15 Benefits or Advantages and Disadvantages of a Refrigerator.

Advantages an Disadvantages of a Refrigerator
Advantages and Disadvantages of a Refrigerator

A refrigerator is a common household appliance. It helps us to store perishable food items for a longer period of time. Like all machines, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

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Now, let us see what are the benefits or advantages of your refrigerator.

Advantages of a refrigerator.


Refrigerators include a freezer. A freezer is a compartment where food is stored below the freezing point of water.

This temperature helps to keep food for a longer time. It delays decomposition and also delays the growth of bacteria.

So most of us use the freezer for food storage for a longer time.

The temperature in the freezer should be 0 degrees Fahrenheit or -18 degrees Celsius.


What do you store in your freezer?

I generally store milk-based products, like milk containers or packets, paneer, Ice creams. Other than that I also keep meat-based products like chicken meat or fish.

So if you come to my place you will find these up there. Also occasionally you might find chocolates. Not all variety but some.


Along with the freezer, there are cooling chambers. These cooling chambers are used to keep another foodstuff.

Cooked foods, uncooked raw materials like vegetables, butter, ketchup, different types of sauce, eggs, juice, etc.

There are many other things that we keep in our cooling chambers.

The temperature in the cooling chambers of the refrigerator should be at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or 4 degrees Celsius. 


This temperature helps you to preserve your food, without destroying its quality and taste.

Now a day, newer models have the facility of door cooling. This means you can also use the chambers on the door and the foodstuff would not rot.

If your fridge is full-on stuff, then it was noticed that the stuff on the doors was not cooled properly.

With this technology, these chambers will also get an optimal amount of cooling.


The newer models of the refrigerator are more spacious. The designs are such that you can use all the space available inside the refrigerator.

The main cooling chamber has 3-4 racks or slabs. If you are low in space, then you can also adjust those slabs and create space for yourself.

There is a closed chamber for vegetables. It is good that there is a separate place for vegetables. Some of us are vegetarians.

This is good for them. Also, the vegetables will not come into contact with other food items.

This way, modern refrigerators are more spacious.


A refrigerator is a big appliance. It occupies lots of space.

So sometimes we have to accommodate it in our drawing rooms. It also depends on the space available in your kitchen and dining area.

Some flats do have a common drawing and dining area.

Now if you keep a good old refrigerator there, it might destroy the looks. Even the colors might not match the colors of the walls and furniture.

Newer refrigerators come in great design. The looks are futuristic. There are also various color options from which you can choose. 

These futuristic designs and the color will only enhance the look and beauty of your drawing and dining room.


We all have different furniture for storing stuff. We have Almira’s, for cloth, bookshelves for books, kitchen cabinets for keeping cooking appliances.

But where to put the perishable food items.

Without a refrigerator, keeping perishable items like food materials will be impossible. Also, most of us don’t buy groceries or other foodstuffs every day.

At least not the essentials, which we use daily. But you would need a place to store them. In this case, the refrigerator comes handy.

I go to a mall and buy stuff on a monthly basis. Also when I buy non-veg food items, do not use it all at once. So we store the remaining in our refrigerator.

 Also, you might not finish all the food that you have just cooked. Now what you want to do with your favorite remaining dish which you have just cooked or ordered.  

Well, you store it in your refrigerator.

This way refrigerator gives us ample storage opportunities, for perishable foodstuffs.

But do remember not to stuff it with foodstuff. Use it optimally.

There are different brands of refrigerators available in the market.

They have different storage capacities. Choose the right brand with the right storage capacity according to your needs.

Hygienic Conditions

We use our refrigerators for storing our perishable food items. If you keep your fridge clean and store the food properly. Then your food will be stored in a hygienic condition.

Do not just throw the foodstuff inside the refrigerator. I used to do that. But now I have multiple boxes specifically for storing food. Yes, a change that happened after marriage.

 Keep different stuff in different boxes or packages. This way you will keep them in a hygienic condition. Not only that, finding it will also be easy.

