Best Innerspring Mattress in India 2021. |Best Brand|Best Price| Comparison|Review.

Well, innerspring mattresses have been in the history of mattresses for a long time. But that doesn’t mean that folks don’t like it now, it is still an all-time favorite for many beings.

After doing a lot of research we have found out that

The Best Innerspring mattress In India is Peps Springkoil Bonnell Spring Mattress.

Well, What mattress should you buy, will be your decision.

So, Here is a Quick Price and Style Comparison.

Best Price for Best Inner Spring Mattress in India.

Now, that you have a basic idea of How much an Inner Spring Mattress will cost. Let us have a quick comparison of some important specifications.

Best Brand




Todays Price


8 Inches

5 yrs


6 Inches

1 year


9 Inches

5 years

Medium Firm

6 Inches

5 years


6 Inch

5 years


6 Inches

10 years


6 Inch

5 years


6 Inches

Not specified


6 Inch

6 years

Mediun Firm

 6 Inch

5 years

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When the priority is sound sleep, choosing the Best Spring Mattress in India is the First Step to accomplish your goals.

In today’s day and time, there are so many options, it is easy to get confused. So, I will give you quick choices.

If you want more details, keep on reading there are comparisons below.

Pocket spring mattresses are the best spring mattresses that address the problem related to motion transfer.

Here is the comparison between the pocket spring mattress.

Best Pocket spring mattress

Now, let us check the comparison between the Bonnell springs mattress.

Best Bonell Spring Mattress In India

Now if you have some time take a quick look at the specifications, Pros, and Cons of each mattress.

The Inner Spring Mattresses are well personified in the field of mattresses as they are reasonable, comfortable, and can be used to sleep normally in every position.

Normally, they are built-in with a steel core support system and a stuffed top layer to extend sleepy nights.

These mattresses are now available in modified comfortable versions which vanquish the issues found in the older versions. Many of these newer versions are also known as hybrids.

So if you are an innerspring lover then you landed in the correct place. Hence, follow this article to the end to explore some best brands in innerspring mattresses.

Top 10 Innerspring Mattresses Product Review

Peps Springkoil Bonnell Spring Mattress

Peps spring mattress comes with a warranty of 5 years. And it comes in the pre-assembled state so that you can arrange it promptly. These mattresses are made up of Bonnell spring which is one of the finest springs since the early 1930s.

It is the most developed version of the spring. It has been sewed using border wires to ensure the intact shape and design over prolonged use of the mattresses.

The P U foam Topper used in It provides sufficient comfort to the body contours Woven material is stiff and yet coarse for extended life.

It is reversible and can be used from both sides which serves as an additional feature.

Peps mattress is India’s first therapeutic cushion, and the brand has gained recognition for delivering beddings that offer optimal support.

SpringKoil pocketed mattress is one of the most popular products of the brand And has been highly recommended by consumers. It is a state-of-the-art mattress that comprises revolutionary foam adjusted to your body at the right points. 

The Bonnel spring of the mattress supports your back and makes it feel soft and comfortable. It makes the mattress ideal for a kid’s room or guest room.

The layer above the rejuvenating PU foam has Sufficient support to the body counters Is made of soft ruffled woven fabric that makes it durable and rigid. 

The mattress gets designed in such a way that it provides the same comfort from both sides. Even after using it, it provides the same comfort as new. 

PepsRejuvenating PU Foam
Inner Spring
Firm8 Inches5 years


– Can be utilized from both walls.

– Remains intact in every position.


– The springs are not used correctly.

– Mattress shakes abruptly if any other person sits on another edge.

Boston Basics Bonnell Spring Mattress

Well, the Boston spring mattress comes with air ventilation foam technology. This technique makes the mattress feel more real, hygienic, and comfortable.

This is constructed to deliver support to your body while you sleep, the mattress comforts in relieving stress from the hips, spine, shoulder, and neck.

Fabricated by the knitted quilted cover to ensure extra comfort and coziness. It comes along with a warranty of 1 year. And it comes with a Bonnel spring which is durable and substantiating.

