Best Double Door Refrigerator under Rs 30000 in India 2023.

The Best Double Door Refrigerator under Rs 30000 in India is Whirlpool 3 Star 292 Liters.

It has good energy efficiency, 3 Star. With a capacity of 292 Liters and advanced technology.

Refrigerators are an essential home item in every Indian home, and it’s difficult to picture a home without one.

The country’s climate, as well as that of most Indian cities, makes freezers a necessity.

Food products can be damaged before their expiration date if they are left outside for an extended period in a humid and hot atmosphere.

The type of refrigerator you should have at home is entirely up to you.

Model name Brand name Energy  rating Product warrantyCapacity 
NR-TBG34VSS3Panasonic2 star1 year 335 L
INTELLIFRESH INV CNV 305 3SWhirlpool3 star1 year292 L
Gl-i292rpzlLG3 star1 year260 L
RT28T3483S8/HLSamsung 3 star1 year253 L
HEF-25TDSHaier3 star1-year258 L
RF EON 265C 35 RCI ST RHGodrej 3 star1 year265 L
NEO 258H ROY SAPPHIRE ABYSS (2S)-NWhirlpool2 star1 year245 L
KDN42UL30IBosch3 star1 year 327 L
NR-BG311VSS3Panasonic3 star1 year307 L
HRB-2764CKB-EHaier3 star1year256 L

Panasonic NR-TBG34VSS3

Panasonic is a well-known and well-respected maker of electrical equipment based on Japanese technology.

You can count on the best from this refrigerator manufacturer. The refrigerator is equipped with a temperature-controlled inverter compressor.

This product’s usage pattern, as well as cooling requirements, As a result, in this refrigerator saving energy while producing no noise.


  • Colour – Shining Silver
  • Brand – Panasonic
  • Model Name – NR-TBG34VSS3
  • Form Factor – standard double door
  • Pattern – Solid
  • Configuration – Full-Sized Freezer-on-Top
  • Cooling Method – Compressor
  • Energy Star – 2 Star
  • Item Dimensions –  LxWxH60 x 68.1 x 174.7 Centimeters
  • Inverter- Yes


  • Because of its outstanding features, this 335L version is one of Panasonic’s greatest refrigerators.
  • It employs ag-clean technology. Which prevents mould growth and eliminates 99.9% of all harmful bacteria.
  • There’s also humidity management technology, and the surround chilling feature guarantees that chilly air is distributed evenly.
  • The vegetable box retains moisture and prevents dehydration of the food items.
  • To generate extra storage space, the shelves may be modified according to height.
  • The floating shelves are strong enough to hold goods weighing at least 100 kg.


  • Food things are quite hygienic.
  • The storage possibilities are fantastic.
  • Ice trays may be moved around for more storage.
  • Energy-saving and energy-efficient.


  • Normal home inverters are incompatible.
  • It is not equipped with a voltage stabilizer.


This is one of the top models in Whirlpool’s range of convertible double-door refrigerators.

You can effortlessly convert the deep freezer to a conventional refrigerator to save even more energy.

This is simply because the cooling systems for the fridge and freezer are independent. This whirlpool refrigerator is ideal for a household of 5 to 6 people.


  • Colour – Grey
  • Brand – Whirlpool
  • Model Name – INTELLIFRESH INV CNV 305 3S
  • Form Factor – standard double door
  • Pattern – Solid
  • Configuration – Full-Sized Freezer-on-Top
  • Cooling Method – Compressor
  • Energy Star – 3 Star
  • Item Dimensions – LxWxH67 x 57 x 172 Centimeters
  • Inverter- Yes


  • The Whirlpool 292L is ideal for the price range you desire since it offers some noteworthy and noteworthy features.
  • Also, frost-free in the refrigerator.
  • The refrigerator’s “Intellisense” inverter technology assists in monitoring temperatures, loads, and usage patterns.
  • During power outages, the inverter ensures that the temperature within the refrigerator remains cool for a long period.
  • Excessive ripening of fruits is avoided because of zeolite technology.
  • Analyze data regularly to maintain optimal cooling for long-term freshness.
  • The IntelliSense Inverter Technology efficiently adapts air refrigeration to the insulated chamber.


  • Because of its convertible nature, it is adaptable.
  • It lasts 15 days and keeps fruits and vegetables fresh.
  • Because the inverter compressor, it saves energy.
  • The refrigerator operates with the inverter in your home.


  • It doesn’t come with a built-in stabilizer.

LG Gl-i292rpzl

This 260-litre refrigerator from the reputable LG brand is well worth the money you intend to spend on a high-end double-door refrigerator.