Infection control

 As I have already told you the temperature in the freezer is 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Or -18 degrees Celsius.

This temperature helps in infection control. The bacterial growth will be lesser.

But if you eat a lot of canned and packaged foodstuff. Caution is required. Always take a good look at the label. See the expiry date. Only after confirming it consume the food.


Alarm, you might be thinking what is it.

Keep the refrigerator door open for some time. You will hear an alarm. This is an alarm that rings when the doors of the refrigerator are not properly shut.

This is because, if it is open then there will be interference in the cooling temperature.

This means that your fridge will not cool properly and will consume more energy to cool your foodstuff.

Thus increasing the bills and decreasing the longevity of the fridge in the long term.

This alarm is an advantage because it will give you a signal. And you will close the door properly.

Tough earlier in my childhood and teenage days, (sometimes now even) it was a disadvantage for me.

Whenever I use to steal food, especially chocolates and sweets my mother will catch me. The reason was this alarm.

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Child Lock

It is a lock. It is located on the door. It has a key. You can actually lock it. This will close the door. The importance of this is that no naughty child will open the fridge and start playing with the stuff inside.

If that happens then it can damage your fridge and also there will be a risk of fire.

So, the lock system is an advantage.

Not in every country, you will see a lock in the refrigerator. But some countries do have a locking system.

These are the benefits or advantages of a refrigerator. But like everything in life, there will be some drawbacks.

So let us now take a quick look at the disadvantages of a refrigerator.

Disadvantages of a refrigerator.

Space occupying

As you know the refrigerator is the biggest electrical appliance in your home. This means it will occupy lots of space. If you cannot accommodate it in your kitchen, then you will have to keep it in your dining or drawing area.

This unnecessary will occupy the space there. But the refrigerator is a necessity. So there is no other way than, a smart arrangement of your furniture’s there.

So, it is important that you are aware of the dimensions of the fridge. This way you will know where to place it and how to place it.


Safety is a big issue. Your fridge is a potential electrical appliance that can catch fire. Once it catches fire it can also explode.

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So I highly recommend you read an article on our website on the fridge and fire.

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Cleaning the refrigerator is necessary. But it is a difficult task. Do not get me wrong, the cleaning part is not difficult. Yes, if there is a stubborn stain it will be a bit strenuous to remove it. But overall cleaning it is easy.

The difficult part is to empty the fridge.

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When a refrigerator starts getting old, there will be some noise. These noises will disturb you. Not only that the newer refrigerator will also make some sound. Now to be clear these are normal sounds. The refrigerator does make some sound when it is functioning.

  • Firstly, you will have to know what kind of sound a refrigerator makes when working.
  • Secondly, If you are not sure. Then better contact the service center.
  • Lastly, if that sound is really troubling your day to day life, then definitely make the call to the service center.


Stinking and smells are a common problem of a refrigerator. To get read of them you need to clean the refrigerator. Once you clean it, leave some baking soda or coffee beans in a pot to absorb the moisture.

I have written a detailed article on this specific matter. If you want, you can read our article on

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Water leaking

A blocked drainage pipe is a common reason for water leakage. There are other reasons for it also. But whenever you face this problem you will need to call the service center.

Your refrigerator is a sophisticated machine. A specialist needs to look into this specific problem. So I highly recommend not to do any DIY stuff for this problem.

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Refrigerant Leakage

A refrigerator keeps your food cool with the help of a refrigerant. It is a liquid substance. The most commonly used refrigerant in modern models is a hydrocarbon. It is highly flammable substance. In some extreme scenarios, these can leak.

If you smell a chemical or gas smell then it is due to leakage of refrigerant. You should immediately open all the windows and switch off the fridge. Also immediately call the service center.


Like every appliance, a refrigerator has its advantages and disadvantages. Likewise, every problem has a solution.

A refrigerator has become an essential appliance. So, we will need it. If you face any problem solve them using the tips mentioned in this article.