Top 10 Best Rice Cooker in India 2022.

The Best Rice Cooker :

Prestige Delight Electric Rice Cooker

Rice is a part of the staple diet for many Indians. The preparation of rice is simple. However, not once you jazz on a stovetop, that desires your full attention and constant observation.

A rice cooker is a device that’s simple to use and cooks your rice well and guess what your complete supervision is not required for the entire time.

You will get multiple options to buy a Rice Cooker in the market, that will confuse you. In this post, you will get the best Rice Cooker, along with quick comparisons with different versions.

To know why I am recommending this you will need to look below.

Let us see how we can buy the perfect Rice cooker according to our needs. So before we see the best Rice cookers we will discuss what are the important things that you should look into.

Buying Guide of Rice Cooker

A rice cooker has a heat supply, a thermostat, and a bowl for cookery. Rice cookers are versatile and might be used for steam baking cakes, cookery eggs, or steaming vegetables, too, whereas retentive nutrients by its controlled heating.

Scan on for a listing of the most effective rice cookers obtainable within the market and compare their options to shop for one that suits your necessities. 

Rice cookers became vital family equipment for many families. they convey convenience and potency within the preparation of rice, creating the most popular by several. however simply what are rice cooking utensils?

A rice cooker or in different terms stated as a rice steamer is electrical room instrumentation that’s created to boil or steam rice. It consists of a heat supply, a thermostat, and a cookery bowl.

There are differing kinds and styles of rice cookers within the market and reckoning on the creation, the functions and specifications could vary. Some could have the fundamental elements of a rice cooking utensil whereas others could have further functions. 

Types of Rice Cookers 

There are four varieties of rice cookers. You will find them below in the list. Read the list and you’ll be able to purchase depending on your demand. 

  • Standard rice cookers: They’re easy to control with one button and have restricted options. they need a detachable twine for power offer and a non-stick cookery pot. 
  • Improved rice cookers: They’re improved versions of normal rice cookers that feature a digital display, keep heat settings, and planned menus giving skillfulness. 
  • Multifunction rice cookers: They need several functions and a large variety of options to cook completely different dishes. they need an alphanumeric display and plenty of settings to settle on. 
  • Induction heat rice cookers: They need advanced options and functions and use a field for uniform cookery. These cookers have multifunction controls on the panel and are ideal for cookery varied things. 

How to select the proper Rice cooking utensil In India? 

Here are some factors to think about to settle on the most effective rice cooking utensil. 


Though rice cookers are versatile and might be used for multiple dishes, note the frequency of its use before buying. 

Capacity and Space:

If you have got a tiny low room or if you wish a rice cooker that’s easy to hold, get a petite compact rice cooking utensil with low capability. However, for everyday use, like a much bigger one to cook a lot of amount for the complete family. 

Ease of cleaning:

The rice cooker is meant to scale back your hassles, thus contemplate one that’s simple to take care of and clean. 

Automatic features:

Automatic shut off feature or automatic heat feature is important to avoid overcooking or burning rice. With this feature, there’s no got to monitor the cooker all the time. 

Energy consumption:

Electrical cookers should not be significant on your electricity bill. A strong cooker cooks higher and faster; therefore an optimum power is essential. The electrical cookers use solely 60-70% of the warmth than gas cookers and are comparatively higher choices. 

Cool exterior:

A double layer of insulation will forestall any mishaps or burning of your hands. Check the fabric of the outer body before shopping for it. 

Ease of use:

You are doing not wish to complicate your rice cookery expertise. So, get home a rice cooker that’s easy to control. 

How does A Rice cooking utensil work? 

The basic principle behind the operation of a rice cooker lies in its elements that embrace the thermostat and cookery bowl. These elements work hand in hand to make sure that rice is either poached or steamed while not burning or undercooking it. 

The cookery bowl is the part that holds water and rice. 

When the cookery commences, the rice/water mixture is given enough heat at full power. The water is heated to a temperature of up to one hundred degrees. The thermostat measures the temperature that the cookery bowl has at any given time and monitor the warmth.

You will not find any water left, like the standard cookery methodology of rice.

The water that’s placed with the rice is usually absorbed by the rice and a few of its poached off. Once the water evaporates, the steaming still continues, and once the temperature rises the thermostat will sense it.

Now the sensor will stop the cooking process. The cooking utensil pops indicating that the rice is prepared for consumption. Some models of cookers would instead switch to heating mode as hostile change off entirely so the rice will keep warm until served. 

What is the optimum amount of Water & Rice for a Rice Cooker?

Perhaps the foremost necessary issue that influences the correct cookery of rice is that the amount of water you increase it. the merchandise manual typically contains directions relating to it. However, you’ll be able to use the below guideline for general reference.

White Rice- for each cup of rice, 1.5-2 cups of water must be added. Brown Rice- for each cup of rice, 2.5-3 cups of water must be added.

