Interesting Comparison: Induction cooktop vs Hotplate.

Induction Cooktop vs Hot plate
Induction Cooktop vs Hot plate

An induction cooktop and Hot plate are surfaces that help in cooking food. Both the appliances run on electricity.

The basic difference among them is you can use any vessel for a hot plot. But you will need special vessels for the induction cooktop. There are also other major differences. Read this article to know more.

We have an Induction cooktop, a hot plate, as well as a gas stove in our home. This gives me the perfect opportunity to compare them.

In this article, I will compare a hot plate and an induction cooktop.

Induction Cook Top

The induction cooktop has a ceramic glass cooking top. Below it is a copper coil. An alternating current is passed through it. This will heat the coil quickly.

A specialized vessel is used for cooking on the Induction cooktop. These vessels have small circles on their bottom. These circles have metals like cast iron on stainless steel.

The heat circles of metals will concentrate the heat directly to the vessel and heat it up. This will help you with cooking your food.

The ceramic glass top has a very low heat conduction coefficient. So it will comparatively be cooler than the vessel.

Hot plate.

A Hot plate has either a coil on the surface or a plate. The plate is made out of steel. It is generally circular in shape. Some plates have rust-free properties.

There can also be some other properties. It depends on the manufacturer and the brand.

Below this plate, there will be a coil. When current passes through the coil. The coil Heats up. Which in turn Heats up the flat metallic surface above it.

This heated-up coil or the flat metallic surface will heat any vessels you put on top of it. In this way, you can now use a hot vessel to cook your food.

Now that we have a basic understanding of how you can cook food on an induction cooktop and a hot plate. Let us see some of the similarities that they have.

Now let us look int the similarities of an Induction cook top.


Both of them have many similarities. Let us look into some of them.

Runs on Electricity

Both the appliances run on electricity. Yes, some older models of Hot plate used to run on gas. But they are not available in the market. At least, those that I have visited.

They are not malls or supermarkets. But some old markets.

Both are used for cooking

Both are used for cooking food. But Hot plates do have industrial usage. They are also used in scientific researches.

Small in size

If you are comparing with other kitchen utensils, then both of them are small in size


Since both the size of an Induction cooktop and a hot plate are small. They are portable kitchen appliances. You can rearrange them whenever you want. I usually don’t use them for daily purposes.

So, most of the time they are in packed condition. It is only when I have an emergency or need more burners. I use them.

These give us ample space in the kitchen. Otherwise, all this equipment will crowd our kitchen. I must say we have not yet got a kitchen cabinet.

Or a modular kitchen. When that happens things might change.

I might put one of them in the open if we can carve out space for them Otherwise I think they will be inside another cabinet. This time in the kitchen.

Good for traveling.

Since they are small they are portable. You can put them in your bags. Take them where ever you want. Well, I have carried an induction cooktop while I was traveling on a train and then on the bus. I must say it does occupy some space.

We have also carried a hot plate in our luggage. We were traveling in an aircraft. We had put that in the main luggage.

But I will still caution you. Call the Aeroplane vendor and ask. Now a day the rules are getting strict. It is for our own benefit.  But still better to be safe and call them up, before you pack it.

Of course, be sure that there is electricity, where you are traveling.


There are some major differences between the hot plate and an induction cooktop. Let us look into those.


I have already mentioned both of them are small in size. But there are some differences in their dimensions. 

A hot plate is a bit smaller than the induction cooktop in its length and width. The height of the hot plate is a bit more than that of an induction cooker.

The hot plate is heavier than an induction cooktop.

Quick points

  1.  An induction cooktop a bit lengthier and broader than a hot plate.
  2. A hot plate is heavier and has a little more height than the induction cooktop.


There are some major differences in the design of both appliances. The design also affects the way you want to use it.

 The Top

The surface of the induction cooktop is made of ceramic glass. This will be cooler even when the induction cooktop is working.

The Hot plate surface will either have a coil or a circular metallic plate. Don’t touch it when it is working.

 Touch Panel

There are some major differences in the touch panel.

