Should you unplug your fridge when on holiday?

Yes, you should turn off and unplug your fridge while going on a long holiday. A long holiday according to me is for a couple of months.   Are you going on a long holiday? Great. Let us know where you are going. Have a great holiday. Spend a great time with your family or … Read more

15 Must read Safety tips for prevention from fire and explosion of Refrigerator.

Yes, your fridge can catch fire and explode. Capacitator failure is a common cause, leakage of gas along with faulty power supply is a dangerous recipe for disaster. Our 15 safety tips during installation and usage will help in preventing disaster. Star Levels are important while making a purchase for your fridge. You can compare … Read more

Interesting Comparison: Induction cooktop vs Hotplate.

An induction cooktop and Hot plate are surfaces that help in cooking food. Both the appliances run on electricity. The basic difference among them is you can use any vessel for a hot plot. But you will need special vessels for the induction cooktop. There are also other major differences. Read this article to know … Read more