(Note that the precise amount of water needed depends on the rice quality and should vary from the below guideline) 

Tips for Buying Electrical Rice Cooker:

Rice cookware could be a welcome addition to your kitchen. the newest rice cookers go with advanced options and processed sensors that make cookery simple. a number of the rice cookers go with further cookery options like steaming veggies, stewing soups, cookery Dalia. A number of the items that you just have to be compelled to look at before getting are:

Check the capability of the electrical Rice Cooker:

The market is flooded with variety of electrical rice cookers, however, before you buy one, check that you check the capability of the model. counting on the scale of your family, you’ll be able to select from the various capacities of rice cookers obtainable. A rice cookware with a capability of thereto five liters is good for a little family of 5 to six members.

Ease of Operation:

Any cookery appliance has to be straightforward simple. A basic electrical rice cookware usually comes with one-touch operation. All you wish to try and do is to feature rice & water in applicable amount and press the ‘cook’ button. However, a number of the advanced models of rice cookers go with digital controls that provide you completely different choices for cookery a range of dishes.

Delay begin Features:

When you to work an electrical rice cookware, the simplest models go with digital controls. The delay initial perform could be a must-have feature for an electrical rice cookware. This sensible feature indicates the appliance to start out cookery rice or the other dish at the desired time. The advanced perform even helps you to recognize the time left till your rice is prepared.

Check the cookery Mechanism:

Basically, there’s 2 completely different mechanisms employed by an electrical rice cookware – thermal cookery and warmth induction. Between these 2 cookery designs, heat induction machine is best than the thermal convention as this could build utterly well-done rice every and each time.

Automatic Keep heat Function:

You need to examine if the rice cookers go with an automatic keep-warm feature. The distinctive feature ensures that you just get hot and food whenever you wish.

Look for the detachable Power Cord:

Talking regarding the convenient feature, an electrical rice cookware has to have a detachable electric cord. The detachable wire ensures that you just simply store it while not dragging the long electric cord behind.

Cook & Serve Design:

An electric rice cookware with cook and serve style would is that the best model you’ll be able to purchase. All you wish to try and do is to cook the rice, carry it where you wish and serve it.

Easy to wash Feature:

Electric rice cookware no matter the worth purpose has to have a non-stick within surface. this can build it straightforward to clean employing a sponge, soap, and water.

Check the Outward Design:

Outward style isn’t simply the look that you just have to be compelled to examine. The outward style conjointly includes a keep cool handle and see through the glass high. These options can build cookery straightforward and hassle-free.

Look for the Warranty:

Before you buy an electrical rice cookware, check the pledge amount for the merchandise. The longer the pledge the additional authentic the merchandise would be and will have the peace of mind that you just can build a sound purchase.

Keep in mind all the above-named shopping for tips before creating the ultimate call of buying an electrical rice cookware for your home. this can make sure that you never occupy loss and have the simplest expertise right product. If you’re searching for an equivalent product, check that to go to our vary of merchandise here. you must additionally check the electrical rice cookware value before getting.

What do you Use the Rice cooker for?

The first question you must think over is however you’re attending to use the rice cooking utensil. for instance, what sorts of rice does one cook most of the time? however usually on a weekly basis? does one use the rice cooking utensil as a steamer? does one arrange on cookery alternative dishes within the rice cooker like soups, dessert, etc.?

Defining the utilization for the rice cooker can assist you in your search. If you cook rice once a month, it most likely does not be to pay more cash shopping for a Zojirushi pressurized rice cooking utensil.

How Many folks are You Feeding?

Rice cookers are available with completely different capacities measured in cups of raw rice. Usually speaking, the quantitative relation between raw and hard-baked rice is one to two.

As a rule of thumb, you’ll wish to cook one cup (uncooked) rice for every person.

It is usually higher to own some additional than not having enough in keeping with Chinese culture. A bowl of hard-baked rice can keep for every week just about with none downside.

Rice cookers vary from one to ten cups in capability. on the far side that, it’ll be used largely for business purposes.

For singles to a little family (2-3 people), a 3-cup rice cooking utensil would be an honest size. For a mid-sized family (4 to six people), a 5-cup rice cooking utensil would be applicable presumptuous you’ve got average eaters in your family. If there are over half-dozen folks in your family, a 10-cup ought to be thought of.

People in FamilyCups of Rice Cooking
2-3 People3 Cups
4-6 People5 Cups
More than 6 People10 Cups

Is the Rice Cooker Simple to Use and Clean?

Overall, a rice cooking utensil isn’t that sophisticated. the foremost difficult half would be to work out the Menu setting. All of the makers give you with a User Manual, or higher however, some with videos to demonstrate a way to use and watch out of the rice cooking utensil.

Cleaning a rice cooking utensil may be a breeze examination to cleansing a pot with rice stuck within the bottom. With the non-stick inner pan, all you would like to try to is to soak the pan with some water and use a room brush to wipe out the rice.

What’s Your Budget?

The price of rice cookers varies from rupees 100 to 2000. If rice is an integral part of your daily life like it’s of mine. Thus investing in an exceedingly good quality rice cooking utensil makes good sense.

This is an appliance that you simply can use over and over again for several years. Thus buy the best Rice Cooker ar the best price.

Advantages of Rice Cookers 

There are many reasons why rice cookers are used.

