Dry Mixer Grinder vs Wet Mixer Grinder. A Comparative analysis.| Which one to choose?

Timely and simple solutions to the regular kitchen tasks are what all of us seek. The invention of the mixer grinder offers a wide range of features that makes your life easier and hassle-free. Whether one is grinding some element to a powder or making a juice, the mixer grinders offer solutions for all.

But the questions crop up when there are so many products available, which one to choose from and that gets you confused.

Here is a quick comparison between the price and design of the best mixer grinder.

Top 3 Best Mixer Grinder in India ( Design and Price Comparison)

A dry mixer grinder is used to grind spices and make ‘home-made’ masalas easily. A wet grinder on the other hand is used to make, semi-liquid or liquid batter easily.

Let us look in details. I have also given a table so that you can compare and choose for yourself. Also do not miss the summary.

A mixer grinder is a multi-tasking machine; it can perform a variety of work easily. A mixer grinder is a grinder and a mixer and it can perform elements of both mixer and grinder. Perhaps the best thing about a mixer grinder is that it can perform kitchen tasks like blending, crushing, and mixing various food materials easily.

A mixer grinder usually comes with 2 or 3 jars, in which one container is intended for wet preparation and one container for dry handling. Picking the best mixer grinder for your kitchen is certifiably not a simple task. there are a few elements to be considered before picking up the best wet or dry grinder for Indian cooking.

But before we select a model, we have to decide on the type of mixer grinder should we go for. There are two types of mixer grinder, one is dry, and the other is wet. A dry mixer grinder and wet mixer grinder is designed in such a way that they can perform a variety function with comfort.

However, each type of equipment has its benefits and disadvantages over each other. Here is everything you need to know about the dry mixer grinder as well as the wet mixer grinder. The comparison listed here will give you a fair idea of which appliance to opt for.

Let’s first discuss each of them separately 

Dry Mixer Grinder: 

Simple mixer and grinder – Normally this type of mixer grinder arrives with 3 jars, one is for making chutney, the second a little bit from the previous one, is for paste and the large one is for grind-heavy and hard spices.  

Mixer grinder with a juicer – Now a day’s mixer grinder also comes with a juicer jar along with 3 above familiar jars, which is useful for prepare shakes and for preparing healthy fruit juices.

Wet mixer grinder:

A wet mixer grinder is a conventional machine and it has been available for over a decade. The machine is designed so that it very well may be utilized to crush food grains or other food materials to deliver smooth batter. A wet grinder can be utilized to set up a semi-liquid or liquid batter easily. 

Presently you understand what a dry mixer grinder and wet mixer grinder is and we will currently dive deep into the preferences and hindrances of dry mixer grinder and wet mixer grinder.

The wet mixer grinders are the machines that are utilized to crush scratched coconut, moistened grains, lentils, and so forth into a fine smooth paste.

These are aimed for granulating in tremendous amounts. The paste is used to make recipes like vada, med, dosas, and idlis. Furthermore, the wet mixer grinders are additionally utilized for battering the masalas or chutneys.

The most recent models incorporate an atta kneader that can be utilized to knead various kinds of batter. All such models are available in the mainstream market.

The table below shows the various advantages of both types of mixer grinders.

Dry mixer grinderWet Mixer Grinder
A mixer grinder can perform more than a dozen function that a wet grinder cannot performA wet mixer grinder can efficiently crush and grind any food with ease to prepare semi-fluid or fluid batter
A mixer grinder can perform all the function of a wet grinder, but not the other way aroundGrinding in this type of appliance can hold the genuine flavour of the grains or pulse
A mixer grinder is a combination of two appliances, a mixer and a grinderIt can be also used to grind different pulses and grains in large quantities
A mixer grinder is comparatively smaller than a wet grinderIt is big in size but can be operated constantly for a long time span
One of the notable things about mixer grinder is that it is easy to handle and easy to clean.It is faster and more effective. it can make almost all materials into a smooth batter.
A mixer grinder will come with different attachments that can help the user prepare different batter and food with ease.A wet mixer grinder comes with a comparatively high powered motor and the output of the batter taste far more better than with a normal dry grinder.
A mixer grinder is designed in such a way that it can be mounted or installed on a table top or on a kitchen granite slab or tile with easeA wet grinder is relatively cheaper than a dry mixer grinder, as it comes with less complex working system

 From the above table, we understood that a wet mixer grinder in a way is inferior to a dry mixer grinder when we compared to its features and functions but a wet mixer grinder on its own has several benefits over a dry mixer grinder.

