How to sharpen the blades of a Mixer Grinder? Easy Home Tips and Ideas

While choosing a mixer, it is significant to consider the parts associated with the blending and grinding techniques.

The impeller blades you use with your mixers will, at last, decide the efficiency of your machine.

An impeller blade edge is typically made of stainless steel, aluminum, metal, bronze or plastic, and is intended to quicken the process of the fluid mixing in a particular way.

To keep the blade’s edges sharpened you will need aluminum foil, or a sharpening stone, or Rock Salt you can do it yourself. You will need only 10-30 minutes

Here take a quick look at a quick comparison among the price and design among the best mixer grinder.

Top 3 Best Mixer Grinder in India ( Design and Price Comparison)

However, even by picking the best blade in a mixer, after some years of utilization, the mixer grinder appears to have lost its edge and sharpness. It means that the blades are not as sharp as they used to be.

Excess utilizing of electronic home gadgets lead to a specific problem in the machine too.

In the wake of using it for around two years, you can see that the sharpness of the mixer blades decreased and consequently it isn’t useful as in the past and this can be quite frustrating.

Whether it is the wet mixer grinding jar, chutney jar, or dry grinding jar, the sharp blades make your task simpler and quicker.

If the blades are not sharp enough then this will result in poor grinding and the job will take more time.

That doesn’t imply that your mixer grinder is broken, you should simply sharpen the blades.

There is a simple way to sharpen the mixer grinder blades and this article will guide you on how exactly you can do that.

You can also use the following methods to sharpen the blades of a blender and food processor.

Before we let you know the basic techniques for sharpening blades, the questions which arise in your mind may be-

Should I Learn How To Sharpen Mixer grinder/ blender Blades?

Don’t worry about this. Knowing how to sharpen mixer grinder blades will keep your appliances working efficiently.

Your kitchen gadgets blades will wear out just like a knife or razor. You can keep them sharp with a bit of homework.

A mixer with dull blades will have problem cutting vegetables, causing your purees and drinks to be lumpy and chunky.

Using a blade that is not sharp can even cause damage to the device motor, seals, and blade.

Most of us may opt to buy a new machine in case of none performing of the kitchen apparatus.

But it can be expensive and after a few uses will again become dull. The only way to have a machine that performs its function like new every time without the expense is by sharpening the blades from time to time.

Do I Need Any Special Tools To Sharpen the Blades of the Mixer and Grinder?

Sharpening mixer grinder blades can be done with instruments you possibly have around in your house.

Blade sharpening can easily be done once you learn how to resharpen mixer blades.

To sharpen mixer blades, all you need are  normal cleaning material like

  • a sponge,
  • drying cloth, and
  • dish soap.
  • Safety gloves for ensuring you don’t harm yourself while handling the blades.

The one most vital things one may not have is the sharpening stone. Locate a shop to find a good quality sharpening stone or buy online.

Look for a good stone which has hard and rough edges. A sharpening stone can be natural or even manmade.

This stone lasts for a  long time and can be also used to sharpen all of your kitchen knives, too.

Let’s now discuss some methods to sharpen the blades-

Method One:

Sharpening the blades by Using Sharpening Stone

Time consumption : 20-30 minutes.

Unplug and pull the Mixer Jar from the Bottom-

The first thing you need to do is to unplug the equipment from electrical connection and separate the mixer jar from the motor base. Make sure the equipment is unfastened of electrical current.

Clean/wash the Jar-

The next step that you want to do ahead of sharpening the blades is to wash and brush the jar well.

This will help you to rid of any powder, leftover, or different matters that may be found in the jar.

To wash it, you can soak it in a sink that is full of soapy warm water. Take it out after a while and dry it.

Remove the Blade-

Once you are done with washing, you have to remove carefully the blade from the bottom of the jar.

To do that, twist the blades within the counter-clockwise procedure wearing the safety gloves. This may result in the blades coming freely off.

Remember at this point you will have the bottom, the ring as well as the blade separated at this point of the method.

Wash the Blade-

Now the third step involved in sharpening the mixer grinder blades is washing. Again we can wash it in warm soapy water.

Be careful not to hurt your self from the rims, always be with your safety gloves on to avoid injuries. Dry the blades.

Sharpen the Blade –

Positioning the blade’s sharpest side away from your body, towards the sharpening stone.

From here, start to run it against the stone, keeping the cutting edge at a slight point and driving it away from your body.

Try to run the edge over the stone, then flip it over and perform the same task on to the inverse side.

There are mostly four blades in a  jar to sharpen.

Try not to be enticed to contact the edges with your hand since, if they are sharpened, they can undoubtedly cut.

We prescribe not to touch back the blades after sharpening in order testing it out to check whether the blades are sharpened or not.

Assemble the Device again

Now that you are performed polishing and sharpening the mixer grinder blades, reassemble the entire device and plug your mixer to power for a trial run. You will see that the mixer grinder now works well.

Method Two:

Sharpening the blades by Using Rock Salt

Time needed: 10 minutes.

This is one more’ Do it yourself’ method which can be easily performed at home. One can sharpen the mixer grinder blades using rock salt (Sindha Namak in Hindi).

The blades can be sharpened using this method. Even blender and food processor blades as well. Let’s look at the precise steps one need to follow.

  1. First Add Rock Salt in a mixer jar- Take the rock salt and put it in the mixer grinder jar and switch it on. The rock salt should be in form of crystals and not powder to get the desired result.
  2. Switch the mixer jar on and off Intermittently- Remember that after some seconds of the interval, you switch the mixer grinder off. This is to add new lumps of rock salt and Take out the previous powder one.  Then again turn it on.
  3. Repeat Step 2 for around 10 Minutes- Keep repeating the process d for the nearly ten minutes.
  4. Wash the Jar- Once you are done with step 3, empty the jar.  Then rinse it with water. Don’t worry you can use the powdered rock salt for your cooking purposes and there will be no wastage of that ingredient.
  5. Your Sharpened Blades are Ready- Finally, the blades have been sharpened successfully without any hassle.

Method 3

Sharpening the blades by Using of Aluminium Foil

Time needed – 10 -15 mins

Follow the same process as above. Just instead of Rocksalt, you have to use aluminium foil. The first step is to wash the jar.

Then put aluminium foil to sharpen the blades of the jar. Cut the pieces of aluminium foil sheets and put around the blades in the jar and switch on the mixer grinder.

This is also a very easy and simple method and is very useful too. Unlike rock salt, Aluminium foil did not get into powder form. It sharpens the blade very effectively.

Chances of Any Possible Complications

As we’ve stated, not all mixer jars can be taken apart or dismantled. Mostly all new high tech models, allow you to take apart each section.

Nonetheless, some old and lower grade devices usually are fixed together in such a way that they won’t come apart.

Even If you can’t sharpen the blades yourself by following these methods, then the only option left is to call the company as their technician may be able to assist you. if the warranty covers it then it can get replaced.


As you can see, sharpening the blades of your mixer grinder is a daunting and difficult task.

We don’t approve these methods unless you’re satisfied working with sharp objects. we suggest getting help from someone who does this kind of work, in case you haven’t used a sharpening stone before,

Now that you understand how you can sharpen the mixer grinder blades at home, it’s time for you to put this information into practice.

No doubt that a sharpened mixer blade speeds up the whole process of grinding and mixing. You can even sharpen the blades of a food processor and a blender using the same techniques.

Therefore, a kitchen worker needs to keep an eye on the condition of the blades particularly that of the dry grinding jar.