  • They speed-up the whole method of change of state rice, creating it convenient for the users. the subsequent are a number of the explanations why you must purchase rice cookers: 
  • They are simple to use and supply additional precise measurements for the rice/water ratio. 
  • They cook rice effectively without either undercooking or overcooking it. 
  • Some of the models of rice cookers permit the user to cook different sorts of rice together with brown rice and rice. 
  • Some models have keep-warm practicality that keeps the rice heat even once the cooking is completed, till it’s served. 
  • They do not need frequent observation throughout the change of state to work out whether or not the method is over or not. 

Disadvantages of rice cookers 

Like every other product, a Rice cooker has its downsides. They are very convenient to use. Yet you will realize some disadvantages in them.

  • Some sorts of rice like brown rice might not effectively cook inbound models of rice cookers. 
  • Some models are quite massive and hulking, so need a comfortable area within the room which can generally miss. 
  • Determining the scale of cookware to shop for will generally be a problem for some people. 

Top Picks of Rice Cookers in India 

As several might not understand simply the way to select the correct rice cookware, we tend to are here to try to do that for you. we’ve got sampled out a number of the most effective rice cookers within the market and created up the subsequent review to help you decide on the most effective model that may suit your desires. The rice cookers are as below: 

Prestige Cute Delight Electric Rice Cooker

Presenting has an exciting range of electric rice cookers that will cook your food. You will get multiple varieties to cook. Cook porridge, soup, stew, pulao, idlis, and steam vegetables in a convenient and hassle-free way. With its advanced features, the Prestige cute rice cooker is a must kitchen appliance to own.

The Rice cooker is very attractive looking.

Brand               Prestige
Stars Rating 4.5/5
Capacity 2.8 L
Amount of Rice Cook 1.7 kgs
Model                 Cute 2.8-2
Colour           White and Red
Power                  1000 Watts
Warranty Period     5 year

This is a versatile rice cooker.

The Cool Touch Handles will help you carry and hold the Rice Cooker. These handles are durable. You can also use it as a scope.

You will get two modes: Cook and Warm. Once the food is cooked the food will remain hot, the control will automatically shift to warm.

There is a close fit stainless steel lid. It has a steam vent to allow the steam to escape.

You will also get 2 extra aluminum cooking pans. The interesting thing is that you can store the utensils inside the cooker. This will help you save some space.

You can cook about 1.7 kgs of Rice with a 2.8 L of Rice cooker.


  • Cool bit handles
  • Auto keep-warm perform
  • Detachable electric cord


  • The inner pot isn’t non-stick

Panasonic Rice Cooker

Product data

Brand                 Panasonic
Stars Rating 4.5
Model                 SR-WA18-E
Colour         White
Power                660 Watts
Capacity4 Liters
Warranty Period5 yrs

Panasonic may be a superstar within the field of home and room appliances. the variability of rice cookers that Panasonic has within the market area unit all effective and comprise of the many wonderful options. The Panasonic SR-WA18-E comes with a stainless-steel lid and an anodized aluminum pan.

The appliance conjointly offers you the automated cut-off feature that turns off the unit once the food is totally fried. alongside a giant capability of (four) 4 liters, the heater comes with five years of the warranty period and a pair of years on the remainder of the product.


  •  Automatic shut-down feature
  • The rice may stick at the bottom.
  • Really huge capacity
  • Anodized Aluminum vessels.


  •  5 years warrant on the heater

Philips Rice Cooker

Product data

Brand                Philips
Stars Rating 4.5/5
Capacity 1.8L
Model                  HL 1663/00
Colour           White and Pink
Power                  660 Watts
Warranty Period      5 year

Nourishment is the most important portion to remain healthy and in form. The Philips automatic rice preparation utilities conserve the novelty and nutrients in every dish of rice.

The Philips HL 1663/00 offers the automated keep the nice and cozy choice to keep the rice hot alongside a one-touch button for easy management.

You’ll monitor the method of preparation from the tempered glass lid. Further, it comes with a non-stick inner pot, stays cool handles, and therefore the water level indicator.


  •  One-bit button for simple management
  • The cooking utensil must be monitored all the time
  • Non-stick inner pot for simple cleanup


  • Monitor preparation procedure with the tempered glass lid

 Singer Rice cooking 1.8 L Open Lid Rice Cookware

The Singer Rice cuisine may be an extremely handy and ingenious Rice cookware unit that has many excellent utilities. Having a pair of superior alloy bowls with 1.8 liters capability from each one, it offers seamless comfort to your preparation.

a pair of anodized metal cookware alongside a programmed Keep heat utility area unit sure of the exceptional utilities of this unit. Whereas the preparation is finished and dusted, the Keep heat practicality makes certain that the unit spontaneously shifts to stay heat Mode, and therefore the rice is upheld at the perfect temperature.

