Top 10 Best Pillows in India 2021 | Best Price | Discounts | Best Brands | Reviews | Buying Guide.

A night of good comfortable sleep is a must for a healthy and happy life. It will keep your mind fresh and also rejuvenate your body.

Did you know a pillow plays an important part in having that good comfortable sleep? A pillow will help to align your neck and shoulder with your head. Choosing a pillow is an important task.

Choosing the perfect pillow will prevent you from Insomnia, uncomfortable sleep, and neck stiffness. Once you find the exact pillow that suits you keep it.

So, let us look into the 10 best pillows in the market. Check them carefully and find the pillow that suits you the best.

Here is a quick comparison between the Price and the Best Pillows.

Best Pillows in India.

The Best Pillow (Memory Foam)

The Best Pillow (Value for money)

Best Orthopedic Pillow 

Best Latex foam Pillow

This table will give you idea how much pillows will cost online.

Now, quickly go through the another comparison table. This will give you a brief idea of what to expect from what type of pillow.

Best Brand

Material Fill




M.R.P of 
1 Pillow




Solid Memory Foam

5 Inches

Medium Firm

1 year

Rs 2699


Rs 1200

Solid Memory Foam

3-4 Inches

Medium Firm

30 days free trial

Rs 3499


Rs 1799

Solid Memory Foam

5 Inches

Soft -
Medium Firm

1 year

Rs 2499


Rs 999

Solid Memory Foam

5 Inches

Soft -
Medium Firm


Rs 3999


Rs 1699

Solid Latex Foam

5.5 Inches

Soft -
Medium Firm

1 year

Rs 1469


Rs 1400

Hollow synthetic Polyester fill

6 Inches

Soft -
Medium Firm

3 months

Rs 554


Rs 399

Synthetic fiber




Rs 799


Rs 399

Conjugate Siliconized Fiber

4.5 Inches



Rs 999


Rs 667

Buckwheat hulls



10 days Returnable

Rs 1800


Rs 1650

70 % feather
30 % Down

5 Inches

Soft -
Medium Firm

5 years

Rs 5000


Rs 2989

Here is the quick table. Now if you have time then you should go through the pillows one by one. The important aspects are mentioned in this post. You will also find our Ultimate Buying guide for choosing the Perfect pillow.

Best Pillows In India.

Here are the description of each pillow. You will get in depth information’s of each of the 10 pillows. This will help you to make an informed decision to buy the perfect pillow for you.

The White Willow Memory Foam Pillow.

This is an Indian start-up company with head office in New Delhi. Their pillows are made in India. They manufacture them in New Delhi.

The pillow types

They have 3 popular pillow variants. These pillows are made from Memory foam.

  • Regular memory foam
  • Active airflow
  • Cooling Gel Memory Foam


The pillow is eco-friendly.

It is a hypoallergenic pillow. It is free from dust mites along with imported materials from DOW, BASF. This means people who are prone to allergy can use them.

The Design

The design of the pillow is like other foam pillows.

The outer cover is white in color. It is made with high-grade material, to give you maximum comfort.

This cover has a stitch attached. You can remove the cover and wash the cover. This is very useful. Will help you to keep your pillow clean.

Inside the cover, there is a memory foam block. It is not shredded. It is a block. When you put your head and neck on the pillow, the memory foam will form a mold around it.

It will balance your spine. As a result, you will not have any neck ache.

 As I mentioned above the three variants have different kind of memory foam.

Regular memory foam

It has a yellow, cream colour regular memory foam. The memory foam will keep your head and neck properly aligned with your spine.

Active airflow memory foam

This memory foam is whitish cream coloured. There are multiple holes in the pillow. These helps in proper air circulation of the pillow. Keeping your pillow fresh. This will increase the life span of your pillow.

Cooling Gel memory foam:

It has a blue colour memory foam. It is made by infusing cooling gel. It has holes. It is a type of memory foam. The cooling gel will keep your body cool, when you sleep. The holes increase the air circulation which will keep maintain a cooler temperature for the pillow.

The memory foam will give your head and neck adequate support.


Thickness 4 inches to 5 Inches. The size of the pillow is (24 x 15 x 5) In inches

The pillow is available in these sizes.Small, Standard, Queen, King, XL-King

Firmness and Support

Medium Firm. This pillow gives the best support.

Warranty Period

You will get a warranty period of 1 year.

Free night trail

You will get a trial period of 101 nights/31 nights. This trial period is only available if you buy the pillow from the website of the White Willow. 

