10 Types of Refrigerators, that you need to Know.

There are so many different types of refrigerators on the market nowadays. You can pick a fridge that fits your lifestyle by combining the ideal combination of appearance, storage space, and convenience. Picking the right sort of refrigerator for your kitchen layout and food storage needs is a wonderful place to start your search. Our … Read more

Refrigerator components and How it works?

In this modern era, the world is full of technological pieces of equipment. Undoubtedly they add leisure to life. The refrigerator is one of the well-known pieces of machinery invented to add advantages to human life. It is also known as a fridge and icebox. Its usage of it is not only restrained to the … Read more

Should you unplug your fridge when on holiday?

Yes, you should turn off and unplug your fridge while going on a long holiday. A long holiday according to me is for a couple of months.   Are you going on a long holiday? Great. Let us know where you are going. Have a great holiday. Spend a great time with your family or … Read more

15 Must read Safety tips for prevention from fire and explosion of Refrigerator.

Yes, your fridge can catch fire and explode. Capacitator failure is a common cause, leakage of gas along with faulty power supply is a dangerous recipe for disaster. Our 15 safety tips during installation and usage will help in preventing disaster. Star Levels are important while making a purchase for your fridge. You can compare … Read more