Product data

Brand   Singer
Stars Rating 5
ModelRice cuisine 1.8 OL
Colour            White
Power     700 Watts
Warranty Party 2 years


  • Safety small switch
  • Takes longer to cook the rice than expressed
  • Cool bit handle


  • Comes with an integrated wire

Prestige Rice Cooker

Product data

Brand          Prestige
Stars Rating    4
Capacity1 liter
Model           PRWO 1.8-2
Colour      White  
Power             700 Watts
Warranty1 year  

Prestige is a well known brand. This Rice cooker is one of the Best sellers in the leading e commerce market.

Prepare soup, porridge, stew, idlis, pulao, and steam the veggies during a handy and hassle-free manner.

Having utilities like the quick preparation, keep heat perform, clastic electric cord, and therefore the scoop holder, this status Rice cooking utensil is an important appliance to shop for your room thus on prepare quick recipes and pleasant steamed treats.

The Rice Cooker is portable and with a sturdy body. The Lid is made of stainless steel. with a steam vent. You will also get two aluminum utensils. You can cook up to 1Kg of rice in this cooker.


  • Cool bit handles
  • The inner pot isn’t non-stick
  • Auto keep-warm perform


  • Detachable electric cord

Bajaj RCX 28 Rice Cooker

Bajaj is one in every of the foremost rife brands within the Indian market that sells each room and residential appliances. the shoppers even have plenty of trust within the complete as a result of its end of the day within the market. The Bajaj stateliness RCX twenty-eight Rice cooking utensil may be a large size rice cooking utensil that has the aptitude to steam any style of grain or food. It comes with a stainless-steel lid, that helps the unit to preserve the steam within the pot. The one thousand watts power that this unit prepares food very quickly.

Product data

Brand              Bajaj
Model                 Majesty RCX 28
Colour         White
Power               1000 Watts
Stars Rating 4.2


  •  Big capability of two.8 liters
  • Consumes plenty of energy
  • Strong stainless-steel cowl


  • Really powerful and quick preparation operation

Hamilton Rice Cooker

Product data

Brand                Hamilton Beach
Stars Rating        4/5
Model   37518-IN
Colour            Black-Silver
Power             400 Watts
Warranty Period 1 year

The Hamilton Beach Rice cooking utensil prepares the perfect rice on each occasion. However, it offers functions that area unit even over that. Additionally, to create all the forms of rice, the appliance steams veggies furthermore as beans to exactness. With this unit, you only need to choose the preparation to perform and it will the remainder.

It offers an exclusive heat & simmers perform alongside a handy delay begin to perform. It conjointly incorporates a protection lid that helps keep the wet within.


  • Digital controls to pick out cooking perform
  • The power wire length is extremely tiny
  • Handy delay begin perform


  • Locking lid to retain wet

Panasonic Automatic cooker

Product data

Brand                 Panasonic
Stars Rating4/5
Capacity2.2 L
Model              SR-WA22H(E)
Colour                 Golden Green
Power             7500 Watts
Warranty Period  5 year

The Panasonic combo Rice cooking utensil features a thermostat, permitting you to effortlessly regulate the temperature at intervals the rice cooking utensil as per your feeling.

You may build use of less oil while cookery with the Panasonic 660W Rice cooking utensil, turning it a healthy cookery alternative for your social unit. Its higher dishes square measure clear, making sure that you just get sensible perceptibility while the food is being ready.

The Panasonic 5.4 metric capacity unit rice cooking utensil equally retains the heat of your food for several hours when it’s been prepared.


  • Offers durable functionality
  • No auto timer provided
  • Designed with economical Japanese technology


  • Thermostat for exactitude management

Prestige PRWCS Rice Cooker

Product data

Brand          Prestige
Stars Rating 4
Model         PRWCS 1.2
Colour             White
Power               500 Watts
Warranty Period   1 year

Prestige is one of the highest brands in India that are current within the marketplace for an awfully while currently. The complete provides each room and residential appliances that square measure inexpensive and offer several superb options.

The status PRWCS 1.2 electrical Rice cooking utensil provides associate degree aluminum cooking utensil for a tremendous cookery expertise. the ability twine of this electronic rice cooking utensil is detachable and therefore the unit is admittedly energy economical since it consumes solely five hundred watts.


  • Offers a detachable cord
  • The unit very tiny in size
  • It in addition features a condensation cup


  • Very energy economical

Prestige Rice cooking utensil

Brand          Prestige
Star Rating4
Capacity1.5 L
Model          PRWO 1.5
Colour              White
Power               500 Watts
warranty Period 1 year

Since its beginning a decade past, status complete has been super consistent in providing quality, performance and innovative merchandise to its shoppers across india. it’s even received many awards in its space of retail for its quality and performance.

Among their product vary, PRWO Delight has grabbed 1st position in our list of best electrical rice cookers in india. This electrical rice cooking utensil offers quite simply cookery rice. it’s capable of cookery dish, soup, stew, idlis, steam veggies, pulao and alternative dishes within the most convenient manner.

This electrical cooking utensil has the capability of cookery one kg of rice at a time. The aluminium cooking utensil is specially designed to distribute the warmth with efficiency and equally. a further cooking utensil is provided for additional cookery convenience. 

These cookery pans may be stacked simply for straightforward and convenient storage. It comes with a top quality stainless-steel lid with a vent to let the steam escape. The cookery pans are appropriate for cookery and serving further.