Soft and comfortable
Cooling gel-infused in Memory foam
Provides adequate support
Provides Neck and shoulder pain relief.
Will preserve Shape  


This is the best pillow available in the market. You will get features of memory foam + cooling gel + Warranty period + Trial period.

  • Best Pillow Overall.
  • Best Memory foam pillow.
  • Best for Side Sleepers
  • Best for Back sleepers.
  • Best for people with neck and shoulder aches.

Yes Off-gassing is there. It is common with most foam pillows.

Off-gassing: A chemical smell will be there. Keep the windows of the room open. The smell will be gone in 2-3 hrs. This is common with all foam pillows.  


The price of the regular memory foam pillow is Rs 2899.00. There are always some best offers. The lowest price ranges to Rs 1,200.00. To check today’s deal, click the button.

Cloth Fusion Alexia

The Design

The outer cover is made from bamboo fabric. Bamboo fabric is natural and breathable. The outer cover is removable and washable.

The inner fill is a solid memory foam.

Cooling Gel Infused Memory Foam is used. Along with this it has a cooling gel pad on one side. This gel pad is moulded in one side of the memory foam.

This means that this pillow will give you the benefit of a memory foam pillow. It will keep you cool, while you sleep.

This pillow is a contour Pillow. This means that you will have two Thickness. (3 Inches and 4 Inches)

You can choose which height you want to use.


(23 x 14 x 3) Inches and (23 x 14 x 4) Inches.

Firmness and Support

Medium firmness. This pillow will give you neck and shoulder support.

This pillow is CertiPUR-US certified memory foam. This certification is issued by the US. It means that the pillow does not contain any toxic ingredients like formaldehyde, methane chloride, or PBDE.

So those people with allergic condition can use it. But better to consult your doctor.

I wish Government of India Also sets up this type of standards for Made in India products. That will be great and will be a welcome step.  

Warranty and Trial

There is no mention of the Warranty period and trial period. But the advertisements show that the pillow has 30 days of trial and if you do not like you can return and get 100 % refund.

But better to ask the seller before you buy.

Soft and comfortable
Countered Pillow
Cooling gel-infused in Memory foam
Provides adequate support
Provides Neck and shoulder pain relief.
Will preserve the shape  


You will get Memory foam + Counter+ Cooling Gel infused + Cool pad + 30 day trial.

Best Countered Memory foam pillow.

People with neck and shoulder pain should use

For the best use of Side sleepers and Back sleepers.


This pillow is in a Higher range. The MRP is Rs 3499.00. The lowest price available is Rs 1799.00. To check today’s price click the button.


MOJOREST Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed Pillow for Sleeping

The Design

Outer cover:

The outer cover is a soft comfortable breathable material. A 300 GSM spun polyester fabric is used to make the pillow cover. It has a zip. This will allow you to take out the memory foam.

The outer cover can be removed and can be washed.  

Inner filling
the inner filling is a solid block of memory foam. The memory foam will provide adequate support to your spine and other pressure points. It will give you relief from neck pain and shoulder pain.


Measures inches (24 x 15 X 5) inches

Firmness and Support.

Soft to medium firm. It will give adequate support to your neck and shoulders.

The product is Low in VOC and is also hypoallergic.

Warranty period:

In the ads, the manufacturers show that the product has a warranty of 1 year. But it is not mentioned clearly. So ask the merchant before you by to get the complete picture.

Otherwise you will get 10 days refundable policy of the ecommerce site.

Provides adequate support
Provides Neck and shoulder pain relief.
Will preserve shape  
No cooling gel infused in Memory foam.
No free Trial.


Bets Orthopedic Memory foam Pillow for Side sleepers and Back sleepers, who has allergies.


The M.R.P is Rs 2499.00. But I have seen the lowest price with a 60% Discount at Rs 999.

To check today’s deal, click the button below.

Sleepsia Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow.

The Design

The outer cover is comfortable and has a soft to touch feeling. It has a zip attached to it. On opening the zip you will get access to the solid foam.

The inner fill is of solid foam. This is memory foam. The memory foam adapts to your head, neck, and shoulder. This provides both comfort and support.

The memory foam helps in relieving pressure.

The Sleepasia intelligent memory foam is a new variant. This memory foam is infused with cooling gel. It will keep you cool when you sleep.


23 x 13 x 4 Inch.

This dimension is adequate. This will provide adequate support for back sleeping and side sleeping positions.

Firmness and Support

Soft to medium firm. Provides adequate support to your head, neck and shoulder.

Other features

The pillow is hypo-allergic.  Patients with asthma and breathing difficulties can use this pillow.

Warranty and Trial period is not available for this product.

