Mixer Grinder Overload Switch for overload protection the magical solution for suddenly stopped mixer grinder.

Has your Mixer Grinder suddenly stopped? Then look at the undersurface of the machine. There is a stick-like switch. Press it, wait for 10 minutes and restart. This will magically restart the appliance. This switch is overload switch or Protection Switch or Reset Button. A mixer grinder is a wonderful machine. It makes our work … Read more

Washing machine trolley/stand: Do you really need it?

Have you have decided to buy a washing machine? or, Have have just bought one? Now, you have to deal with other things. One of them is a washing machine stand. The washing machine stand or trolley, are accessories of a washing machine. Trolley or stand is not a must buy. Not everyone needs it. … Read more

Is the washing machine damaging your clothes?

The thought that clothes can get damaged after washing them in a washing machine makes me sad. Delicate and stylish clothes are pretty expensive. And washing machines are also expensive. Nobody would like to see their favorite clothes ruined. Also, nobody would like the machine which is supposed to help, destroying the same very thing. … Read more

Do you need a washing machine cover?

A washing machine is one of the most useful and expensive purchases that you will make for your home. After purchasing it, a cover might look a bit of an overkill. But the washing machine cover is one of the most important accessories. Let us see if you need it or not? A washing machine … Read more