It consumes 500Watts of power therefore doesn’t abundant have an effect on your electricity bills. This electrical rice cooking utensil comes with a sway switch that mechanically turns off and shifts to stay the barbecued rice heat. It additionally comes with indicators that permit you recognize once it’s cookery mode and once it’s in heat mode.

The double wall body of this electrical rice cooking utensil keeps the handles cool to the touch and straightforward to hold. The handles of this appliance square measure quite durable and sturdy. It comes with a detachable  twine that makes the electrical cooking utensil transportable and convenient.

A scoop spoon and additionally a cup square measure provided at the side of the cooking utensil. The handle is intended to carry the inside track and easier to carry the when barbecued hot implement. Manufacturer provides 1-year pledge on product physical damages and malfunctions. 


  • 2 aluminium cookery Pans/Bowls
  • Sturdy build material
  • Appealing print style
  • 1kg cookery capability
  • Detachable twine for easier quality
  • Measuring cup to live rice
  • Ideal for middle to massive families
  • Cook time is 10-15 minutes


  • Just one-year warranty
  • Rice typically tends to stay to the bottom of the aluminum bowl

Panasonic Rice cookware

Panasonic Appliances India Company restricted could be a well-known whole for planning and developing appliances for a modern room to fulfill client desires. The SR-WA10 automatic rice cookware of Panasonic could be an excellent appliance for preparing rice and alternative delicious foods within the comfiest approach.

Brand                 Panasonic
Stars Rating4
Capacity2.7 liters
Model              SR-WA10
Colour                 Silver, Purple
Power              450 Watts
Warranty Period2 years       

This electrical rice cookware from Panasonic will assist you prepare many rice dishes that embrace vegetable pulao, biryani etc. Having the capability of one.8 liter, it’s ideal for a tiny low family unit consisting of three – four folks.

Coming to the hardware specifications of the cookware, the cookware could be a easy automatic on and off and isn’t a keep heat cookware. The inner lining of the heating component is formed of Anodized metal preparation plate.

The preparation pot of this electrical cookware is formed of anodized metal that is sturdy to remain long enough. The body of the cookware is formed of premium quality CRCA, food-grade material and also the lid is formed of robust chrome steel.

It has 2 plastic handles that area unit proof against heat therefore you’ll safely handle the pot while not obtaining your hands hurt. This electrical rice cookware conjointly saves you loads in terms of electricity bill. in operation at a tiny low power usage of 450 watts, the Panasonic SR-WA10 is very energy economical.

Apart from the rice bowl, the cookware conjointly provides you a scoop spoon and a filter plate to be placed at the highest of the rice whereas being grilled. With a manufacturer’s warranty amount of two years, the merchandise is economic and has the simplest budget valuation for its quality and options.


  • Economic valuation
  • Compact Size
  • Power usage of 450 watts
  • 600 grams preparation capability
  • Ideal for bachelors and family of 3-4
  • Simple to use style
  • Great quality of materials used
  • Easy to scrub
  • Cook time is 15-20 minutes
  • 2 years’ manufacturer’s warrant


  • Does not go together with the keep heat feature

Bajaj Rice cookware

Bajaj Electronic Ltd is an associate Indian shopper that’s well-trusted whole for room and home appliances. If you’re a bachelor or a family of 2, then this mini multi-function rice cookware is that an excellent selection.

Brand             Bajaj
Stars Rating4.2
Model                 Majesty RCX 5
Colour        White
Power               1000 Watts
Warranty Period2 year.       

Majesty New RCX1 mini electrical rice cookware is ideal for folks that travel loads. Being compact in size and light-weight in weight, you’ll take it in conjunction with you for journeys and travels.

In this mini rice cookware, you’ll cook zero.4 metric capacity unit of rice at a time. The preparation pot providing with this cookware is formed of prime quality metal that sturdy to last for a really very long time. except preparation rice, you’ll conjointly boil eggs and cook noodles during this rice cookware.

The preparation pot comes with a clear lid that ensures you’ll see the preparation method. The multi-function cookware has too cool to the touch handles that allows you to handle the rice cookware while not burning your hands. except preparation pot and clear lid, manufacturer conjointly provides spatula and cup.

This appliance consumes solely 200Watts electricity thus you’ll save loads of electricity. it’s terribly simple and easy operations that make it simple to use and operate. This product conjointly comes with 2-years of manufacturer’s warrant for harm or malfunction.


  • Compact Size
  • Ideal for bachelors and honeymooner couples
  • Has a pair of years’ manufacturer’s warrant
  • Easily moveable
  • Transparent lid
  • Cool bit handle
  • Travel friendly
  • Consumes solely 200Watts
  • Easy easy choices


  • Not ideal for larger and greater families

Here are some other options that you can check.

Philips Daily collection HD3017-08 Rice cooker

This Philips Daily assortment Rice cooking utensil could be a well-thought and ready kitchen appliance that helps you in the fast preparation of food within the kitchen whereas you’ll be able to do alternative tasks further. This electronic rice cooking utensil from Philips makes tasty and equally ready rice by suggests that of the 3D heating technology. it’s a one-touch button for simple management at the side of auto keep-warm perform. The golden coating within the cookware makes the inner pot sturdy further as non-stick to supply simple cleanup. 