Provides adequate support.
Provides Neck and shoulder pain relief.
Will preserve the shape  
No warranty
No free Trial.


A god product. Good for Back sleepers and side sleepers. People with allergy can use the pillow. You will have to get used to sleeping on a memory foam pillow.


The Maximum Retail Price ( M.R.P) is Rs 8999.00. But there is a huge discount. With a whopping 81% Discount, you can avail it at Rs 1,699.00. To check the current price and your best deal click the button.

Foams India Brands Sapphire

The Design

The outer cover is removable and washable.

The inner fill is Solid latex foam. The latex foam is made of Dunlop technology. It means that the latex was placed in a mold and solidified it.

The company suggests that this latex foam is fully natural. But I doubt. Almost all manufacturers use some chemicals.

The latex foam is more bouncy than memory foam. It will provide support.


21 x 14 x 5.5 inches. The pillow is thick and it will give adequate support to your head and neck.

Firmness and Support.

Soft to medium firm. Provides good support.


There is a warranty period of 1 year.

Soft and Bouncy feel
Provides adequate support
Provides Neck and shoulder pain relief.
Will preserve shape  
No free Trial.


Best Latex foam Pillow.

Best for Side sleepers. Those people who like bouncy feeling, should use this pillow.


The MRP is Rs 1460.00. There are discounts available. With a 4 % Discount, you can get it at Rs 1400. To check today’s discount click the button.

Wakefit Sleeping Pillow

This pillow is made by the Wakefit company. They have already made their name for manufacturing mattresses and bed frames. Their products are great. In a small span of time, this Delhi based company has already made a huge fan base.

The Design

The outer cover is manufactured with a 350 GSM polyester fabric. This gives a comfortable feel. The color is mesmerizing. Most of the outer cover of pillows in the market are white in color or black in color.

This pillow has a very interesting design and colour. It comes in two shades one grey and one white. It looks attractive. You will not need a pillow cover.

Inner material:

The inner material is 200 GSM hollow fiber. It is made from a hollow strand of polyester. This material is breathable. It will keep you cool while you sleep. It will not form lumps. 

The newer version has a zip. This zip will help you to put or take fibers. This makes the height of the pillow adjustable.

After repeated use, the pillow will flatten. With the zip, you will get the chance to refill the pillow with more fibers. This is a great addition to the design.


The thickness of the pillow is 15.4 cm or 6 Inches. The fill is not a solid fill. So a 6-inch height won’t be a problem.

The newer version has an adjustable height design. The size of the pillow is 27 x 16 x 6 Inches. Or (68.5 cm X 40.5 cm X 15.4 cm)

Firmness and Support

Medium Firmness

The pillows made from hollow fibers. They are extremely comfortable. It provides consistent support levels across the length of the entire pillow.


This pillow has a 3 month warranty period. The newer variant of Wakefit pillow has a 6-month warranty.

Free Trial

There is no free trial available.


You can wash the pillow. Use light machine wash.

Fluffy Comfortable
3 months Warranty
Will flatten after 6 months – 8 months
of daily use.
Not good for stomach or front sleeper.


  • Best Pillow with the best value for money.
  • Best washable pillow.
  • Best for 6 months after purchase. A sot fluffy, comfortable pillow.
  • Best for side sleepers.
  • Good for back sleepers.
  • Not good for stomach sleepers


The MRP of a twin pillow is Rs 971.00. and the MRP of a single pillow is Rs 554.00. You can avail it with a 28% Discount, and the price of a single pillow is Rs 399.00. This pillow is the best value for the money. To check today’s deal, click the button.


The Design

The outer cover is made of a Soft Knitted Fabric. It has anti-microbial properties and deodorizing properties

The inner material is synthetic fiber. It is covered in a soft cover.


27 x 17 Inch (68.5 X 43.5 cms)

Firmness and Support

Soft. It will provide support. But like other synthetic fibre pillows it will flatten with time.

Soft Fluffy
Will flatten


Best for side sleepers. Good for stomach sleepers once the pillow flattens.


The MRP is Rs 799 for one pillow. The lowest price available is Rs 399. This pricing is for one pillow if you want more pillows and also check today’s deal, click this button.


The Brand: Recron is a Reliance Product. It was the first of the fiber-filled soft comfortable pillows. I have bought 3-4 Rrecron pillows. I have used them. Let us look at the design.

The Design

The outer cover is a poly-cotton fabric. It gives a soft and comfortable feeling. The cover is white and shiny in colour.

It is stitched. It does not have a zip. But there is an added piping on the edges.

The inner fill:

The pillow is filled with 15 D hollow conjugate siliconized fiber. It is a type of synthetic fiber. These fibers gives a soft, fluffy, and bouncy feeling.

