Best Mattress Under Rs 3000 in India 2022.

After an entire day of work, busy schedules, and day-long stress, one would definitely want a relaxing sleep at night which needs a peaceful atmosphere and a comfortable and cozy mattress.

A proper mattress not only provides a comfortable sleep throughout the night time but conjointly lowers back pain too by working on the pressure points. However, getting such a mattress has to consider many factors like material construction, thickness, firmness levels, etc.

Selecting the mattress with the best options conjointly needs an identical financial investment, that is why one should look out for the simplest potential deal within the market.

Here is a quick price Comparison with the images:

Price Comparison: Best Mattress under Rs 3000.00

Best Mattress under Rs 3000.00

Now let us take a quick look at other mattress which are also below Rs 3000.00 and can also be included as the best mattress under Rs 2000.00

Price Comparison: Best Mattress under Rs 2000.00

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Price Comparison: Best Mattress under Rs 2000.00 

They provide you a list of the most effective mattresses when considering the required factors which might cut back your efforts in looking out the most appropriate mattress with the simplest price possible on this date.

Hence, selecting the correct mattress, during this case, becomes crucial. during this post, you’ll know the top ten best mattresses below 3000 Rupees in India to relish comfort.

Brand NameMaterialThicknessFirmnessWarranty
Coirfit Sleep SPA Vitara 4 inch Single Size Rebonded Foam Mattress (72X30X4, Maroon)      Premium Fabric    4 inch    Firm    1 year
Wakewell Pearl Orthopaedic Foam Mattress    Quilted Fabric  4 inch  Medium  1 year
PumPum Portable Baby Crib Mattress Topper Ventilated Memory Foam with Removable Waterproof Cover    Memory Foam, Cotton  2 inch  Soft  NA
Comforto 4 Inch Lite Foam Single Size Mattress    Foam  4 inch  Medium  1 year
Story@Home Single Size Foam Premium 4 inch Mattresses Maroon    Foam  4 inch  Medium soft  NA
SLEEPSPA by Coirfit Starlife Firm 4′ Inch Single Size PU Foam Mattress    Premium Quality Hard PU foam  4 inch  Firm  1 year
Mattressam Shree Pure Pu Foam Mattresses 2 inch Single PU Foam Mattress    High Density PU Foam  2 inch  Extra Plush  NA
Morofeel 3 inch Pu Foam Single Bed Mattress Blue & White    Pu Foam  3 inch  NA  NA
H.M.Fashions Pure Pu Foam Mattresses 2inch Single PU Foam Mattress with Pillow (Extremely Soft Cum Foldable    PU Foam with pillow  2 inch  NA  NA
HTL Primium Quality HTL Soft Multicolour Mattress | Gadda Box Pattern 4ft x 6ft    Plush  5 inch  NA  NA

Top 10 Mattress under Rs 3000.00

Coirfit Sleep SPA Vitara

Coirfit is a famous that has over thirty one years of experience, which are the snug for sleeping, they supply ideal support system for the spine additionally it helps to balance body pressure.

The foam that’s been used for making are clinically tested and offers high-performance. These are appropriate for all sorts of sleepers. Coirfit active bond assortment includes bone zone, spine fine, recharge, beetle , The granular bonded design helps users feel comfortable throughout all seasons


  • The color of the product is very good
  • Price is very low


  • Not long lasting

Wakewell Pearl Orthopaedic Foam Mattress

Wakewell Pearl orthopaedic Foam mattress is that the best mattress below 3000, that comes with a soft touch style that will increase the comfort and flow of air.

Its EPE foam releases and heals our pressure points and distributes our body-weight equally. The thick style cover makes it elegant and fashionable. It relaxes your body and energizes your soul whereas you sleep. You wake each morning very fresh and rejuvenated.


  •  Relax and cures a person suffering from back pain
  • Price is low


  • This bed might feel hard for some people

Pum Pum Memory Foam Mattress      

The PumPum Baby Crib Memory Foam mattress Topper is meant to supply final comfort for your baby. you’ll additionally sleep better knowing that your kid is obtaining a healthier and get a decent night’s sleep with a PumPum’s portable mattress.

The mattress topper fits dead into portable cribs. It contours dead to your kid’s body for max comfort and reduces tossing and turning thus you and your child will get a much better night sleep.

It features removable waterproof sixty fifth cotton zipper cover for waterproof protection and straightforward care; cowl is machine washable and dryable for easy care.

It is created of two thick luxurious 100% Memory Foam that supersedes all with superior high density construction which will not lose shape.


  • Durable mattress
  • Very comfortable


  • The design and looks of the mattress in not much good

Comforto 4 inch lite Foam mattress     

Lite Foam mattress for medium firm back support. appropriate for everybody searching for a comfortable yet mattress. The mattresses are designed with over thirty five years of expertise in mattress business.

They are very confident that you just are pleased with our product. All of their mattresses comes directly from the producing unit and they are fabricated from only the best materials, thus you’ll be able to make sure of their quality. 

With this mattress, you don’t have to be compelled to worry about selecting the firmness level before ordering. it’s wrapped with a plush cover for a smooth and soft feel. It is hard to search out budget-friendly mattress with twin comfort.

However, this Comfort Foam mattress is providing you the most effective product obtainable within the market to your door step while providing outstanding customer service. The firm of this dual comfort helps you to relieve aching and therefore the soft side helps you to release your stress.

This mattress is appropriate in each weather as a result of the soft foam is ideal for heat summer season and therefore the soft foam is right for winter season.