Product data

Brand                   Philips
Model                  HD3017-08
Colour                  White
Power                  650 Watts
Stars Rating       4


  • 3D heating technology for quick cookery
  • Takes longer time to boil or steam more durable grains
  • One-touch button for straightforward management


  • Detachable cord

BMS 0.6 litres Rice cookware

BMS could be a native whole that gives ok electrical rice cookers for an inexpensive worth. similar to the on top of the product, this one is additionally a multi-function and compact electrical rice cookware.

BMS life style electrical Rice cookware has the capability of zero.6 metric capacity unit preparation during a single go. it’s the power to not simply cook rice however conjointly a good vary of food things like rice, pasta, oatmeal, omelet, khichdi and even soup too.

This compact sized electrical cookware is tiny, mobile and comes with an extended plastic handle bar for you to hold it around. it’s essentially the dimensions of an outsized carry luncheon box. the little plastic plate like lid incorporates a few steam holes in it whereas aids within the dissipation of any further steam to stay the rice from obtaining spoiled and you’ll use it for prolonged usage.

It is utterly ideal for bachelors WHO live alone in rooms/hostels and WHO would like to cook some Maggie, heat milk or the other on top of mentioned dish. moreover, it’s as economic it will get for these merchandises.

Coming to the ability consumption of the merchandise, it holds for its own and doesn’t consume loads of power for its size (200watts consumption). the merchandise comes with a manufacturer’s warrant of one year.

Brand           BMS
Stars Rating   4.7
Model                 B07MP3J818
Colour            White
Power                 200 Watts
Warranty Period 1 year


  • Compact size
  • 7 in One model
  • Energy economical with solely two hundred watts’ power consumed
  • 600 ml capacity
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warrant
  • Keep heat possibility are often used for boiling and thawing of food
  • Ideal decide for bachelors living alone.
  • Easy to hold around engineering
  • Value for cash economic product


Build quality might are a touch higher

Kent 0.9 liters Rice cooker

Kent could be a illustrious Indian brand that is pioneer in developing product that embody water purifiers, electrical rice cookers alternative and several other home products. Their personal rice cookware is one in all the trendy, compact, high capability and economic ones within the market.

Its inventive and trendy style makes it seem like a lunch box which may be carried around simply to your geographical point or picnics. This rice cookware will cook concerning zero.9 liters of rice during a single go. The cookware has four predetermined programs which may be used consistent with their practicability and needs.

For change of state rice and polished rice, manufacturer has provided separate optional change of state modes. A heat choice is additionally provided simply in case; you want to stay the rice heat till you serve. And you’ll cancel the nice and cozy choice if you now not want for it.

The delay cook choice permits you to block the time taken for the rice to cook. of these choices to let the you cook the rice consistent with your needs. with the exception of its change of state options, this electrical rice cookware is additionally extremely economical.

Along with change of state pot, it additionally comes with miniature instrumentality, cup, and user’s manual. This electrical rice cookware is ideal for travelers, bachelors and tiny families. Manufacturer provides 1-year guarantee on this product.

Brand                  Kent
Stars Rating  4.5
Model                  16019
Colour               Silver
Power                      180 watts


  • Programmable to numerous settings
  • Has separate settings for white and rice
  • Has keep heat settings
  • Come with a delayed timer
  • Compact and trendy style
  • Highly energy economical with simply one hundred eighty watts’ power consumption
  • Can cook 0.9 liters during a go
  • Has a separate instrumentality to heat bit of curries
  • Ideal for bachelors and fresh weds
  • Value for cash
  • Has a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee


  • Build quality are often higher

Black + Decker 1.8 liters Rice cookware

Black + Decker is a global company supported in 1910. This complete is well-known for developing clever and innovative product to assist shoppers across the globe. as a result of its giant capability and a number of other options, this appliance could be a must-have for medium relations.

With this electrical rice cookware, you’ll not solely cook rice however additionally cook idlis, steamed vegetables, momos, kichidi and several other dishes. in contrast to different rice cookers gift within the list, this one comes with a further removable aluminium steaming receptacle.

Apart from that, a change of state plate for starch separation is additionally provided that ensures the rice isn’t soggy by permitting the starch to ooze out through the holes gift thereon. The change of state pot comes with a stainless-steel lid that traps the warmth and steam within to cook the rice equally.

The change of state pot comes with water level marking that ensures you make sure the water-to-rice magnitude relation is correct to cook the rice just right. This electrical rice cookware comes with cook and automatic heat functions. Once the rice is toasted, it’ll mechanically flip {the heat, nice and cozy} perform to stay the rice warm till you serve.

Though the change of state pot is going to be hot, the sturdy handles are going to be cool enough to the touch for a secure and cozy grip.

