5 Natural options, Simple and Easy ways to get rid of cockroaches from your fridge?

Cockroach cleaning from refrigerator.
Cockroach cleaning from the refrigerator.

Are cockroaches invading your Fridge? Why and how would the cockroaches enter the fridge? Permanently get rid of them with 5 natural options and easy steps to use them.

Make a natural cockroach repellent with baking soda, lemon, clove oil bay leaf, or garlic. Clean the metallic gasket of the fridge doors and follow 7 simple easy steps to get rid of cockroaches from your fridge.

In the following table, you will find the materials need to make a cockroach repellant.

Ingredients for Cockroach repellent

Baking Soda

Clove Oil

Bay leave


To know the full process keep on reading 🙂

Do you hate cockroaches? Or Are you afraid of them? I hate them. These cockroaches are a source of Infection and they also stink.

You will see them everywhere, in the bathrooms, near the garbage, near the areas where you keep your food. There are everywhere. Do you know what is the worst thing with them?

The worst thing is that they will enter the fridge. I don’t want insects near my food.

A fridge is a place where you store your food. So the cockroaches in the fridge will infect your food and that can really affect your health. Also, your fridge will stink.

I experienced them when I went on a holiday, without cleaning the fridge. I also kept it open so that the moisture goes.

Yeah, I know. I have learned after that.

But when I came back, I saw cockroach droppings and I quickly realized the stink. That was not a good experience.

So, I did some searching on the web and also asked the experienced people, “my mother.” 🙂

Whatever I have learned I am sharing with you.

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What attracts the cockroaches?

Generally, Food, moister and shelter will attract cockroaches.

The minutest options if you give them they will take the opportunity and turn it into their living space.

Let us see how it helps them.


Any food will attract cockroaches. If the food is in the waste it will be like a delicious dinner for the cockroaches. In a refrigerator we store food.

Thus the fridge filled with foods will be like the best tourist attraction for the cockroaches.


Moisture is another important factor. It will not only attract the cockroaches but also will make an environment where the visiting cockroaches will like to settle.

Moisture emitting from wet cloths, from the fridge or even from stored water will attract them.

That is why a fridge becomes a special attraction for them especially with the food that is stored there.

Here are the common moisture absorbants.

4 Moisture Absorbant 


Now with the food and moisture, the next thing the cockroaches will need is shelter.

In the deep corners, they will make their homes where they will lay their eggs where the net progeny will come and infiltrate the food that you will eat.

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Types of cockroaches?

There are many species of cockroaches. But the most common cockroaches found in house hold are four types.

  1. German Cockroach.
  2. Brown-Headed Cockroach.
  3. American Cockroach.
  4. Oriental Cockroach.

Well, I will talk about the species because it is none of my business. My only interest is to get rid of them. But it is important to know your enemy.

I am sure the cockroaches that infest my house are American cockroaches. These are the reddish-brown colour cockroaches, with wings and can fly. They are mostly 55mm to 53 mm long.

If you want to know more then, you can read this article on Wiki. Check out their pics on the eggs of the cockroaches.

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How do they come inside your fridge?

Now, this is important. How does the cockroach enter your fridge?

Now take a good look at the doors of your fridge. You will see a gasket around the inner aspect of the gasket.

This gasket is a magnetic gasket. You will see some curves in the gasket. These curves give the cockroaches a perfect opportunity, to hide from your eyes.

When you close the door of the fridge, the gasket will be the only thing in between the fridge and the fridge door. And it does a good job by tightly sealing it.

Now when the doors are closed, the cockroaches will come and settle there on the magnetic gasket.

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Once you open the door they will travel, along the curves of the gasket and will enter your fridge like a ninja.

This can happen with the fridge door and also with the door of the freezer. And in this way, the cockroach enters the fridge.

Now our job is to keep them away. So let us see how it can be done.

How can you stop them?

There is no doubt that we will have to clean our fridge properly. But we will need to incorporate two steps into it.

These steps are to be done while you are following the steps to clean your fridge. To read how to clean your fridge you can read our article.

Now let us concentrate on the additional steps:

Step 1

Remove the gasket carefully.

Be careful. You do not want to damage the magnet.

Step 2

Wipe the gasket with a cockroach repellent and a safe homemade solution.

Step 3

Dry the gasket by wiping it with a dry cloth.

Step 4

Let it dry completely.

Step 5

Fit the gasket back at its place.

Step 6

Do the same thing with the other doors of your fridge.

Addition Step 7.

You can also rub a non-toxic, cockroach repellent on the gasket for future prevention.

Now let us we what can be your cockroach repellent or cockroach repellent solutions.

Cockroach repellent solution?

There are multiple cockroach repellents in the market. These are mainly toxic chemicals.

I mainly use Hit to get rid of cockroaches from the rest of my house. But not from the fridge. This will be highly toxic.

You should not use any toxic substance for cleaning the inside of your fridge.

 Let us look at some of the natural cockroach repellents.

Here are the ingredients.

Ingredients for Cockroach repellent

Baking Soda

Clove Oil

Bay leave


Baking Soda

Baking soda mixed with sugar becomes a poison for the cockroaches. The sugar attracts the cockroach and the baking powder kills it.

I suggest not to use sugar to make the solution. You can use the baking powder and warm water to make a good cockroach repellent solution.


Lemon is also a good cockroach repellent.


Garlic powder or garlic is also a good repellent. Cockroaches cannot handle the smell of the garlic.

Clove oil

Clove oil is an essential oil. The cockroach also cannot tolerate it.

Bay leave.

Another natural cockroach repellent.

These are some of the natural options you can use as a cockroach repellent.

You can simply use any one of them and mix it in water to make a solution to clean the gasket.

Once you are done you can rub the clove oil along the gaskets so that the cockroaches do not enter your fridge.


I hate cockroaches. In any case, all of us would like to get rid of them. But they are one stubborn insect. If these guys and the mosquitoes goes instinct I will not feel bad.  

You can use the above mentioned 5 natural options and 7 simple steps to get rid of cockroach problem from your fridge.

Let us know which one you will use or what you have used.