Boston is one of the most popular manufacturers of the premium mattress market of UP in India.

It has over 40 years of industry experience and Excel in the art of manufacturing First class mattresses that meet the exact sleeping requirements. 

Boston queen-size mattress provides you optimal comfort and supports So that you wake up refreshed the following day. The 6-inch Boston pocketed spring mattress is top-rated and available in the price range.

Boston spring mattresses are the most traditional thought of innerspring squabs. The top layer of the mattress consists of jacquard fabric that makes the mattress long-wearing and comfortable.

The Bonnell spring construction of the mattress makes it lightweight and increases air ventilation. Supporting a heavy-duty felt pad out of the bedding, it creates a consistent feeling across the springs. 

BostonHigh resilience foam
Inner Spring
Firm6 inches1 year

Pros –

– Air foam technology makes it more comfortable.

– Helps in relieving stress.


– Paddings on the mattress are inappropriate.

– Boundaries of the mattress are hard and a bit uncomfortable.

Urban Ladder Bonnel Spring Mattress with Eurotop

Urban ladder mattress is made up of high-quality anti-corrosive carbon wire springs that promise an extended mattress life.

Plus, its top layer is made with super soft foam that enhances comfort and reduces hurling and whirling during sleep. The brand ensures that the mattress assembly installation is done by the seller itself.

So if you’re extremely bothered about the quality of the mattress that this might be an appropriate fit for you.

Urban LadderFoamFirm9 inches60 months


-It is durable and comfortable.

-The looks are nice.


– Not good from the bottom.

– Spring quality is inappropriate.

Springtek Ortho Pocket Queen

Springtek mattresses are a good choice for people suffering from back pain as they feel not too, firm & not too, Soft. Just the favorable comfort and support for your body, again really good for back pain sufferers.

Plus, it’s premium foam encasement gives support even on edges. The product promises no partner disturbance as it’s made by Individual Pocket Springs coating made of hardened steel coils with no signs of drooping.

Above all product ensured a high quality as it undergoes 50+ tests comprising 60000 cycles of stability testing to test against Foam & Spring sagging.

High-Density evolution foam creates a calming and relieving sleep environment that stimulates day-to-day freshness.

SpringtekQuilted fabric and high-quality foam
Inner Spring
Medium6 inchesNot specified


– High-quality checking.

-good for people suffering from back pains.


– fluffing after prolonged use.

– not beneficial for high back pain.

AMORE International Medico Eurotop Bonnell Spring Mattress

AMORE mattresses are packed with integrity merchandise like Carbon-Manganese Alloy Springs which gives adequate support, Breathable Quilted Fabrics which assists mattresses to stay at regulated conditions and its Turkish felt maintains the structure and provides long-lasting life to the mattress.

It is designed using Euro-top which provides reduced motion transfer, offers more comfort, and comes with No Flip Technology. Its convoluted H.R foam is best suited for lessening individual pressure points for ensuring sound sleep.

So if you are looking for a comfort package then this mattress can serve as a good alternative for you.

It consists of convoluted Latex Foam And three-dimensional ventilated quilted side borders that offer support to your body and provide a cool sleeping experience. 

Amore mattress comes with quality foam that offers you excellent support and Optimal comfort. It includes the Jacquard fabric that is Ideal for rich and luxurious sleep.

The latex foam of the mattress is designed to offer excellent pressure management and support. Handcrafted pocketed spring squab reduces the sinking in feeling and Allows the user to twist and turn on the bed. 

The 3D quilted side of the cushion prevents movement of the Filler, While providing better support and comfort during its long-term use.

AMOREBonnell spring, cotton;Firm6 inches5 year


– Super soft and comfortable.

– Rigid and durable.


– The stitching of the cloth is poor.

– Quality is not appropriate.

Wake-Up Pocket Spring Mattress

Well, WAKE UP MATTRESS COMPANY mattresses are specially formulated to solve troubles like backache and joint pains.

Comes with dual comfort technology to suit everyone’s need with one side hard and one side soft for all season.