Brand           Decker
Stars Rating  4.5
Model          SC2007D
Colour    Purple
Power              200 watts


  • Automatic cook and heat perform
  • Extra aluminum steam receptacle
  • Cooking plate for starch separation
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Easy to scrub and maintain
  • Water level indicator
  • Cook bit handles
  • Suitable for medium to giant families


  • Takes a small amount long than different electrical rice cookers to cook rice

Preethi 1.8 liters Rice cookware

The final product from our list is from Preethi – that could be a well-known and customary complete for room appliances. Primo RC 311 P18 Flora electrical rice cookware is so Associate in Nursing exceptional work of Preethi.

This electrical rice cookware possesses a robust heater that cooks the rice or different dishes inside less quantity of your time. it’s got significant gauge double walled body that ensures to stay the warmth inside the cook to supply equally toasted rice.

High quality plastics square measure accustomed resist the warmth generated whereas a change of state the rice. they need cooling vents that let the electrical rice cookware operate bother free.

It additionally comes with detachable PVC insulated 0.75 sq millimeter flex cord with six amps plug top and attachment. The change of state pans square measure further sturdy as they’re rust proof giving the merchandise nice longevity.

Apart from change of state rice, you’ll additionally cook many dishes that embody biryani, payasam, halwa and a number of other others. It consumes 700 Watts of power which is able to not create a lot of of a distinction within the electricity bills. with the exception of cookware, it’ll additionally keep company with a steamer receptacle. 1-year guarantee is provided on product damages and malfunction.

Brand           Preethi
Star Ratings3.6/5
Model          RC311
Colour    Silver and Black
Power              700 watts


  • Powerful heater
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Accurate thermostat management
  • Cooling vents for bother free operation
  • Detachable PVC insulation
  • Heavy gauge double walled body
  • Heat resistant prime quality plastics
  • 1-year warranty


  • Difficult to scrub and maintain

United 1.8-Litre electrical Rice cooking utensil

This convenient rice cooking utensil may be a good addition to your kitchen and assists in saving your valuable time since it permits you to organize rice through the slightest of effort. This piece of kit is unflawed for preparation and food steaming. you’ll conjointly create soups within this rice cooking utensil from United. The inner pot of this rice cooking utensil is non-stick so makes improvement method a small amount easier. It conjointly comes in with keep heat functionality that reserves the rice at a perfect temperature.

Product data

Brand           United
Stars Rating 5
Model          Unirice1
Colour    Red
Power              700 Watts


  •  Non-stick inner pot
  • Takes longer to cook the rice
  • Automatic keep heat operate


  • It comes at intervals the vary of deluxe steamers

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can i find spare components for my product?

A. Spare components are model-specific thus confirming your model variety is going to be the simplest way to ordering the right half. You will find them in IndiaMART if you are looking for an online solution. Otherwise, look for it at a local market.

Q. The inner pan coating began to peel. Is it safe to still use it because it is?

A. Here is basic info regarding PTFE coating: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) terminated that fluoropolymer non-stick coating for cooking utensil is appropriate for typical room use.

Heating non-stick cooking utensils higher than 500°F (260°C) will discolor the surface of the cooking utensil or cause it to lose a number of its non-stick properties.

Since butter, fats, and cookery oils begin to smoke at 400°F (204°C), overcooked foods would possibly burn to an associate degree uneatable state before the non-stick coating would be affected.

If an empty non-stick cooking utensil pan is accidentally heated higher than 660°F (348°C), a temperature that way exceeds what food preparation imply, the non-stick coating could begin to deteriorate.

The coating won’t soften inside the ingredients although the coating is accidentally eaten, it’s non-toxic and would have the body while not being absorbed. supported the inert characteristics of the coating, knowledge indicates that there are not any health effects from the incidental bodily process of items of the non-stick coating.

Our highest cookery temperature is 212°F. it’s safe to use. though Non-stick coating is extremely sensitive, please use it with additional caution.

Q. Why is my inner pan coating peeling?


The coating will peel if sharp utensils are placed or utilized in the inner pan. Heavy-duty sponges will cause the non-stick coating to scratch off.

If the keep heat perform is employed longer than twelve hours, wet in rice will penetrate through the non-stick coating and bind to that.

Some models area unit suggested for cookery plain polished rice solely thus make sure to avoid cookery the other sorts of grains in those models e.g. JNP models.

Avoid mistreatment spices, salt, butter, oil or vinegar within the inner pan.

Some models have gaskets on the outer lid that tends to carry the water throughout the cookery method. Please rinse and wipe dry at each use otherwise condensate could drip into the inner pan and can cause lifting of the coating.

Q. It has been but six months of purchase however the screen displays 0:00, will the Li battery have to be compelled to be replaced?


It may be a tough reset, try and suits this time. If the difficulty persists please contact our client support team for a service order request.

Q. When using the rice cooker, the electrical twine and plug feels abnormally hot. What will cause this?


Please check if quite one hundred twenty volts is getting used. When employing a single outlet, please confirm that it’s quite ten amps. The power twine might not be firmly blocked within the outlet. Ensure that the facility twine used is that the one furnished with the merchandise. When unplugging from the socket avoid pull the twine.