  • The customer service is very good
  • Feels light weight


  • It will not last long as the quality of the foam they provide is not good

Story@Home Foam Mattresses

Story@Home Foam mattressStory@Home Mattress is all what you wish for a sound sleep. The better quality of mattresses provides better stability and adaptability which provides rise to the demand of the product globally for bedding products.

Quality of sleep can be derived from the very fact that individuals who sleep on foam mattress shall not change their sleeping positions for as long as four hours Some Best options foreign Foam Filling for luxurious comfort.

A prime layer of material ensures a sleek, rich feel If you’re about to purchase a mattress, it makes financial sense to get a very durable one regarding Story@Home: build your house look classic by inviting Story@Home product at your house. They at Story@Home take very care regarding customer’s expectations and trust.

Customer centricity, which is at the core of the Story@Home price system, propels our drive for outstanding quality and superlative output through consistent innovations, be it in development, delivery mechanisms, or consumer experience.


  • The material which is used for making the mattress is very good quality


  • May got damaged after few months of usage

SLEEPSPA by Coirfit Starlife

After thirty one years of extensive research and findings they have found that the most wanted mattresses in our country are the normal Foam Mattresses.

Some sleeper’s adore it very soft, some are pleased with medium firm comfort, whereas some find it irresistible firm whereas some rummage around for precisely further firm or orthopedical foam mattresses.

SLEEP SPA by Coirfit STARLIFE assortment is developed to answer this basic sleep comfort wants of a median Indian sleeper who likes Very lightweight on his pocket however additionally deserves to get pleasure from simply the proper comfort as he likes- be it Soft, Medium, Firm or Extra-firm and Orthopedic! What’s the fun if once a tough day at work, you’re not forced to sleep on the right mattress?

Thus, Sleep Spa by Coirfit introduces the STARLIFE Series of mattresses. The series includes four terribly wanted mattresses. If you’re one who likes to guard your back against any future back pains and wish to pick out a firm comfort level.

Then here is your answer- SLEEP SPA BY COIRFIT STARLIFE FIRM PU FOAM mattress may be a mattress developed using HD hard PU Foam with a generous cool cushioned cotton fiber packing that’s the newest innovation and is way superior to ancient soft quilting and keeps cool sleeping temperature eliminating problems with sleeping hot.

It’s penned in an exceedingly Air Mesh cloth that enhances air circulation and regulates sleeping temperature. The Cotton fiber packing is treated to be cool and assists in maintaining the right sleeping temperature eliminating the problems of sleeping hot. The material is treated with the new substance –BLOCK TECHNOLOGY that creates it fully hypoallergenic and dust-mites free.


  • Provides comfort during sleep


  • May be a bit hard for some people
  • Little bit pricy than other mattress

Now let us check some good mattress under Rs 2000.00.

Padam Shree Pu Foam mattresses

Padam Shree mattresses are long and sturdy. Companies tend to take care to make sure that these mattresses delivers on quality and accomplishment. but within the unlikely situation during which you encounter any producing defects.

This mattress specialty is its reversible, light-weight weight, and simple to hold. it’s appropriate for a hostel, building as a further bed mattress, meditation, exercise, yoga, and sport. Please take the manual measure of your bed size before shopping for.


  • The quality of the bed is very good
  • Worth for money


Reversible can make the other side dirty if not properly protected.

Morofeel Foam bed mattress

Are you troubled to induce an honest night’s sleep? If thus, this Morofeel mattress can provide you with the renewing rest you wish. With its high chemical element foam, this mattress can give the proper support to your body, making certain a snug sleeping atmosphere.

You’ll simply fold the mattress, which makes it convenient and simple to use It saves area further. The mattress is straightforward to hold. you’ll carry it for your outside picnics, travel visits, Ideal for residences, Hostel Dorms, sudden Guests, and Yoga.


  • Proper back support.
  • Has multipurpose activity
  • Easy to access


  • Less thickness

H.M.Fashions Pu Foam mattresses

H.M.Fashion complete mattresses are long and sturdy. They tend to take care to make sure that these mattresses deliver on quality and accomplishment. But within the unlikely situation during which you encounter any producing defects.

This mattress specialty is its reversible, light-weight weight, and simple to hold. it’s appropriate for a hostel, building as a further bed mattress, meditation, exercise, yoga, and sport


  • Multipurpose activity
  • Lightweight
  • easy access.


  • Less Thickness

HTL Premium Quality HTL Soft colored Mattress | Gadda Box Pattern

HTL Premium microfiber mattress/Pillows/Cushions/ Protecto/topper makes your mattress prime super soft, provide new form and completely new life to your previous sagged mattress. Boosts the comfort of your mattress, rejuvenates your mattress.

Hypo-Allergenic and anti-dirt mite, absolutely elastic with band for excellent match on mattress. Some awing features: Premium cotton cloth shell. Imported Microfibre Filling for luxurious comfort.

Elastic Strap On All Four Sides to induce that excellent match. Box sewed so the topper spreads equally. Hypoallergenic and anti-dirt and anti  Mites to supply you with safe and sound sleep.


  • Hypo-Allergic
  • Easy Access


  • less thickness


As per our recommendation Wakewell Pearl Orthopaedic Foam mattress is best for everyone because it comes in everyone’s budget and additionally durable and many customers gave positive review for this mattress

You have just seen the list of 10 best mattresses under Rs 3000 in India. we mentioned each product in each side and conjointly explained the feature very well.

You have also gone through the categories of mattresses during which we tried to differentiate among all mattresses. we hope you get enough information to shop for the right mattress for your home.