To start with there is one of the induction cooktops. But there is none on the hot plate. So, all those different mods and other cool stuff that you can do in an induction cooker. You will not be able to do them on the hot plate.

A hot plate has a knob or a switch to on and off only.

Temperature Control

You can control the temperature with the touch panel of the induction cooktop. You can do multiple other stuff.

Not possible to control the temperature on a hot plate. This can overcook your food very easily.

Vessels used

This is very important. You need Special vessels with small circles of metal like Iron cast or stainless steel at the bottom of those vessels. Without them, you won’t be able to cook any food on your induction cooktop.


Cleaning the induction cooktop is easy. Since the surface is made of ceramic glass, you can just clean whip off any spillage, if there is any.

But cleaning the hot plate is very difficult. Since the surface is made of metal. Any spillage that will result in a stain. It becomes very hard to remove.

So, cleaning the hot plate is more difficult than an induction cooktop.  


Both the appliance makes noise. But when the hot plate cools down, it does make a weird noise. It is not a daily phenomenon. But sometimes it does. My guess is the noise of a hot metal cooling down.


Both appliances are safe. But do not touch the metal surface of the hot plate, you will definitely burn yourself.

So, be more cautious while using the hot plate.


There is a huge difference in the pricing of both the appliance.

The Induction cooktop will be more expensive. Here I am giving you an approximate price range which you can expect. The price will definitely vary from brand to brand and also on capacity.

In total, the induction cooktop will cost Rs. 2000 + the utensils (2 frying pans of different sizes + 1 Tawa for roti) will be Rs. 1500 and a pressure cooker 3 liters will be of anywhere Rs. 1500 so an approximate budget to use an induction cooktop will be Rs 5000.00

On the other hand, you can get the hot plate in Rs 1000. No special cookware is required.


Most of the Hot plate manufacturing companies give warranty periods. All the Induction cooktop manufacturers give a warranty period.

Power Consumption

As per the manufacturers, both of the appliances are energy efficient. So I think there will not be much difference in power consumption. I must admit I have not tested. Actually, I do not know how to test that.


In this part, I will share my experiences. Since there are two appliances, I feel I will also include my wife’s recommendations also.

We are comparing Hot plate vs Induction cooktop.

 Both of us do not use them as first priority. We use a gas stove. My wife was using a Hot plate for a long time. I did not even know something like that exists.

At first look, I was not sure if it is safe or not to use the hot plate. Since then I have used it and I can tell if you are cautious. Cooking on a hot plate is safe.

But on any given day I will prefer an induction cooktop over it. The negative is you will have to buy special utensils for cooking on the induction cooktop. This definitely raises the budget.

My wife, on the other hand, likes the hot plate.

Again must admit she has more cooking experience on both of them. But she has used hotplate more than the induction cooktop.

She likes both of them but I gave her two options and asked to choose anyone. She went for the Hot plate.

Which one to get?

It depends on your choice which one you want to have. The similarities and differences of both of them had been discussed in detail in this article.

Now let us see which one to avoid and in which condition.   

  For family

If you have a family. And you have a child in the family. Then there is no question. You must avoid hot plates. If accidentally a child puts her hand on the hot plate she might get a burn.

So for those who has a family with a child, it is better to avoid a hot plate and get an Induction Cooktop.

  Bit low in Budget

If you are low on budget and don’t have a child at home. Then go for a hot plate. It is safe. I do have some cooking experience with it.

  For hostel

For those of my younger friends who live in a hostel or in a dorm or as paying guests. Get a tiffin or eat in the canteen. I used to do that.

But if you want to cook get a Hot plate. It is safe. The best part I like about it is you can use any metallic vessels to cook food.

Honestly, if I had known something like that exists, back then.  I would have definitely used it. But I came to know about that a bit late.

  Newly Married

Apply for a gas connection. Then after a year buy an induction cooker. Only if you want to buy both.


Both are great appliances for cooking food. Both are safe. A bit more caution is required while cooking on a hot plate.

The similarities and differences are discussed in this article in detail. So, read them and choose according to your needs.

Have a great day and “Happy Cooking”.