Q. What is the explanation for rice turning into tender once mistreatment keep heat mode?


There could also be steam leak because of foreign matter (rice grains) on the gaskets.

Thermal insulation is below the minimum heat retention capability. during which case, please sit down with rock bottom variety on your inner pan. The minimum quantity of rice being unbroken heat is adequate to rock bottom variety indicated on the inner pan markings.

There is no rice within the center inflicting associate degree uneven heat distribution. thus, please make sure that the rice is equally distributed throughout the inner pan.

The inner pan is malformed, burnt on rock bottom, worn thus heat is erratically distributed between the inner pan and heater plate.

There could also be foreign matter (rice grains or the like) connected to the surface of the inner pan, center sensing element and/or heater plate.

Rice will become tender once mistreatment the heat up perform quite thrice. There could also be a difficulty together with your center sensing element or heater plate because of the overuse of keep heat perform and then the keep extreme temperature could also be too high.

If the difficulty continues to persist, please contact our client support team for a service order request.

Q. Can I purchase a product and use it at overseas?


When mistreatment our product overseas please observe of the variations in voltage. Electrical product oversubscribed within the U.S. is rated 120v and area unit created exclusive to the U.S.

Warranty on the merchandise can mechanically become invalid once the merchandise is employed during a totally different country.

Q. When setting the timer the beginning key lamp won’t activate. is that this a malfunction?


When setting the time, the time set can not be but the cookery time needed for the precise perform. The timer perform is simply compatible with sure menu functions. the merchandise manual can indicate that menu performs area unit compatible with the timer function.

Q. While using my rice cooker, there was a power failure. What happens to the rice cooker?


If an external equipment failure has occurred however just for a brief time, then there’s an opening that once the electricity resumes, all functions may fit ordinarily and therefore the clock remains set to the present time. If the ability failure occurred for an extended time and therefore the screen displays 0:00, please set the present time to use the rice cooking utensil once more.

Q. When using my rice cooking utensil, steam starts to shoot out from the steam vent/or there’s a boil-over.


Please use the measuring cup that came with the rice cooker. This will give the exact amount of water required.

There is a steered guideline for water to rice ratio for every model. Please read the brochure and make sure you are using the appropriate amount of water.

There is also burnt rice or rice grain particles on the heater plate and detector. Please take away all the foreign matter and clean the product

Check the steam vent cap for blockage. we have a tendency to advocate cleansing all removable components a minimum of once every week.

Some styles of rice have mud and bran that’s left over from the milling method and may cause a boil-over.

Q. My rice is simply too hard or too soft. Am I doing anything wrong?


Please fluff the rice victimisation our provided spatula once preparation has been completed.

Have you had an extended power failure? If therefore, it will cause the preparation time to be altered and therefore the preparation method are going to be incomplete.

Was heat water or broth used for the preparation process? check that to use water or broth below 35C or 95F otherwise the detector won’t work properly.

Q. My rice is scorched. is that this normal?


Scorched rice will happen if the timer is timed over twelve hours.

There is also rice starch build up at rock bottom of the pot whereas expecting the timer operate to start out.

Basmati rice could be a high starch grain therefore once preparation try and stir the water before pressing begin key.

Are there any burnt rice or rice grains in any place? There is also uneven heat distribution between the heater plate and pan. If the matter persists please contact our client support team for a service order request.

Q. My rice cooker smells bad. how am I able to clean it?


Normally, odors will come back from bacterium multiplication. Raw rice contains a bacterium known as eubacteria caryophylloid dicot genus, that is usually found in soil. It’s a spore-forming kind of bacterium that will survive the preparation method and therefore the dampish rice and the smell.

Please avoid improper storing of rice. Reheating poached rice doesn’t inactivate the toxins or kill bacterium. Rice contaminated with microorganism growth isn’t visible and can not have an effect on the style or smell of rice.

Only a few folks understand that bacterium are often to blame for their food-borne sicknesses. poached rice should be unbroken higher than 140°F or cooled as quickly as attainable in a very completely different instrumentality and hold on below 39°F to reduce microorganism growth.

Once the rice cooking utensil starts to smell, the odors are often absorbed in your gaskets thanks to the natural properties of the fabric. Since bacillus cereus can not be eliminated in boiling water please follow this cleansing guide below:

  • Remove inner pan, inner lid, steam vent cap, gaskets (if any), condensation collector, spatula holder.
  • Make a sanitizing answer consisting of:

– 2 tbsp. of atomic number 17 bleach.

– 2 tbsp. of dishwashing detergent and hot/boiling water.

  • Soak removable components for 2-3 hours
  • Rinse well.
  • Dry all removable components with a fabric material.


As cookery rice is important for many Indian households, we’d like to upgrade our recent cookery system to a contemporary answer that takes less time, saves cash however doesn’t degrade the standard. The simplest rice cookers in India we’ve listed higher than are capable of cookery quicker, have multi-functional options, larger build quality with minimum consumption of power. 

Therefore, browse the review and shopping for a guide of the rice cookers, compare the benefits and drawbacks of every to search out the foremost appropriate product for your family in 2020.

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