made in India. It comes with a four-arm base support system that can be wrapped inside when not in use. Makes this design compact and travel-friendly.

Another plus point you will find in this model is its super flame control feature facility – it Reduces gas wastage.

Can use butane/propane gas for it. It’s primarily made for traveling voyages and hiking etc. This is why the butane gas burner is designed to be lightweight stable and safe.


  • Material and colour is stainless steel and water-resistant 
  • Usually comes in Red colour.
  • Windproof design
  • Foldable burner and stand
  • Light weight burner 


  • Best part about this product is it’s extremely easy to carry, it comes in a small bag. Which gives it a lunch box appearance, you can easily put this in your purse or backpack
  • It has an attractive design, looks smooth.
  • Foldable legs and stove frame is convenient 
  • It is the size of the palm of your hand, perfect for any outing
  • It is windproof
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • Canister needs to be bought separately.
  • Since the burner is light, it frequently leans up when attached to the canister.

Store camping stainless steel gas stove.

This store portable gas stove comes with a built-in flame adjuster. Baffles on the burner make it windproof.

It is user friendly and also comes with a foldable stand and burner frame. Makes it convenient to carry.

This delicate burner comes with strong firepower with powerful heat efficiency. It has a solid and durable volume.

The boiling time for water is approximately 3.5 min for 1liter. This butane gas operator burner is made from water-resistant and stainless steel.

Ideal carry on for any outdoor activity like camping, trekking. It will sustain 2-3 groups of people efficiently.

Extremely lightweight and compact, can be easily put in a carry bag.

A built-in flame adjusting knob is provided to control the flame as per temperature requirements. It will save you a lot of butane gas in the canister.


  • Made from aluminium alloy, resistant to scratches and corrosion.
  • Comes usually in Orange colour.
  • Supports cookware as large as 20 litres.
  • Lightweight model weighs only 16.5 oz or 470 gm
  • Rotary flame brings the heat in high efficiency and controls temperature distribution.


  • It comes with a simple screw-on canister you just have to press the ignition switch to ignite so no matchstick or lighter will be needed.
  • It works well in windy condition
  • Foldable stand gives it a compact and clean look
  • Travel friendly


• This one is also too lightweight so it doesn’t stay upright. So will need to constantly hold it or else it can bend over.

Star Sunlite portable LPG Single Burner Stove

Star Sunlite is another treatable brand for buying kitchen appliances, this model is for gas stove purpose only.

It can be used for daily usage outdoor, backpacking, camping picnic and travelling, or if you are living alone or with one more person, this cookware is ideal for you.

For safe shopping, you will not get a prefilled LPG cylinder, but you can easily get it filled for your nearby gas station or agency. You will need an LPG adaptor that is not provided in the packaging.

If you buy this product from Amazon you will get a free pair of earphones and one 9 watt standard B22 LED bulb (in white).

You can use this stove daily if you like or occasionally for outings. It comes with a 6kg cylinder, so it will easily sustain larger groups as well.


  • Runs on LPG
  • Comes with adjustable burner for precise temperature control
  • Well equipped for larger vessels
  • Burner will come separate from LPG cylinder for easy carrying.


  • Perfect for bachelor or cooking classes
  • LPG is refillable 
  • The pan support is designed to hold any major size utensils.
  • It has a stable and rigid construction it will not fall over.
  • User friendly 
  • It is neither too big nor too small, it will not take a lot of storage.


•Since the LPG cylinder weighs 6kg it is not at all travel friendly, but there is a 2khg option also available.

•The LPG adapter needs to be purchased separately 

Generic alloy Steel Auto-Ignition Portable Butane Gas

Today, generic home appliances are gaining popularity in day-to-day kitchen appliances.

This was once a little-known brand that started getting more recognition for its low price and high-quality products.

This generic Alloy steel auto-ignition portable butane gas drive is one of them. This stove comes with a hard duty enamelled steel exterior. It is lightweight and compact perfect for small storage or transportation.

It has a built-in electronic piezo ceramic starter push-button for igniting the stove without any matchstick or lighter. It also comes with a rotatable temperature control feature. The product is easy to assemble or disassemble.

Takes up to 7,650 total BTUs of cooking power. The stove weighs around 2kg and comes with a protective plastic box.


  • Adjustable burner for precise temperature control
  • Rust proof material 
  • Piezo ignition
  • Lightweight and compact 
  • Comes with an Automatic safety lock


  • Its alloy free material makes it rust-free
  • It has an attractive design and smooth finish
  • Its ceramic starter push button is extremely useful, no flint is needed to light the burner. 
  • It has a manual safety lock feature, only push down the lever and it locks itself and then releases it to unlock, great for a household with toddlers
  • It comes with a cover making it travel friendly


•Operates on only butane gas no LPG cylinder, a little inconvenient to use at home

H HADDU Portable LPG Single Burner Stove

H Haddu’s portable LPG burner stove comes with a 2kg cylinder comes, single burner, and if you buy it from Amazon you will get Luster 9W standard B22 LED bulb (white).

This has stove can be used for daily usage outdoors for backpacking, picnic and travelling or for living in a single room or cooking class.

For safety reasons obviously, the LPG will not come filled, Gas will be required to be filled from any gas agency in your vicinity.

Or you can use an LPG adapter to transfer gas for your home cylinder to it.


  • Adjustable flames in LPG Burner for precise temperature control
  • Single big size effective burner to give uniform distribution of heat in utensils. 
  • Burner is separate from LPG cylinder for easy carrying


  • The cylinder can be easily refilled from any nearby gas station
  • Pan support is designed to hold any major size utensil
  • Its design is sturdy 
  • Has a rigid and reliable construction.
  • It’s sufficient for single or two-person living.
  • It’s compact and does not take too much space


  • It can become a heavy carry on for outdoor activities, so not travel friendly.
  • Filled LPG is not safe to travel with.
  • Not really travel friendly
  • It doesn’t provide the LPG adapter to refill the cylinder.

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Deoxys ultra-light

The last portable stove on our list is Deoxy’s ultra-light small round folding butane stove, with an impressive design for its price.

It has a windproof structure with water-resistant material. Consists of a baffle on the burner to reduce the effects of wind in an outing.

Its foldable structure enables it to be packed in its own storage container.

This stove comes with a delicate burner and strong firepower. The boiling time of 1liter water is approximately 4 minutes.

It has an easy burner control by its built-in flame adjuster to accurately distribute the heat over the utensil and prevent access gas loss.

This product is compatible with most butane or propane canister. Great for backpacking camping hiking hunting etc.


  • Comes usually in Red colour
  • Only compatible fuels are butane and propane 
  • It has folding anti-slip supported arms and folding metal feet
  • Material is stainless steel and iron
  • Power consumption is 4000W
  • Gas consumption is 100g/hr
  • Ignition is piezoelectric ignition.
  • Unfolded size 20cm *10cm
  • Folded size 12.5cm *10.5cm


  • It has a travel-friendly design
  • Lightweight
  • Piezo ignition is always beneficial, as there is no need for additional flint to ignite the gas
  • Adjustable flame saves gas in the canister.
  • Baffle is included, so it is windproof.
  • Material is durable, it’s scratch-free corrosion-free it will last you years.
  • It will work with any company’s canister.


  • Size is too small 
  • It is too lightweight making it less stable for holding larger utensils.
  • Canister needs to be purchased separately