Fabricated using air ventilation technology which keeps the mattresses spick and span from dust, flies, etc. This mattress is highly recommended for persons who are looking for multiple comfort levels in one mattress.

Comes along with a warranty of 10 years as provided by the manufacturer. And the shipping is directed from the factory itself to your doorstep.

Wake-Up 8-inch Pocket spring mattress is a luxury and comfy mattress that comes equipped with zero partner disturbance Technology.

In such mattresses, pockets remain enclosed in fabric sleeves that allow them to apply pressure independently instead of Applying pressure as a unit. 

This minimizes movement and offers a comfortable touch. Spring remained closed in pockets, ensuring zero partner disturbance. Wake up uses HD quality springs and the mattresses are medium-soft, which makes them ideal for regular use. 

Cushions do not release heat as The open spring construction facilitates air circulation. Cushions offer great support by distributing your weight evenly and are durable due to the individual spring action.

You can flip it over, While one side is soft the other side is hard, and it relies upon your preference. Both sides come with air ventilation and antimicrobial features that keep away dust, mites, and bacteria.

The Pocket spring mattress comes backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee. 

Wake-upPocket Spring and High Resilience (HR) Foam.
Inner Spring
Firm6 inches10 years


– Provides no partner disturbance.

– Firm consistency is just right for the body.


– Cover is of poor quality.

– not good for prolonged use.

Kurl-on Relish Spring Mattress

Kurl is India’s largest selling mattress company. It is personified for manufacturing quality mattresses. It is double side quilted and is double side useful.

The springs used are encased with Thermo bond felt which promises to prevent rupturing of the mattress. Arrives with a warranty of five years and is furnished in a pre-assembled state.

It is simple and guarantees better hygiene by the direction for free air circulation.

Kurl-onSpring, Upholstery Material: PolycottonFirm6 inches5 years


– Comfortable and medium soft.

– Softer side is extremely tender.


– Spring is not of good integrity.

– Delivered in bad conditions ( as reviewed by many buyers)

Durfi Mattress Pocket Spring Hybrid

Durfi mattress claims it’s the product specially formulated for Indian back. The mattress is made to give an ultimate sleep quality with its separately wrapped helix pattern.

And it’s tungsten carbide pocket coils sprung system along with unique Cotton Candy Memory foam which provides peaceful sleep to you and your partner.

If you are extremely bothered about the pressure on your back then this mattress is designed just for you. Which distributes the weight of the person evenly for a precise balance in aiding individual pressure, unlike an ordinary spring mattress. Above all, it has been crafted to provide a comfortable and extended lifespan.

DurfiTungsten carbide pocket coils sprung system along with unique Cotton Candy Memory foam Firm6 inchesNot specified

Pros –

– Promising quality and doesn’t heat up.

– good for supporting back pain.

Cons –

– delivery is not up to date.

–  springs are a bit inappropriately arranged.

Coirfit Ortho Luxury Pocket Spring Mattress

This pandemic COVID 19 has clouded our brains so much since last year. So to overcome this Coirfit mattresses are sanitized before the product dispatch. 

It is shielded using premium quality quilted covers that add years to the existence of mattresses in extension to providing a decent-looking, well-defined, comfortable mattress. Also, it comes with 6 years manufacturer’s warranty.

The product is transmitted to your home in a pre-assembled state. It is layered using multiple fabrics and techniques to provide a softer feel when you lye on it.

CoirfitMulti-layered mattress with ISI Approved pocket spring as base layer and Turkish felt and foam layersSoft6 inches6 years


– comfortable to sleep on and durable material.

– extra soft and tender feel.


– not for those who prefer a harder feel.

– pain is not relieved.

Amazon Brand – Solimo 6 Spring Mattress

Solimo is a brand coming from the home of Amazon. It comes with air-vents for retaining sufficient air circulation within the mattress.

It promises high-grade quality as it undergoes 50 quality checks. The Pocket spring technology in which spring move individually and obstruct the transfer of movement from one sleeper to another one.

Above all the Solimo products are claimed to be affordable and to offer exceptional traits. So if you are not a newbie at buying mattresses that this product is perhaps the best suit for you.