Both appliances have certain limitations as well. 

Limitations of Both Types of Mixer and Grinder

A dry mixer grinder when it comes to grinding function is not as efficient as wet grinders
A normal mixer grinder can perform several functions with ease, however, the efficiency of each function is not as efficient as the individual appliance itself
A mixer grinder is expensive
A wet mixer grinder comes incorporated with granite stone, which makes the appliance heavy and the user cannot carry the appliance from one place to another
A dry mixer grinder comes with different attachments, however, only a few attachments come free of cost with the product, but other attachments like spiralizer, food processors are costly and the consumer will have to buy them on their own.


  • Based on features– A dry mixer grinder is better than a wet mixer grinder.
  • In terms of capacity– it depends on consumer choice as both the products are available in different capacities.
  • Energy consumption– Again it depends on the amount of usage. nevertheless, dry mixer grinder consumes less power than the wet counterpart.
  • Degree of Efficiency– A wet grinder is more productive than the other one.
  • Adaptability– A dry mixer grinder has a more universal outreach than the wet one.

These insights Will definitely give you a better understanding of these two kitchen devices and will further help you in your buying decision.

Certain Frequently Asked Questions 

How many variants of Mixer grinder are available in the market?

We can find four categories of mixer grinders present in the Indian market. They are:

  • Hand mixer grinder
  • Stand mixer grinder
  •  mixer grinder with juicer and
  •  Food processor

How many types of wet mixer grinders are there?

There are Generally Two Types of Wet Mixer Grinders: –

  • Tabletop.
  • Tilting type of grinders

What are the features of a tabletop wet mixer grinder?

Wet table top mixer grinders can be used for several types of grinding applications like making different types of chutneys, pulping of vegetables for the soups, and preparing batter for the dosas, vadas, and idlis. Some key factors of table top wet grinder:

  • Portable in size as compare to regular wet grinders and so is compact.
  • grinding capacity is low as compare to regular one. 
  • Easy maintenance. it is durable.
  • Best for small family.

Is the tilting type of wet grinder better than table top wet grinder?

Tilted wet grinders are far better than from regular and table top grinders. These appliances are created with the rolling stones that do not make high noise. With the wet grinding capacities, these are found to have dry grinding abilities as well quality and grinding process is far better than other two. Best use for batter making. Some key factors of tilting wet grinder:

  • Very small in size.
  • Compact
  • Grinding capacity is low. 
  • Pocket pinch is high as compared to others.
  • Suitable for small family.

What are some of the basic things we should check out prior buying a wet mixer grinder?

These are as Follows: –

  • Motor
  • Drum Capacity
  • Number of Grinding Stones
  • Warranty
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Designs and Aesthetics
  • Maintenance Efficiency 

What safety precautions should be taken while using any type of grinder for cooking?

One has to take care of a few things while using a grinder for Indian cooking:

  • Avoid pouring hot ingredients into the mixer and grinder as it can cause damage to jar components and blades.
  • Proper earthing should be done to avoid any kind of power shock.
  • To avoid any kind of motor jams and overloading issue. add enough water into the jar while making purees, smoothies and batter.

Why a Wet Mixer Grinder is needed for an Indian household?

Cooking is passion in Indian household and most of the families need a wet mixer grinder to make idilis, dosas, vadas, etc. at home on a regular basis. This type of grinding device is better than the normal grinders.