6 locations and 3 dimensions: Where you want to place your Washing Machine?

Buying a washing machine is a great challenge. But where to put it after you have bought it? It is a bigger question. Now India is rapidly urbanizing. Most of us who stay in big cities live in a flat. That flat can be of various sizes. But we need to find a good place where you can put your washing machine.

What are the requirements?

Before you start searching for a place where you want to keep the washing machine, you need to focus on a few other things. Those are the important requirements, the necessities, which will help your washing process in the washing machine.

A plug Point:

Make sure the place that you are thinking, must have a plug point. This plug point is necessary for a washing machine. In my view you should not reject the location in the absence of an electrical power point ( Socket). So if you don’t have one, then you should consult an electrician about getting that.

A water source:

Getting a plug point is easy. But getting a tap or a water incoming source is difficult. It can also be tricky. So, you better choose a place which has it or at least the main water supply pipe to the building should be near. Then you can consult a plumber and get a tap for water supply.


 No matter which washing machine you use, you will need better drainage. Drainage is required to drain the dirty water out. Washing machines excrete lots of dirty water. You don’t want the dirt water all over your home. So it is very important to have drainage nearby.

The drainage pipe in built in the washing machine is small. So, this is really a necessity.

My experience.

We shifted to our new home about 1 and half years ago. We have 2 baloneys. There are quite spacious. Both of them had drainage as expected. One of them had an electrical power point and the other one had a water source.

Looking at our house and also some of the neighbors. We decide that the best place for placing the washing machine will be on the balcony. We consulted with the plumber and electrician. The electrical power point was easy to set and will be less expensive than bringing the water pipes.

So we decided to place the washing machine on the balcony which had a pipe and a water source. Of Couse after putting the electric point near the appliance.

You might be thinking of doing the same. Or you might also put the washing machine in some other place.

Let us see what are the other possibilities.


In a Flat or a house there can be multiple locations where you can place your washing machine. Each location has its merits and demerits. I have personally been to many houses. Asked them about why and where they had put their washing machine. Depending on the input I have given you options along with their pros and cons.

At Balcony:

As you already know, we have our washing machine on the balcony. The good thing about the balcony is that it will always have drainage. It is a great advantage. Most of the balcony with also have a water tap supplying water. Most of the balcony has a power supply also. So if you don’t have it you can get one.

Apart from this, there are other Pros and Cons


  1. Any noise will not affect you. You can close the balcony door and the noises will be gone.
  2. Similarly, the vibrations to other rooms will be less.
  3. Water spillage on the floor will be less while transferring the cloths.
  4. Cleaning will be easy.


  1. Will be in continuous exposure to rainwater.
  2. Will be exposed to sunlight.
  3. Will be exposed to dirt and dust.
  4. You might be able to hear the bell, which is alarmed once the washing is finished.


Get a washing machine cover.

Roof Top.

Roof top can be a great place to keep a washing machine. But you need to get a shade above the machine. Along with that you will need a cover.

If you have a shade, then it will be same like keeping the washing machine in the balcony.

At bathroom:

A bathroom will be a great place to place the washing machine. You will have easy access to water and drainage. You will also have power sockets. If you have enough space were your washing machine can stay protected from water, a bathroom will be the best place for placing the washing machine.

But if you don’t have enough space, then this might not be good. The washing machine will occupy a lot of space. More important than that, the place will be humid. And there are possibilities also that water might spill on the machine. This will damage the electric appliance. Also will leave a stubborn blotch which will develop as a stain, if the machine is not cleaned.


  1. Easy access to water, power and drainage.
  2. Will not be exposed to sunlight.
  3. Vibrations and noise to other rooms will be less.


  1. Water can damage the electric appliance.
  2. Water can leave stain marks.
  3. Humidity will damage your machine.


  1. Get a plastic Cover.
  2. Keep your bathroom dry and clean.

At the kitchen:

The kitchen can also be a place for keeping the washing machine. I have seen some people keep their washing machines there. They, of course, had a big kitchen.

I personally don’t think it will be a good idea.


  1. Easy access to water, power and drainage.


  1. Will occupy lots of space.


  1. Have a big kitchen or
  2. Find a better place.

At room near the bathroom:

This is a very common place to keep the washing machine. I have seen it in many houses. This is the second common place to keep your washing machine.

This room can be a living room or a bedroom.


  1. Protection from dust, sunlight and water.


  1. Will occupy some space.
  2. An old machine will cause disturbances with it’s noise and vibrations.
  3. Drainage and water source can be a problem.


Get bigger pipes for inlet and outlet.

A separate room:

This will be a great location. It can be a separate room or a specific corner. But now a day, it is hard to get houses/ flats with such amenities. If you have one, then it is great.  

Dimension of a washing Machine

The above options will help you to decide where to put your machine. While putting it you will also need to figure how much space it will occupy.

Here is a table which shows the dimensions of a washing machine.

Washing Machine (Length x Breadth x Height) cms
Semi – Automated Machine 77 x 53 x 80 cms
Top loading Automated Machine 61 x 61 x 96 cms
Front loading Automated machine 50 x 61 x 86 cms

Always remember that you will need to keep space around the washing machine. The added space will help in a great way. Some of the reasons are:

  1. This will help you while cleaning.
  2. This will help your washing machine to function better.


I keep my washing machine in the balcony. I have given a list of 6 locations in your house or flat where you can place your washing machine. I have also mentioned about the pros and cons of most of all the locations. Along with this, the above table contains the dimensions of different types of washing machines. All this information will help you to decide which place you want to choose. Let us know where you want to keep your washing machine or where you keep your washing machine?