The Best 5 liter Pressure Cooker in India 2022.

In India almost every house hold use a pressure cooker. There are diffect capacitioes of pressure cooker thart are available in market.

In this article we talk about the best 5 Liter pressure cooker.

“Homey Utility” recomends these pressure cookers.

The Best 5 Liter Pressure Cooker: Prestige Svachh

The Best Stainles steel pressure Cooker: Prestige  Nakshatra Alpha

The Best Budget 5 Liter Pressure Cooker: Helicon Contura

Now, you would like to get into more details right.

In the table below you can comparte the current price and the design.

Price & Design Comparison: Best 5 Liter Pressure Cooker in Inda.

This prices are current prices. But to checkl into your discounted price you would neeed to click them, that will take you to your account in your amazon app.

Ok, now let us move forward.

Now we will compare among the properties.

Here is a comparison between the best pressure cookers 5 Liter.

Best BrandMaterialInduction Cooktop
WarrantyLid TypeTodays Price
Helicon Contura Hard-Anodized Stainless SteelYes 5yearsInner LidCheck
Prestige SvachhHard-AnodizedYes 5 yearsUnique Deep LidCheck
Prestige  Nakshatra AlphaStainless SteelYes5 yearsInner LidCheck
Pigeon Titanium Hard-AnodizedYes5 yearsOuter LidCheck
Borosil Pronto Stainless SteelYes5 years3 Layers- Outer, Middle and Inner LayerCheck
Hawkins Contura  Stainless SteelYes5 yearsInner Lid Check
Butterfly Blue Line Stainless SteelYes5 yearsOuter Lid Check
No5 yearsInner LidPrestige Apple Duo Plus SvachhHard AnodisedYes5 YearsInner LidCheck
Butterfly Curve Stainless SteelYes5 yearsOuter LidCheck
Comparison among the best 5 Liter Pressure Cooker

Now, we have comapred between the important parameters.

  • Tpe of Material.
  • Lid type.
  • Induction Comptaibility
  • Warranty Period.

Now, to know about each specific cooker you would need top scroll down and keep on reading.

As you know in every home, we get to hear the sound of the pressure from the cooker in getting the food cooked faster.

These cookers are meant to reduce the cooking time by 50% and help in maintaining the nutrients well, and also in making the method of cooking in a healthy way.

In this way, the food gets a delicious taste and in keeping us healthy. Many different companies are there that are producing pressure cookers.

They have ranged from 5 liters to 12 liters, depending upon the capacity of the person in a house, or it is up to you to choose.

They are meant to serve you for your regular cooking purposes and on daily basis.

Each company of pressure cooker being produced comes with a warranty in years, and the style, look and specifications will differ from one company to the other. 

Now, this article will tell you a few of the best 5 Litre pressure cookers and how different are they from each other, where you can get to decide which one suits you for cooking for your family. 

Let us check the cookers one by one

10 Best 5 Liter pressure Cooker in India

Helicon Contura Shape Pressure Cooker

This pressure cooker becomes one of the top choices of pressure cookers in the market.

The hard anodized aluminium used is of virgin type and it is guaranteed no contamination and is very safe to use.

They have a capacity of 5 liters where you can feed large members of a family and are applicable for those who are very much interested in cooking.

If in the market you are looking for a pressure cooker with the best quality and that lasts for a very long time,

Then this Helicon Contura shaped pressure cooker is your best choice. This cooker needs less fuel and gives you a pleasant cooking experience in your kitchen. They come with a warranty of 5 years. 


  • They weigh around 2kg and 500g
  • They have an inner lid locking mechanism
  • They are dishwasher safe
  • They have a metallic safety plug to put off the extra pressure


  • Fuel efficient
  • Works both on gas and induction cooker
  • Cooking type for all


  • At times warranty card does not come along with the product

Prestige Svachh

If you are looking for a pressure cooker that is safe to use and that keeps off the extra liquid from spilling off, then this is your best choice.

They are considered Indiaโ€™s first no-messing pressure cooker.

The lid that comes with it is special as it prevents the liquid from coming down and making the kitchen dirty.

When using this cooker, you will feel reliable in cooking with it. The material of this cooker is aluminium with a body that is anodized and safe to use. 