The pillow is made with advanced ECS technology.


The pillow has a thickness of 4 Inch to 5 Inch.

The dimension of the pillow is 27 Inch x 17 Inch x 4 Inch

Firmness and Support

The firmness of the pillow is between soft and medium firm.

The pillow will give adequate support. But after extensive use, the pillow will flatten. This is the major drawback of synthetic fibre pillows.

This pillow is hygienic and non-allergic.


Like most of the pillows there is no warranty on this product.

The pillow will be transported in vacuum sealed packing. It will take 12 hrs to 18 hrs to fully take its shape.

Will flatten


  • Best for Side sleepers.
  • Best for 6 months after buying the product.


Price is affordable. A single pillow costs around Rs 667.00. with a 54% Discount. To check today’s price click the button.

NutriBuck Organic Buckwheat Pillow

Nutribuck is the first brand to bring buckwheat pillows in India. It is an Organic and natural product.

The Design

The outer layer

The outer layer is removable and washable. There are atleast 7 different colour variations. Most of them looks cool. I like the gunmetal colour.

The inner layer

It is made of cotton. There is a zip attached to the cotton inner cover. With the help of this zip, you can take out or put hulls. The inner fill is buckwheat hulls from Nutri buck.

The hull is the outer shell of the buckwheat grain. They are strong. The hulls are aromatic. They do not retain or reflect heat or making them.

You will also get a 500 gms of hulls extra when you will buy this pillow.


The thickness of the pillow is adjustable. There are four dimensions available in the market:

  • 11 x 17 Inch
  • 13 x 20 Inch
  • 15 x 25 Inch
  • 17 x 27 Inch

The dimension of the pillow will decide the price range.

This pillow will be heavy to use. The pillow has 2 kg of extra hulls.

Firmness and Support

The pillow will give you adequate support. The god thing is that once you adjust the thickness. The pillow will not deep or soften like other pillows.

This pillow provides adequate neck support, shoulder support.

This is an organic product.


The hulls enhance air circulation resulting in cool sleep.


With Amazon, you will get a 10 days returnable policy. There is no such warranty period for this product.

Organic Natural Product
Aromatic Product
Provides adequate support
Helps in Neck and Shoulder pain  


Best Organic and Natural product. Best for side sleepers and back sleepers. Adjusting hulls while sleeping can be noisy. You will get used to it after sleeping on this pillow


A pillow of 15 x 25 inch costs Rs 1.800.00. There are coupons available. To check to days deal, click the button.  

Jvin Fab Down Pillow

The Design

The Outer cover is made of cotton. It makes the pillow breathable.

The filling is 70% White Goose Feather and 30% White Goose Down


Pillow dimension is 20 x 36 Inch . The pillow will come vacuum sealed. It will attain full loft after 24 hrs to 48 hrs.

Firmness and Support

Soft to medium Firm. It gives a comfortable feeling.


You will get a warranty of 5 years

Organic Natural Product
Provides adequate support
Helps in Neck and Shoulder pain  
Can cause allergy.  


It is a comfortable pillow. It is a natural pillow. But if you have allergy I will suggest not to use it.


The M.R.P is Rs 5000.00. There is a huge discount. You can avail it at Rs 2989.00. To check the price Check below.

The Ultimate Pillow Buying Guide

A good quality and comfortable sleep will refresh your mind and body. One of the key to sound sleep is a good sleeping posture.

When I say sleeping posture I mean sleeping position, and sleeping materials you use. If all these thing are in balance you will wake up fresh. But, if something is wrong then, this might result in neck ache, shoulder ache back ache, etc.

These sleeping materials include mainly mattress and pillows. The pillow that you use, plays a major role in maintaining your sleep posture while you sleep. 

What is a good Sleep Posture?

A good and healthy sleep posture is maintaining the natural alignment of your body curves. That means alignment from the head, neck and shoulder to the hip and knee through the spine in the back.

If your shoulder and neck does not get enough support, this will lead to straining the discomfort to your neck, shoulder and spine.

Have you ever heard, anyone complaining that their neck and shoulder aches after waking up? The reason for that will be wrong sleeping posture. And the pillow that was used can play a huge role in it.

Why is pillow important?

Some people don’t realize that pillows serve very specific roles in their sleep.

A pillow has two basic functions:

  1. It provides support and pressure relief to the sleeper’s neck and upper back.
  2. Makes your sleep comfortable.

The 1st point is the most important function. Human spine is naturally curved. The pillow providing proper support to head, neck and shoulder helps maintain proper spine alignment.

