Dry Mixer Grinder vs Blender. A Comparative analysis.| Which one to choose?

With the gigantic advancement in science and innovation, we have become dependent more on electric machines to deal with the diverse cooking tasks in the kitchen. Various sorts of kitchen apparatus have been brought into the business sectors.

Be it a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a microwave or a kitchen chimney, or a juicer mixer grinder, every one of them has decreased everyday kitchen work stress to a huge degree. 

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All things considered, at whatever point we mention kitchen, food consequently rings a bell and without food, living is very unusual. Preparing food at the current day has become an art and with the assistance of electronic devices, it has gotten simple too.

Electronic machines like the juicer, mixer grinder, blender, and food-processor have reduced the cooking time. Every one of these machines presumably plays an important part in the kitchen; 

These unbelievable electronic developments in a real sense spared us, our time, work, and in particular, these machines have helped us to improve our cooking step by step. 

In this post, we will talk about the basic comparison between a blender versus a mixer grinder

But before that Let’s first discuss each of them separately. 

Mixer Grinder

A mixer grinder as you already know is a kitchen appliance that provides a wide range of cooking tasks. The mixer grinder is another product in the line, which caters, all in one solution for a variety of related kitchen work such as making pastes, dry grinding, fruit juice, mincemeat, blending milkshakes, and so on. 

The mixer- grinder can help you in a variety of stuff such as, mixing raw food like meat, baking ingredients, grinding spices and cooked meat, grinding vegetables and other different types of foods. These devices are available in electrical and manual forms. One even has an option, to opt for a handheld mixer or stand mixers.

A mixer grinder is an appliance that comes with sharp, durable stainless steel blades, the part responsible for cutting the food into very tiny parts. It is low maintenance and trouble-free device. It is shockproof, ensuring complete safety during operation. The appliance jars come with airtight lids to retain the aroma of food and juices. Even most of the mixer grinder has juice jar which has a unique honeycomb filter mesh to deliver delicious juice.


Blenders are also common appliances found in most kitchens, and these countertop tools are just perfect for making smoothies. You can also use this kitchen gadget to make dips, spreads, pureed soups, sauces, beverages, desserts, etc.

If you want to liquify any food ingredients, go for a blender. A normal blender has a rotating blade at the base which runs on power. All blender models come with detachable parts. You’ll have a blade, lid, lid plug, cup and a tamper. The control can be done from the base-and plugs into an electric outlet. Some new models also have accessories to help create foams for beverages and dishes.

They have preset programs in case you are unsure about some settings. Nutritious meals can be made easily by breaking down whole vegetables, fruits, nuts and softer meats. But Before using any blender certain things should be kept in mind. We should always cut the solid foods into small pieces and should start working with low speed settings.

Now buying all appliances is not an ideal option for a middle-class family that runs on a budget line. Again it depends on the utility/ need of individual households about the kind of appliance it should prioritize before buying.

To make a smart choice between the above-mentioned appliances, one should know the basic difference in their functions before selecting the best for their kitchen. 

Don’t worry, if you are not aware of the fact that all the kitchen appliances can be compared based on the function they perform. Today we will be comparing the mixer grinder and blender on the terms of their function so that you can decide which one to choose. 

Comparison: Mixer Grinder vs Blender

Functions of a blenderFunctions of a Mixer Grinder
It can easily make Smoothies, frozen drinks, blended alcohol drinks.  It helps in freshly grinding coffee beans, spices, etc. without losing their actual flavor. Ideal for grinding tea and herbs too.
Useful in making Sauces, Dip, and Dressings like Pesto, salsas, mayonnaise, hummus, spreads etc.  From mashing potatoes, making chutneys, juices, etc. it makes things effortless in the kitchen.
Helpful in making Frozen Desserts, crushing of  Ice bases and nutritional whole vegetable and fruit-based treats.The appliance offers multi-tasking in many respect. Right from mixing several liquids to whipping them, many food preparations is easily done.
Purred soups, almond and peanut butter can be made at home by using a blender.It can help in whipping various liquids to produce shakes, milkshakes and ice creams.
It can crush grains and certain cereals like bread crumbs, sugar,  oatmeal, biscuit crumbs, etc.One can use them to grind and chop harder food items such as, veggies, meats and nuts.  
Best appliance if baking is your priority. The folding of better is excellent if one uses the blender.Moreover it is easy to use, less complicated and has less maintenance issues.

 There are certain limitations of both appliances as well

A mixer grinder is very loud and has an irritating noise. It also has sharp blades which can hurt while taking out substances from the jars. 

On the other hand, Blenders can be messy to clean and are unable to crush and grind hard items. For example, it can’t be used for blending and pureeing green vegetables as it turns their colour brown. Again frozen fruits and vegetables normally turn lumpy while using a blender. 

But Mixer- Grinders and blenders are two very important appliances in a kitchen. Both perform the mixing task but with a difference. Their actions are different but many of us mistakenly consider them the same or are unaware of their different usage.

People think mixer grinder only makes a paste and powdered spices and blenders as the name suggests only blends two things. Of course, both of the machines conduct the task of mixing but with a different purpose. A blender just combines two substances but can’t powder and grind them whereas a mixer powder two substances. There lies the big difference.

Below explanations will make you understand the

The difference between Blender and Mixer Grinder.

  • A blender makes great smoothies whereas the mixer can make the dough.
  • A mixer helps whip crèmes and egg whites whereas a blender is used for making solid substances into the liquidized state.
  • A blender comes with multiple detachable blades for different tasks, whereas the mixer grinder comes with separate types of jars for performing various kinds of work in the kitchen.
  • One more common difference people feel is that a mixer grinder is good both for wet and dry ingredients whereas a blender works only on wet substances or can work on dry ingredients if they have been powdered by the grinder.
  • Blender works well on ingredients of the same category whereas mixer grinder can work on substances belonging to two different categories.
  • Mixer noise can be loud and frustrating whereas blenders are comparatively quiet while working.
  • The blender takes up bench space and one might spill food while in the process especially working with hot and boiling substances.

The Conclusion

Now we have got a fair idea about each of the functions of these appliances, the next big question which comes to our mind is whether these appliances can replace each other?

The answer is No. No matter the price or the brand of the mixer grinder or the blender you have, they can be only used independently to perform its specific task.

One cannot grind meat or spices like cinnamon etc. with a blender or can’t make perfect smoothies with the mixer. Again you cannot chop perfect dices of vegetables except in a food processor. A food processor is a multi-purpose appliance and can replace all these diverse kitchen gadgets and do their work perfectly.

It is like having a juicer, blender, mixer, and grinder collected in a single apparatus. It is both time-saving and space-saving. But most people prefer using separate machines to perform different tasks.

So should we buy all the variants of appliances for our kitchen? You can if your budget allows and your kitchen has ample space. But for a middle class household in India, living in compact flats, the kitchen areas cannot be crowded.

The scope, in that case, leaves us for buying one or two of all the available products. The best guide is to buy an appliance that can do two or more different tasks at a time. It will be a money-saving idea. Before buying do consider your kitchen requirements, brand, power consumption, and durability of the device.

We hope you have by now understood the Difference Between Mixer & Blender their correct uses in your kitchen.