  • They have a unique deep lid
  • They have a cool touch weight
  • The handles are sturdy and smooth
  • Their base does not bulge
  • Can be used both in gas and induction. 
  • They weigh about 2kg


  • Saves from spilling the extra liquid
  • They have a purely controlled gasket system


  • No exchange offer

Prestige Nakshatra Alpha Pressure Cooker

When you are thinking of giving your cooking set a modern look, then this pressure cooker of Prestige will help in making a firm decision.

It will help in making you learn about new techniques in cooking a delicious meal.

This pressure cooker of Prestige is of stainless steel, which keeps the rust off and is more durable to use for a long period.

The base is of Alpha that helps in saving time and energy and being stainless steel, the food can be kept hot for a longer time.

The best thing is that the inner lid, when not closed properly, the cooker won’t function or start. 


  • Capacity is 5 litres
  • This is a stylishly made look pressure cooker
  • They are a lid with an inner locking system. 
  • This pressure cooker has a pressure indicator that reminds you of the food is ready. 


  • Precise weight valve
  • They have a metallic safety plug
  • Comfortable handles



Pigeon Titanium Pressure Cooker 

This pressure cooker of the company Pigeon is a time saver and super energy-efficient use for better cooking.

They help in cooking faster by frequently giving off the heat across the vessel.

The handle of the pressure cooker is shaped in a cute way for holding effectively and has 60 microns of anodized coating.

Being made of toxic less and stainless material, this pressure cooker is firmly usable and can be used free from scratches. 


  • Capacity is 5 litres
  • Safe to wash with dishwasher
  • The bottom of the pressure cooker is anti-deflecting
  • Warranty of 5 years
  • Material is a hard-anodized one


  • Help keep the steam held between the lid and the pan
  • The lid of this cooker helps in building up pressure for safe and quick cooking
  • They have a rubber gasket that is made for food grading.



Borosil Pronto Induction Base

Most of us may not have even heard about the brand Borosil in pressure cookers.

But this is meant to provide the best, most effective, and the most efficient in making your cooking a great experience.

This cooker is the base thick helps in boosting up the heat to get your cooking at speed and also helps in saving fuel.

As the quality is of borosil, once buying this you will never get regretted in buying them.

The handles are made for easy handling when transferring them from one place to another without getting yourself in great heat. 


  • Works both in gas and induction cooker
  • When you are repeatedly using the cooker, there are fewer chances that the capsule bottom will come out
  • The outer layer of the pressure cooker is user friendly
  • The gasket in this cooker is long-lasting and highly durable
  • The middle core of this cooker is of aluminium which is basically for heating
  • The inner layer is of steel good for food grade


  • They are of perfect size when getting the food prepared for your family
  • Long-lasting
  • Highly durable
  • Reduces cooking time and time-saving


  • They do not spillproof

Hawkins Contura Induction Compatible 

This pressure cooker is designed in such a way that your cooking is made easy and most convenient. This brand is being picked by many for effective cooking on daily basis.

The material is of stainless steel and its thick bottom helps in retaining heat while cooking.

The round shape of this pressure cooker helps in smooth stirring, viewing how well the food is cooked, and pouring the food item into a serving plate in a simple way.

Being the body is made in anodized and lid is stainless steel, it is very strong and very tough, that it will not break easily. 

I have these pressure cooker. I have the 3 Liter one. According to family size. ๐Ÿ™‚

It works good.

I have the yellow and the red version. They really look cool.


  • The inner lid will be locked for safety 
  • The handles are tightly fixed where the pressure is not put to the plastic handles. 
  • They are adjustable with gas stoves, electric stoves, and an induction cooker 
  • Capacity is 5 litres
  • Warranty for 5 years in case of any damage to the parts
  • Height is approximately 2 inches.


  • Highly durable and make cooking quick
  • Saves time and energy
  • Sides are greatly curved for easy stirring and cooking. 
  • Provided with great quality and long-lasting


  • It is a little heavy

Butterfly Blue Line Pressure Cooker

 This brand is common and is used by many people, in every house.

They are specifically designed for getting an easy grip and handling it in a cool way.