Now the comfort factor. It is subject. What is comfortable for me might not be comfortable for you.

But it is not that, the pillows get automatically comfortable. There are certain factors which together leads to comfort.

These factors include thickness of the pillow (Loft), firmness of the pillow. The loft and firmness depends on the type of material used to manufacture the pillow.

Apart from that factors like body size, physique, sleeping position also matters. All these factors will lead to the comfort.

So, let us find out what do we need. Then we will see what are the options.

To start with, we will, see what each sleeping position require and why?

Sleeping Positions

There are 3 basic forms of sleeping position.

  1. Side sleeper.
  2. Back sleeper.
  3. Stomach sleeper

The position of your sleep will decide what type of pillow you need to buy. Let us see which parts of your body will need support when you are sleeping.

Side sleeper:

As a side sleeper, you will prefer to sleep in one side. As you can see in this position, you will need to provide support in the following regions.

  1. Your neck and head (Cervical Spine)
  2. Your elbow and shoulder.
  3. Our Knee and hip. 

For your neck you will need a Thicker pillow to keep your neck straight. This pillow if too thick or too thin, will not properly support your neck region. This will result into to neck ache and shoulder ache when you wake up. 

 You will also need supporting pillows to support your elbow and shoulder and hip and knee.

Quick Tip

Measure the distance neck and shoulder. For example, if the measurement is 4 inches, then you will need a pillow with a thickness between 4 Inch and 5 Inch.

Back sleeper

This is the best sleeping position. You lie on your back. While you do so, you will need to support your cervical spine.

In this case, you will need a pillow that will support your natural curve of the cervical spine.

Stomach sleeper

I will recommend to change the sleeping position. Because it is not healthy. But in case you are searching a pillow for the stomach sleeping position, Then I will suggest to get a thin pillow or no pillow.

But, we are humans, we are not robots. So, while we sleep we change position. If you do so, then choose a pillow keeping it in mind.

Now, you know what are your requirements. Let us find out what are the different types of pillow fills and their features.

Pillow fill Material

There are different pillow fill materials. Each pillow fill is different from other. I have oulined 8 types of different pillow fill material. I will also mention who woul like to use them and who wont.

Let’s start with natural organic options.


Feather pillow is made from feathers of duck and geese. These pillows will be light wighted. It will feel soft.

More stuffed pillow will give more suppourt.

Have you ever slept in one. I have sleptin one of them sof 2 years. I really liked the feelng of the pillow.

Who will use it?

  1. Any one can use it.
  2. A side sleeper.
  3. A back sleeper
  4. A stomach sleeper.

 Who will not like it?

  1. Those people who are prone to allergies.
  2. Those people who do not like the idea of sleeping on a feather pillow.


 Down pillow are made of the soft inner plumage of ducks and geese.

These material is airy and light. It will also keep you cool. Most of the down pillows do have some amount of feathers, in their fills. This gives adequate support to head and neck of the sleeper.

These are better than feather pillows.

Who will like to use the?

  • Any one can use it.
  • A side sleeper.
  • A back sleeper
  • A stomach sleeper.

 Who will not like it?

  • Those people who are promne to allerigies.
  • Those people who do not like the idea on sleeping on a feather pillow.


  • Not washble.

Cotton Pillow

Cotton in the most common material to make pillows. If you are in India, you must have used a cotton pillow.

They are avalable in normal shops. These type of pillows feels really good. You can also custom make them.

If you want a firmer pillow, stuff more cotton in them. But the main problem is that they are stiched. There is no way to remove the cotton from a pillow once it is made.

The cotton pillow are good in air circulation, so you will sleep cool.

Further more, after a year of use, the cottons will clump together. This gets uneasier.

The mordern pillows now have synthetic fibers

Who will use it?

  1. Anyone.
  2. All types of sleepers.
  3. Those people who like natural organic stuff.


  1. Loose shape after some time.
  2. Gets compressed after a year.
  3. Cotton clump together, making it uneasy to use.
  4. Not washable.

Synthetic fibers

Synthetic fibers are alternatives to cotton. It has become a common option now a days. The pliiows are really great.

They are soft, comfortable and gives enough support. They are the only washable pillow.  But the only negetive is  that this pillows wll get compressed after 8 -10 months of usage.

It will loose its shape. But with modern designs you can get option to add more fibers. This will help in maintaing thickness and providing aderquate support .

Some of the commonly used fibers are:

Gell fiberfill: Made from a gel based materials. It can be washed easily.

Synthetic cluster: It is made a cluster of synthetic fills.

Silicon Fibers: A type of synthetic fibers.