LG appliances are known for having the best features, and this refrigerator is no exception. The LG 260 L’s cooling system is known as “Ice Beam Door” cooling.

This LG refrigerator ensures that cold air is distributed evenly throughout the refrigerator.


  • Colour – Stainless Steel
  • Finish Type – Glossy
  • Brand – LG
  • Model Name – Gl-i292rpzl
  • Form Factor – standard double door
  • Pattern – Solid
  • Configuration – Full-Sized Freezer-on-Top
  • Cooling Method – Compressor
  • Energy Star – 3 Star
  • Item Dimensions –  LxWxH60 x 60 x 85 Centimeters


  • LG refrigerators are equipped with a compressed inverter, which is both intelligent and efficient.
  • Smart Diagnosis is a feature on the refrigerator that assists in the quick detection of any problem.
  • You won’t have to worry about your food going bad due to power outages because the refrigerator works perfectly with a home inverter.
  • There is enough room in the door to accommodate two 2-litre water bottles.


  • Fruits and vegetables survive fresh for a longer duration.
  • With the Smart Diagnosis feature, it immediately discovers any problem.
  • Consistent cooling.
  • Humidity is managed.


  • There have been some customer service concerns.

Samsung RT28T3483S8/HL

Samsung is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality appliances for the home and office.

The Samsung 253L refrigerator is energy-efficient and long-lasting, with a beautiful metallic finish and a plethora of useful features.

It’s one of the best on our list since it offers a good balance of price and performance. This item is unquestionably ideal for a household of 4-6 members.


  • Colour – Elegant Inox
  • Brand – Samsung
  • Model Name – RT28T3483S8/HL
  • Form Factor – Door-in-door
  • Pattern – Solid
  • Configuration – Full-Sized Freezer-on-Top
  • Cooling Method – Compressor
  • Energy Star – 3 Star
  • Item Dimensions-  LxWxH63.7 x 55.5 x 154.5 Centimeters
  • Inverter- Yes


  • This refrigerator’s inverter compressor is digitally upgraded.
  • This Samsung refrigerator’s cooling is automatically regulated, ensuring the refrigerator’s longevity.
  • To avoid harm, the refrigerator automatically shuts off the electricity if the voltage changes or increases regularly.
  • The refrigerator’s Cool pack feature keeps your food fresh for at least 12 hours.
  • The rapid cooling feature allows for faster cooling than usual.
  • When the door is left open or not properly closed for more than two minutes, the Door Alarm feature sounds an alarm.


  • The shelves move around effortlessly.
  • BEE has given it a four-star rating.
  • It effectively regulates moisture.
  • The cooling is even and consistent.


  • The veggie box is a fraction of the size.

Haeir HEF-25TDS

Haier is also one of the greatest manufacturers of household appliances and refrigerators and has been the most trusted brand for more than a century.

This refrigerator has five conversion modes, so you can store and organize your food without worrying about whether or not it needs to be refrigerated.


  • Colour – Silver
  • Brand – Haier
  • Model Name- HEF-25TDS
  • Form Factor – standard double door
  • Pattern -Solid
  • Configuration -Freezer-on-Top
  • Cooling Method -Compressor
  • Energy Star -3 Star
  • Item Dimensions,- LxWxH61.5 x 54.8 x 156 Centimeters
  • Inverter – Yes


  • This Haier refrigerator is available in a variety of colors and has a very attractive and sleek design.
  • The vegetable box is large enough to accommodate a huge quantity of veggies while still keeping them fresh.
  • It features two inverter modes, one of which saves 15% of energy and the other of which saves 30%.
  • Polyurethane (PUF) insulation in the refrigerator door aids in maintaining low temperatures for efficient cooling.
  • The ice trays can be moved to make room for more storage, and the refrigerator includes a lock.
  • Because this freezer can run without a stabilizer on a low power source as low as 135V, power failure should no longer be a problem.


  • The shelves are composed of thick glass and can hold a lot of weight.
  • It doesn’t require a stabilizer because it can run on very little power.
  • It has a three-star rating.
  • Capacity is substantial.


  • Large households may not have enough storage space.

Godrej RF EON 265C 35 RCI ST RH

Godrej is a well-known brand in India, so if you want a refrigerator that is simple to operate, trustworthy, and easy to maintain, you should go with them.

The Godrej 265 L is a 3-star refrigerator with a host of impressive features and is easy to maintain.

This refrigerator is ideal for you if you want something that is both cost-effective and long-lasting.