The weight is designed for better and faster cooking and to have a lovely cooking experience. The product has a warranty of 5 years.

Both the cooker and the weight are very easy to wash and get cleaned.

Both inside and outside of the pressure cooker is stainless steel and helps in retaining the heat of the food for better taste and quality. 


  • The lid is safety supported and helps in releasing pressure when the vent pipe gets blocked. 
  • The weight is well designed to catch the steam pressure
  • The silicone gasket helps in grading the food specially and does not keep the colour, taste, and smell of the food out and bad. 
  • The lock arrangement is uni-directional rotation. 


  • Safe using for dishwashing
  • Non-porous, hygienic, and very durable
  • The thicker base for speed cooking
  • Saves time and energy
  • The warranty period is 5 years.


  • Exchange offer not possible. 

If you are interested in different Capacities of pressure cookers then click the link below.

The whistle of this cooker is much improved as it is meant to be more efficient, provides less spilling of dal, and saves time and energy of fuel.

Every product of Miss Mary is being tested whether it is leak-proof or not. 

This is a good pressure cooker. Yes it is made from Aluminium. Not hard anodized. So it is the least healthiest among all.

Also it is the cheapest, in terms of price.

I have used this pressure cooker. Cooking is ok. I will not doubt about this cooker. 2 years and still going on. Tough I have other pressure cookers.

Cleanng is a problem. The stains arte hard to grow. As you know if you use steel wool and rub it, then it will place abrassions on the cooker.

I have used sodium bicrbomnate. It has shown its effects.

In terms of maintainenece, the pressure cooker gasket rubber, got loosed up, after 1 and half year of almost daily usage.

So, I had to get a new one.

Keeping all of this things in mind, I had put it down the list.


  • It is ideal for members of 5 to 7 in a family
  • It has a shielded safety valve
  • The steam is more deflected
  • Handles are made for comfortable use
  • The lid is fitted inside where it does not open when the pressure is out


  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Inner lid for great pressure hold
  • The capacity of 5 litres


  • Not induction friendly

Prestige Apple Duo Plus Svachh Pressure Cooker

This pressure cooker makes you happy by giving you a delightful experience in cooking food faster and reliable.

Getting to cook something healthy and to be kept at the table is done with this popular class pressure cooker and has a unique lid that protects from spilling that usually occurs at the time of cooking.

They are also helpful in keeping your kitchen safe and clean and putting you in too much work. 

These products comes in other gorgeous colours also.

So, in case you want other colors, then you should, click the link and check.


  • Height is only 175mm
  • Weight is 2g
  • They are small and best for cooking for a small family
  • The lid is purely stainless steel
  • Weight is of cool touch type
  • Has a metallic safety plug


  • Handles are safe and sturdy
  • Can be used in both gas and induction cooker
  • The base has not bulged
  • Most durable
  • Has a different shape and a cute look



Butterfly Curve Pressure Cooker

This company of pressure cooker is common and mostly used by women being cooking their favourite and healthy meal for the family.

They are meant to be safe and dependable pressure cookers, that are conveniently used at home and good for cooking that saves time and energy.

They come with a 5-year warranty.  


  • This is having an outer lid
  • The material is stainless steel and having a bulged bottom
  • The outer lid is its locking mechanism
  • Used for both induction cooker and on gas


  • It is safe to use and helps in not making the kitchen dirty
  • ISI certified
  • Safe washing on the dishwasher



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Everyone wants to cook fast and is not ready to spend too much time in the kitchen.

To get a healthy and delicious meal done in no time and served hot, a pressure cooker is the best option, and of course, there is no house without a pressure cooker.

They prepare meals quickly and give us a lot of time to enjoy our days rather than sweating in the kitchen.

Any of the models mentioned above can be the perfect cooker for you. You just need to compare them with your needs and choose the right one.

Here is waht I recommend.

The Best 5 Liter Pressure Cooker: Prestige Svachh

The Best Stainles steel pressure Cooker: Prestige  Nakshatra Alpha

The Best Budget 5 Liter Pressure Cooker: Helicon Contura

Check it out. Happy cooking.

See you in the next article. ๐Ÿ™‚