Polyester fiber: Commonly used fiber. It is known for its loftiness and durability.

Microfibers:  These are the most commonly used fiber fillings. This provides adequate loftiness, softness, and fluffiness. These materials are very breathable.

Who will use?

  1. Anyone.
  2. Good for all types of sleepers.
  3. Only a washable pillow in the market.


  1. Looses its shape after prolonged use of 8 -10 months.
  2. Will compress overtime and you will need to buy more pillows.

Now let us see what other synthetic options you will get while choosing a pillow.

Memory Foam:

Memory foam is manufactured with polyurethane and additional chemicals. This increases its viscosity and density.

This is the reason memory foams are referred to as “viscoelastic” foam. It is manufactured to give a softer feeling when it comes into contact with body heat.

Once your head and neck fall on the foam, the foam deepens slightly and molds around it.  This creates deep conforming for your head and neck. This will help to align your spine and reduce pressure in different areas.

The deepening will be according to the weight and pressure that you exert on the pillow. But the important thing is that the depending will hold there. And slowly it will take its shape once the pressure is removed.

The pillows made from memory foam will preserve their shape. Even after prolonged use for multiple years, it will preserve its properties and shape.

Nowadays you will find newer models of memory foam. Like.

Gel inserted memory foams:

These are the newer variants of memory foams. The manufacturers have infused a cooling gel in the memory foam. This gel will keep the pillow cool.

For those people who are sleeping in hot conditions. This pillow can help them.

Memory foam pillows are also hypo-allergic.

Basic Features:

  1. Comfortable
  2. Soft
  3. Conforning head and neck to provide adequate supprort.
  4. Durable.
  5. Hypo allergic.  

Who will use memory foam pillow?

  1. Any one.
  2. Side sleepers, back sleepers.
  3. For people with neck ache and back ache.
  4. A pregnant mother.
  5. A person who suffers from allergies.

Who do not want to use memory foam pillow?

  1. Stomach or front sleeper.
  2. Who loves only natural stuff.
  3. Not good for kids.

Negetives of memory foam

  1. Expensive product
  2. Takes complete shape within 2 hours, once the packet is opened.
  3. The off-gassing smell is there when you will open the pillow. It will take 3-4 hours to get rid of the smell in a well ventilated room.

You can read more about memory foam in Wikipedia.

Latex Foam:

Latex is a substance naturally derive from the extract of sap of rubber tree. The sap is then put into a mould to goive it a form of a foam.

It is manufactured in two ways, the Dunlop method and the talallay method.

In dunlop method the latex is poured into the mold in one go. In the Talalay method the mould is poured in layers.

The latex formed by both the methods are soft and bouncy, durable, and long lasting.

The Synthetic latexthat is found in the market also has a similar bounce and feel. But it will be less durable in some cases

The latex foam pillows will give soft and bouncy feel. THe softness is comfortable. Some people will fall in love witrh the bounciness.

Basic features

  1. Comfortable
  2. Soft
  3. Bouncy
  4. Will hold its shape.
  5. Hygenic.

If you are one who loves soft and bouncy pillow, this pillow might be for you.

 Who will like to use a latex foam pillow?

  1. A side sleeper.
  2. A person who suffers from allergies.
  3. Who loves softness and bounce.
  4. A person who suffers from allergies. ( It will be a tricky situation, not all latex foam are natural. Also, not all-natural latex foam is 100% natural).

Who will not like to use the?

  1. A stomach sleeper or front sleeper.
  2. A back sleeper.


  1. Expensive
  2. A chemical smell will be present.
  3. Not washable


Other types of polyfoam pillows. Like memory foam it will also mould to the shape of your bodt. It will also provide you adequate suppport and pressure relief.

But it will not be as soft as memory foam and it will also be not as bouncy as  alatesx foam.

After looking at the foams, let us look at another natural option.

Buckwheat Hull:

Buckwheat pillows are filled with hulls. THe hulls are the hard outer casings of buckwheat kernels. This pillows are very firm and  gives asupportive feel.

They are the best natural option available in market.

The buckwheat hull will give great support and will keep you cool by promoting good air circulation.

After looking at 8 types of pillow fill material, let us look into how they are made into a comfortable pillow.

Let us see In what sizes a pillow will be available to you

Size of Pillow

The pillow are generally available 5 sizes.

The sizes are Small, Standard, Queen, King and XL King.

Most of the pillows follow the same size. This table includes the height also. The height is the thickness of the pillow. The thickness will depend on the type of sleeping position. I have  discussed about the thickness in details a bit later. Keep on reading to know more.