This Godrej refrigerator is ideal for your modern kitchen in addition to providing exceptional performance.


  • Colour – Silver
  • Finish Type – Glossy
  • Brand – Godrej
  • Model Name – RF EON 265C 35 RCI ST R.H
  • Form Factor – Standard double door
  • Pattern- Solid
  • Configuration- Full-Sized Freezer-on-Top
  • Cooling Method- Compressor
  • Energy Star – 3 Star
  • Item Dimensions  – LxWxH64.5 x 60.5 x 155.5 Centimeters


  • The refrigerator’s usability is excellent, and this is the product’s main selling point.
  • The storage of vegetables is the most important function of refrigerators for Indian users.
  • They stay fresh in this Godrej new generation refrigerator.
  • This refrigerator has plenty of room for vegetables and fruits.
  • The space in the door for water bottles and other items is also adequate.
  • This fridge, as well as the glass shelves, are built to withstand the weight of large items.


  • Glass shelves that are tough and long-lasting.
  • The colour combination is one-of-a-kind.
  • The design is just stunning.
  • Appropriate and ideal for modular kitchens.


  • The after-sales service is abysmal.


This Whirlpool refrigerator is the ideal choice for you if you want a refrigerator that is not only attractive but also represents good value for the money you are ready to invest.

The refrigerator’s build quality is unrivaled, its features are top-notch, its after-sales service is efficient, and its customer service is excellent.

The airflow is circular, which aids in proper cooling and ensures that your ice cream stays as fresh as it should be.


  • Colour – Sapphire Abyss
  • Brand – Whirlpool
  • Model Name – NEO 258H ROY SAPPHIRE ABYSS (2S)-N
  • Form Factor – Standard double door
  • Pattern – Floral
  • Configuration – Full-Sized Freezer-on-Top
  • Cooling Method – Compressor
  • Energy Star – 2 Star
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH-67 x 57 x 150 Centimeters
  • Certification – Energy Star


  • It uses “Microblock” technology to keep vegetables and fruits fresh by preventing bacterial or germ growth.
  • The air tower is scientifically engineered to disperse cold air uniformly throughout the refrigerator.
  • A cooling gel keeps the refrigerator cool even when the power is down for long periods.
  • The honeycomb shape of the vegetable crisper in this fridge minimizes moisture.
  • Full circular airflow in the FC, using 6th sense deep freeze technology and freezing gel.
  • The freezer’s special chilling gel helps maintain cooling during power outages, preventing ice from melting.
  • 12 Days of Garden Freshness Powered by Freshflow air tower with Flexi vents, enjoy up to 12 days of garden freshness.
  • Macroblock technology and a honeycomb design with a moisture management system.
  • Scientifically built air tower with the fresh flow and Flexi vents.
  • In certain regions of the refrigerator, carefully positioned vents Lout clean and fresh air.


  • The design is gorgeous and has a slim appearance.
  • The compressor is filled in by a ten-year confirmation.
  • Ice twister makes it easy to collect ice cubes.
  • It includes a Freshonizer, which reduces oxidation.


  • For more notable families, it is insufficient.

Bosch KDN42UL30I

This frost-free, 3-star refrigerator is manufactured by Bosch, a reputable manufacturer known for producing high-quality household appliances.

So, if you want to buy a refrigerator that saves energy while also being technologically advanced, this refrigerator is the right choice for you.

The chrome finish on the door provides your modern kitchen with an exquisite look.


  • Colour- Metallic
  • Finish Type-Metallic
  • Brand-Bosch
  • Model Name-KDN42UL30I
  • Form Factor-standard double door
  • Pattern-Solid
  • Configuration-Freezer-on-Top
  • Cooling Method-Compressor
  • Energy Star-3 Star
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH-64.7 x 65.2 x 168.1 Centimeters


  • The refrigerator’s capacity is sufficient for a large family, and you may store all food products that must be kept fresh.
  • The remarkable VarioInverter compressor aids in responding to the current conditions of the refrigerator, both inside and out.
  • There is a Holiday mode that automatically detects the refrigerator’s usage.
  • After eight hours, this refrigerator switches to a power-saving mode.
  • Six sophisticated sensors save electricity and keep the fridge cool for up to 16 hours following a power outage.
  • The VarioInverter Compressor uses the least amount of power while adjusting the compressor speed to the current circumstances inside and outside the refrigerator. It can help you save as much as 40% on your electricity cost.


  • The flow of cold air is consistent.
  • It keeps it fresh.
  • It contains air filters that neutralize odours and keep the air fresh.
  • Even after a 16-hour power outage, the refrigerator is cold.
  • It is simple to go to the shelves.