Are you searching for a mattress that offers you exceptional support? If so, switch on to the Amazon Brand Solimo king-sized mattress.

Those king-sized pocketed spring mattresses offer you a comfortable space. no matter if you are watching TV, reading a book, or watching late-night series, you will feel comfortable resting on it.

This cushion remains in the form which means that it is less likely to sink and retain its form for longer. 

The lower layer of the mattress is made of high-density foam that provides your body with the support that it needs.

Cushion adjusts to your body shape while minimizing the pressure points. The best part is that it has passed over 50 tests And lasts up to 6000 cycles. 

Solimohigh count pocketed springs and high-density foamMedium-firm6 inches5 years


– pocket-friendly prices and stability.

– packed with an air ventilation system.


– The mattresses are too hard.

– occasionally spurs serious back pain.

– springs come up to the surface tearing the cover and the quality is poor.

Types of Innerspring Mattress

There are four types of Innerspring mattresses. The categorization depends on the type of coils.

1. Bonnell Coil

The Bonnell Coil springs are a knotted, round-top, hourglass-shaped steel wire coil. These coils are tightly laced with cross-wired helics to keep them together.

Now, these tied coils will become the simplest form of innerspring unit. It is also referred to as a Bonnell unit.

As I mentioned it is one of the oldest and traditionally most commonly used spring coil systems in the Mattress Industry.

These types of spring coils will provide firm support to your back. Generally, it is one of the cheapest types of innerspring mattresses.

2. Pocketed Coils

The pocketed coil spring in an innerspring mattress is the best type of Innerspring mattress.
It is also known as Encased, Wrapped, or Marshall coil.

Among these names, Marhalk coil is the most common name that is used.

It is a very unique design where hundreds and thousands of individually coiled springs are wrapped in a thin fabric. The beauty is that no helices or cross-wired helices are used to keep the springs together.

You might think that sagging will be common, but contrary to it, the pocket spring coil system will conform to your body and will provide adequate support and comfort.

Also, these types of mattresses have very little to minimize motion transfer. They are also durable. So, that is why they are the most expensive in the innerspring category.

3. Continuous Coils

As the name suggests the rows of coils are attached to a single piece of wire. This design makes the innerspring firmer, durable, but it will not be comfortable. Also, it will be very noisy.

So, I have not mentioned them in my list, in this post.

4. Offset Coils

The offset coils are hourglass-type coils. In these types, the portions of the top and bottom convolutions are flattened. when making an innerspring unit, these flat segments of wire are hinged together with helical wires.

This is done to give you more support and comfort.

But it will also be noisy, So I have not included them in my list.

You can read more about the types of Spring mattress here.

Now, let us focus on the buying Guide.

Buying Guide for Inner-Sping Mattress

Before you purchase a mattress there are multiple factors that you must consider along with the price. These factors will determine your comfort and your sleep quality.

Here are the factors you must consider:

1. Your Needs

It is not what the company’s are selling you. It is always what you need. So, first of all, identify what you need. Buying a spring mattress is expensive. So let me help you make the decision, if you need a pocket spring mattress or not.

The average life of a spring mattress is about 15 years. So, you will have a comfortable sleep every night for at least 15 years.

Yes, it is expensive but, divide this will be a one-time investment. Isn’t it.

Now, do your back hurt while you sleep or after you wake up. It might be due to your mattress.

A memory foam mattress will be the best buy. But the problem is that the mattress in the market is made of multiple players. Where the top layer is memory foam. So, this makes it less supportive when compared to spring mattresses.

So, choose a spring mattress for a good comfortable night for a long time.

2. Your Sleeping Position

There are three basic sleeping positions.

  • Back sleepers.
  • Side sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers.

Now, which type of sleeper you are. I understand that when we sleep we do not necessarily sleep in one position.

So, just think which is the sleeping position you are comfortable sleeping in.

Generally Back sleeping position is the best and healthy sleeping position, preferable if you have back pain.

Inner-spring Mattresses are best for Back sleeping and side sleeping positions. It will not turn your sleep into a nightmare if you sleep on your stomach. But some stomach sleepers have found it uncomfortable to sleep on a spring mattress.