The measurements are in Inches. And are re[presented as ( Length x Breadth x Height) or ( L x B x H)

 I will give you a quick table.

Size of the Pillow (Inches)
Size of the Pillow (Inches)
( L x B x H)
Side SleeperBack SleeperStomach Sleeper
Small21.5”x 13.5” x  4”21.5”x 13.5” x  3”21.5”x 13.5” x  1”
Standard22” x 16” x 4”22” x 16” x 3”22” x 16” x 1”
Queen24” x 14” x  3”24” x 14” x  3”24” x 14” x  2”
King24” x 15” x  5”24” x 15” x  4”24” x 15” x  2”
XL King27”x 17.5”x 5”27”x 17.5”x 4”27”x 17.5”x 2”
PIllow Sizes

Now that we have seen in what sizes a pillow is available , let us see what shoulkd be a modern pilllow design

Pillow Design

The mordern pillows are designed in a specific way.

Most of the mordern pillow designs has 3 layers

  1. Outer cover. This cover is made from a high-grade fabric which is soft to feel and comfortable to sleep.
  2. The Inner cover: The inner layer cover generally contains the fill.
  3. The Fill.

The outer cover and the inner cover are closed by an enclosed zip. The seams are also closed with a good and proper boarder.

Generally in case of fills, The foam fills are one soild block. The synthetic fiber and the buckwheat hull fills, will be required to be refilled or removed. So, in this case an acess to the inner fills is very important.

Now a days the companies give extra buckwheat hulls or synthetic fibers. Or you can buy synrthetic fibers. If you have access, then you cam always, refill them. This will help to maintain the required support.

So, While buying the pillow, these thhings for pillow design are to be kept in mind.  

Now, let us look into the other important features.

Features of Pillow

A good pillow will improve the overall quality of your sleep and will help you to avoid neck and back problems. So let us look in details what features we should look in a pillow.


Thickness of the pillow is the height of the pillow. Thickness of a pillow is also mentioned as loft. It is one of the most important parameters to consider, before buying the pillow.

Different type of sleepers will require different thickness.

  • A side sleeper will need the most thickness or high loft pillows. This will give enough cushioning for the head and neck. The required thickness will be 4 Inches to 5 Inches.
  • A back sleeper requires medium loft or medium thickness. The required thickness will be 3 Inches to 4 Inches.
  • A stomach sleeper or front sleeper requires a thin pillow. If a medium thick pillow is used, that will strain the neck resulting in Neck ache. So, the thickness required is between 2 Inch’s to 3 Inch’s.
  • Most of us do change our sleeping position while we sleep. If you are both side and back sleeper, then you will be comfortable with a 3 Inch to 4 Inch pillow.

This small table will help you.

Type of sleeperPillow thickness
Side Sleeper4 Inch – 5 Inch
Back Sleeper4Inch – 3Inch
Stomach Sleeper2 Inch -3 Inch

These figures are mainly for the foam pillows. The synthetic fiber pillows will have more thickness when you buy them. Slowly they will flatten.


Support is very important. Once you put your head and neck on your pillow your pillow should deep to some extent. The it should hold. If it moulds around your head and neck, it will provide you with adequate support.

Spinal alignment is important for everyone. No matter which sleeping position you use, you need to keep your spine properly aligned.

But it is also important to know that how long it will provide that support. Cotton pillows and synthetic fibre give good support when they are new. But with time it will flatten and the support will be lost.

Pillows with solid foam or latex cores typically provide the best support.

Best SupportGood SupportSupports WellSupport lost overtime
Solid Memory
Foam Pillows
Latex foam pillows
Buckwheat Pillows High quality
Cotton Pillows
Poly foam pillow  
Down pillow
Feather Pillow
Synthetic Fiber pillows
Cotton pillows


Firmness is how the pillow will feel once you put your head on it. There are three denominators of it soft, Medium firm and firm.

 When you rest your head and neck on it, if it sinks completely, then it is soft. If it sinks and then holds then it is medium firm. And if it sinks only a bit and holds it then it is firm.

  • A side sleeper will need a firm to medium firm pillow.
  • A back sleeper will need a flatter pillow so their requirement will be a medium firm pillow.
  • A stomach sleeper will need a soft pillow.
  • If you are a rotational sleeper, then a medium firm pillow will be great for you.
  Firm  Moderate/Medium Firm  Soft
 Side sleeperBack Sleeper
Side sleeper
Rotational sleeper
Stomach sleeper or front sleeper.
Firmness of Pillows


The shape of pillow is important. There will be some pillow fills which will be compressed over time.  As I have mentioned earlier the synthetic fibres pillows will get compressed overtime.