  • This item is not convertible.

Panasonic NR-BG311VSS3

This Panasonic refrigerator is one of the greatest double-door refrigerators on the market, providing enhanced freshness and user comfort.

This refrigerator’s outstanding design gives modern kitchen cabinetry a beautiful appeal. The long list of amenities on this refrigerator makes it appealing.

ECONAVI sensors are used in the compressor technology to monitor usage conditions, which are then processed by a computer.


  • Colour – Shining Silver
  • Brand – Panasonic
  • Model Name – NR-BG311VSS3
  • Form Factor – standard double door
  • Pattern – Solid
  • Configuration – Full-Sized Freezer-on-Top
  • Cooling Method – Compressor
  • Energy Star – 3 Star


  • There is a manual humidity control that you can change based on the type and quantity of veggies you store.
  • The surround cooling technology ensures that all of the items in the refrigerator are evenly cooled.
  • The vegetable box is kept at a constant temperature and humidity to preserve fruits and vegetables juicy and fresh for as long as possible.
  • The Silver air and AG filter aid in the destruction of 99.9% of mold and germs.
  • It guarantees that your food stays fresh and that all of the nutrients are preserved.
  • The INVERTER compressor adjusts its output to deliver more energy throughout the day and less at night to accommodate frequent demand.


  • The cooling sensor is very clever.
  • The refrigerator uses very little energy.
  • It contains antibacterial and deodorizing properties.
  • The glass shelves are quite durable.
  • The compressor is covered by a 12-year warranty.


  • It is not possible to convert this refrigerator.

Haier HRB-2764CKB-E

This is another outstanding refrigerator from Haier, and it features a double inverter compressor that aids.

It has an “8-in-1” material resulting that lets you easily convert the deep freezer to regular refrigerators depending on your demands.

The refrigerator’s front has a nice steel finish, and the glass shelves are also extremely nice.


  • Colour -Black Blossom
  • Brand -Haier
  • Model Name- HRB-2764 CKB-E
  • Form-  FactorDouble Door
  • Pattern -Floral
  • Configuration-Freezer-on-Bottom
  • Cooling Method-Compressor
  • Energy Star-3 Star


  • The shelves are incredibly solid and spill-proof, and they can hold a lot of weight without breaking.
  • The refrigerator has a powerful cooling technology that cools any food item quickly so you don’t have to wait for that chilly glass of Coca-Cola.
  • The compressor and fan run at varying speeds to respond to the load and save energy while offering the greatest possible performance.
  • Twin Inverter Technology from Haier is a new generation of refrigerator inverter compressors. This technology allows the compressor and fan to work at different speeds.


  • Within this range, the capacity is relatively high.
  • The ergonomic design blends strength and durability.
  • It is possible to use it without a stabilizer.
  • The compressor is filled in by a ten-year guarantee.


  • There are fewer service centers for Haier.

Is it better and more practical to acquire a convertible refrigerator?

A convertible refrigerator is a great option since you can vary the temperature of the deep freezer and ordinary fridge to suit your needs.

Convertible refrigerators, on the other hand, allow you to turn the freezer into a standard refrigerator if you need more storage capacity.

In a double-door refrigerator, how big is the deep freezer?

In India, the majority of double-door refrigerators feature an 80:20 refrigerator-to-deep freezer ratio.

The reason for this is that many Indians are vegetarians and prefer freezers with a larger vegetable compartment. In India, you will never find a fridge with a 50:50 ratio.

Is a double-door refrigerator superior for cooling?

A double-door refrigerator includes electrical fans, double-door refrigerators may cool faster. In less than one hour, these refrigerators can freeze ice.

Because single-door refrigerators use natural convection to cool food, it takes longer for them to cool. Making ice might take more than two hours.

In a double-door refrigerator, how long can veggies stay fresh?

All double-door refrigerators use innovative technology and are frost-free. So fruits and green vegetables stay fresh for 10 or even 15 days. Which is considerably longer than single door refrigerators.

The vegetable compartment is designed in such a way that the moisture inside it is always balanced, preventing moisture from evaporating.

So, a double-door refrigerator is a way to go because they feature larger vegetable compartments and can keep veggies fresh for up to 10 or even 15 days.


As a result, double-door refrigerators are more convenient and cost-effective if you want to buy a refrigerator for a long time.

This guide will assist you in selecting the proper and best double door for your needs, which will not only meet your refrigerator requirements but also give a touch of elegance to your modern kitchen and home as a whole.