Now, that you are sure you want to buy an innerspring mattress.

Let us see the factors of the mattress that will influence you.

3. Mattress Dimensions.

Mattress dimensions are very important. The mattress should perfectly fit your bed frame.

Along with this, the thickness of the mattress is very important. I have mentioned the thickness of each mattress in the quick comparison table.

The thickness can easily determine your comfort.

4. Firmness

The mattress has different firmness levels. They are:

  • Firm
  • Medium Firm
  • Medium Soft
  • Soft

The firm will be hard. Soft will be very soft like a feather. The best options are Medium Firm to Medium Soft.

If you have an old coir mattress, then sleeping on it will be hard. That firmness is firm. However, generally, most of the mattresses with foams are less firmer/harder than that even in the firm section.

But different people have different comfort levels.

To help you out I have made the comparison among the firmness in the comparison table.

5. Layers of Foam

Generally, you will find out that the spring mattress has foam layers at the top for comfort and also support.

In some cases, you will also see multiple layers of foam.

I have tried to compare the top layers in the comparison table. Hope that helps.

6. Warranty And Sleep Trial

Now, let us come to the next factor. This is very important.

Once you have bought that if you might not like it. So you need to give it back and also get your money back.

That is why the warranty period is very important. Along with these, you will also find out that some companies give attractive free sleeping trials to allure customers.

I have compared the warranty period among the top spring mattress.

7. Cost

Generally, InnerSpring mattresses usually cost above Rs. 10,000. The average price is

I agree it is expensive. But it is one time buy as I said the average lifetime is of 15 years. So, it will not be a bad investment.

8. Durability

The average lifetime of a mattress is 15 years. The mattress is durable.

But proper Maintainance is required, to increase the durability.

9. Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is a devil. It will ruin your sleep.

This is while sleeping, if your partner moves, then the mattress also moves. These movements will disturb you.

Especially if your partner is overweight and your mattress is not good.

As a rule of thumb, Innerspring mattresses have very little motion transfer.

So, you can sleep well

Now, let us dive into the Frequently asked questions, this will further help your cause.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Innerspring mattresses betterthan other types of Mattresss?

Innerspring Mattress is one of the best types of mattresses available in the market. It is comfortable, durable, provides great back support, has less motion transfer, and will change the look of your bedroom.

The strong coils help you give perfect support to your back. If you are feeling backache while you sleep or after waking up, you should get an innerspring mattress.

The only negative is that it is generally expensive.

Are innerspring mattresses good for Side Sleepers?

Innerspring mattresses have spring for support and on top, there will be single or multiple layers of foam for comfort. These are often called Hybrid Innerspring mattresses. These mattresses are perfectly comfortable for side sleepers.

Side sleeping is one of the most common sleeping positions. It is also a healthy position to sleep in. So, if you sleep on your side and are planning to buy an innerspring mattress, then go for it.

Do innerspring mattresses sag? How can you prevent it?

Innerspring Mattress will sag, like all other mattresses but after prolonged usage and after a very long time. The average lifetime durability of an innerspring mattress is 15 years. You can rotate your mattress every 6-8 months to avoid sagging.

So, don’t worry about sagging till then.

Sagging is one of the most common complaints from Inner Spring mattress owners. All types of mattresses will sag eventually. But when it does it will seriously affect your comfort level.

If you change the mattress position, then all sides will get exposed equally. This will delay sagging.

Which type of Inner spring mattress is the best?

There are 4 types of innerspring mattresses. Out of these, the Pocket spring is the best type. It will give you the adequate support, durability, less noise, and a night of comfortable quality sleep.


We as human beings are gifted with an extraordinary way to sleep and relax our bodies. While sleep plays an important role in forming our daily lives but also the mattresses are an integral part of assuring good sleep.

So to live a decent day life it is very necessary to have a suitable, comfortable, and relaxing mattress to sleep on at the night. That’s why we reviewed some of the best brands of most loved innerspring mattresses.

So without getting into delay just find the mattress which suits you just fine.