When the pillow is new, it will feel great. It will be soft, comfortable and will give enough loft. But with time the thickness will get compressed and the loft and support will be gone. Then you will need to buy a new movie.

Cottons will clump together losing in its shape. It will also depend on the quality of the cotton.

Buck wheat pillow will preserve its shape.

Down pillows will preserve its shape. Feather pillows will preserve their shape for a longer period that down pillows.

Let me give you a quick table so that it helps you.

Shape Compress quicklyShape preserved WellShape preserved For Long time
Synthetic fiber pillow,
Cotton Pillows  
Down Pillows,
High-quality cotton pillows
All foam Pillows,
Buckwheat pillows
Shape of pillows.

This table will help you decide quickly on what you need.


Airflow is very important. It is also mentioned as airing or air circulation. Some pillow fill materials promote natural airflow circulation.

If the air circulation is not well maintained, then the pillow will become hot. This will decrease the longevity of the pillow and also will increase your body temperature. Resulting in uncomfortable sleep.

Generally, the foam pillows are bad in air circulation. That is why the manufacturers use newer technology.

  1. Cooling gel infusion.
  2. Air pore channels.

You will find these type of technologies. These provides good air circulation. You will find this mainly with the memory foam pillows.

Other pillows like Buck wheat pillows, Feather pillows, Down pillows Cotton pillows will promote natural air circulation. They will keep you cool when you sleep.


Weight of pillow is also important. The weight will depend on the fill material. The feather pillows will be the lighter and the buckwheat pillow will be heavier.

Weight is important. If you want to carry your pillow from some place to other, then the weight is important.

This small table will help you out.

Feather Pillows
Down Pillows
Synthetic fiber Pillows
Cotton PillowsMemory foam pillows
Latex foam Pillows
Polyfoam Pillows.  
Buckwheat pillows
Weight of Pillow


Smell is an important factor. We are dealing with both natural and synthetic material. The natural method will not smell.

But there is some kind of chemical smell that you will get from a foam material. This chemical smell is called off-gassing.  Whenever you open the pillow from the package, do it in a well-aerated environment. Keep the door and airs open. The smell will go after 2 -3 hours.

Smell of Off-GassingNo smell
Memory foam pillow
Latex Foam Pillow
Poly Foam Pillow
Cotton Pillow
Feather Pillow
Buckwheat Pillow
Down Pillow
Synthetic Fibre Pillow
Smell of OFF-Gassing From Pillow


This is very important. The Pillow should be kept clean. The modern pillows are made in very structured manner. Most of the outer cover of the pillows are removable and washable.

None of the fill material is washable.

But there is only one pillow which is washable. The synthetic fibre pillow is only washable. Both the outer cover and also the inner fill material. 


Buckwheat pillow hulls make some noise. Apart from that, no other fills make noise. This is the major negative of a buckwheat pillow.


The pillow price depends mostly on their fill. The price range is given in a table. The cotton pillows are the cheapest. The high grade cotton will be more expensive.

The most cost effective options are the memory foam pillows.

The down, feather, buckwheat, memory foam and latex are on the higher end.

Type of pillowPrice Range
Cotton500 to 800
Synthetic Fibres500 to 1K
Memory foam and latex foam1.5K to 3K
Down and Feather pillow1.5K to 5K
Buckwheat pillow1.5K to 5K
Price Range of Pillows

Warranty and Trial Period

You will get a warranty period from very few companies. You will get a maximum of a 1-year warranty. To have a warranty period is better.

Some companies provide a trial period. They have a 101-night trial period. If you like it, you can keep it. If you do not like the pillow you can return it.

But this facility won’t be available if you purchase the product from e-commerce websites like amazon, flipkart etc.

High Priority

Your Sleeping position and any physical problems you have like, neck ache, shoulder ache, leg pain or even allergies.

This will lead you to your next priorities.

Your requirements

Firmness, Support, Pillow size and other features.

You will find your answer in the pillow fill material.

Pillow Firmness


On average, you will spend approximately one-third of your life sleeping. So you need to have a comfortable, high-quality sleep.Here are my recommendations:

The Best Pillows

A pillow and a mattress are very important for high quality sleep. A mattress always steals the most importance. But the pillow should be given the same priority.

Guess work will not work. You will need to know what exactly you are looking for and what will you get. Only then you can buy the perfect pillow for you. Once you get it then keep it.

In this article I have provided you with all the information that is available. I have spent a lot of time researching.

The important questions you need to ask and the important parameters you need to know, are mentioned in this post.

I am sure this post will help you to find the perfect pillow for you. Happy sleeping 🙂